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Our motto is – By the readers for the readers!

We don’t want to FORCE translators to do something which they don’t enjoy. Moreover we are not particularly interested in those high rating novels written by I Eat Potatoes, Er GENerator or authors like them (I mean no disrespect to them, to people who translate their novels or to their readers. Its just my opinion ).

From the first hand experience I can assure you that there are lots of good novels who are still waiting to be translated into English. We have translated one and we have the statistics to prove my claims.

So go to Zongheng or Munpia.. Check out the novels and pick one that you enjoy. Read about 40 to 50 chapters and when you will feel like “Heck! This is one! I’m gonna do it and I’ll be doing it with the guys from WuxiaNation!” then contact us.

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