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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 5- The Young General


Hestia then went on to say, “Good, there is something else that I left out that you should most probably kno-“

Now I just feel like death is much better than staying with this forgetful woman for 300 years. But then again I can’t die.

“-The war might start in the next 10 to 20 years”

“Ah…” Artillian couldn’t help but gasp at this new information.

“I’ll explain everything later, right now there are people approaching. They don’t seem to be hostile but they are searching for something, so be careful.” said Hestia.

“Ok but… I can’t fight if they are here to capture me…” said Artillian in a rather meek tone.

“Do not worry I doubt they’ll be hostile towards you, two of them are already near the entrance, do not mention nor attempt to talk to me. Ill go recover some of my power so you’ll be alone for some time… and one other thing, I saw in the host’s memories that if you had certain achievements you’ll be allowed to join an academy and due to previous events you are theoretically going to have to enter but I suggest you not. Everything you’re going to learn in that school I can teach you, so if they try to send you to an academy try tell them that you’ve got a master already. I will be leaving now.”

“Wait what… what are you saying?”


“Hello, Goddess? “

Just like that, Hestia had left Artillian. He was stranded, confused and most notably angry.

Why would she just do this, its one thing she wants me to go to war, but now I have to refuse to go to the place that will make me stronger! But she said she is a goddess so I guess she really can teach me, but then again she said that she was sealed so doesn’t that mean she doesn’t have most of her power and she is stuck in me so she’s not really that powerful? And even if she is strong enough to train me, it would be no different from the past, this time i dont want to be alone…

Artillian had gained the memories of the previous host’s body. After what Hestia did yesterday, there was no doubt the army would be willing to sent him to a battle academy.

“Young man, are you the one who escaped from the battle last night?”

Artillian looked blankly at the man who had just stopped his train of thought, the man looked to be rather old with grey hairs already visible within his black hair, and he was short and well-built with. He looked at Artillian with a gobsmacked expression as if not believing what he was seeing. His expression was so blank to the point that he looked like a corpse.

So wait you’re telling me that this girly looking guy killed so many soldiers, this little girl. How is such a frail body able to release such an attack?

“Uh… yes!” shouted Artillian.

It was frantic at the campsite of the Ragah kingdom troops, at least three quarters of them were heading toward the forests in retreat whilst the rest hid away in the bushes and trees as if waiting for an ambush. At the vanguard of the retreating army was the Commander Fuchs, riding on his horse with a grotesque look on his face as if he was constipated, even his soldiers didn’t dare utter a word as they retreated due to fear.


“Yes sire.”

The man who had just been called by Fuchs was a middle aged looking man with brown hair and several scars on his face. You could tell just from looking at him that he was a man who had been able to survive countless life and death situations. He was a man who looked prideful and confident and thanks to his rather unpleasant appearance no one dared to mess with him, even Fuchs himself showed this man respect.

“What are the chances of us winning or escaping if we were to turn back and engage the enemy?”

“Sire I will be frank, the only thing we can do is retreat and allow our hidden soldiers to try at least slow down the enemy, that way we can at least make it back to the kingdom. As for us engaging the enemy it’ll be a dream and a half if our corpses are intact after we fight them.”

“Shit, fine then lets pick up the pace. We have at least 5 days before we reach the Kingdom and that’s plenty of time for those Atley Kingdom bastards to catch up. Drop anything that will slow us down, we will go through the magical beast forest so be alert”

“But sire, the magical beasts.”

“Do not worry, I have a map with the safest routes. But just because they are the safest doesn’t mean there are no beasts so make sure everyone remains alert.”

“Yes Sir!”


“Sire it was as you said. Some enemy soldiers were actually hidden in order to ambush us as we arrived. If it wasn’t for Milords intuition we could’ve lost a lot of men. And were awaiting your orders on whether to pursue them or not.”

“Do not bother, they might’ve gone through the beast’s forest so just leave it. I heard that Julius returned with the survivor, so go tell him to bring the warrior to me”

“Yes sir”

After giving the command the youth took off his amour, sat down in a meditative position and started Cultivating. The minute he had shut his eyes, all the surrounding World Qi began to distort and started flowing toward him and rapid speed. This continued for an unknown amount of time and by the time he opened his eyes, a white haired boy was sitting right across from him with an indifferent expression on his face.

Why is he so calm in my presence? Most soldiers will be shivering in fear after seeing me.

“Oi, why do you want to see me?”


And he’s so rude.

“If you have nothing to say I’m leaving”

“You know most men do not dare speak to me like that, not even my uncles dare to say such disrespectful words in front of me. Do you have any idea who I am?”

Artillian stopped for a few seconds to observe the youth in front of him. He had a rough idea that he was someone important, but to Artillian acting subservient to someone who wasn’t intimidating was absolutely not in his area of concern.

“Nope, and I wouldn’t want to know. You just look like one of those spoilt rich brats who has daddy and mommy issues so I’d rather not know sugg-“

“I’ll have you know that I am a general of the Atley kingdom. I am the youngest general of the kingdom, I am none other than Eden Cattermole. And I sugg-“

“Yeah, cool dude, never heard of you. Now where do I sign for this battle academy thing?”


Dude? Cool? What on Gaia is he talking about?

Eden was the youth who was in charge of the Rovert Kingdoms troops that were sent. He was still a youth of 20 years, yet this was the first time someone dared to be so rude to him. All the anger that he thought would explode didn’t come forth and instead he began laughing until his eyes got moist with tears. He was trying to restrain himself but every time he would look at Artillian he would just burst out laughing.

Artillian was surprised by this man’s actions and was now starting to doubt that this young man was actually a general. To him, this guy and himself, in terms of mentality, were similar, so he did not understand how this guy ended up being a general.

How is this moron a general?

“Would you like to be my first student, young man?”

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