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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 4- Live To Die




“Do you wish to die, or do you want to live…?”

When Artillian heard the question, he felt as if he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The answer to this question was non-existent in Artillian’s vocabulary. He had already lost his life once so he had an idea of what death was, and how it felt. He had no fear of death, and had nothing to live for but he still hesitated when he heard the question.

“To be honest… I have nothing really to live for so I guess my answer should be death, shouldn’t it? But I can’t find myself saying that I want to die, neither can I say that I really do want to live. Be it I live or be it I die does it really change a thing?”

“Well then, I guess its best I tell you this now before you make a decision…..”


This stupid b*tch! I mean honestly why can’t women just blurt everything out at the same time? So now what, is she going to tell me that I can’t die?

“So the thing is, you can’t really die-“

Sweet mother of all that’s good, like I don’t even….. Like…. How….. Shit!

“-because when you sucked in all my essence it linked with your soul. So let’s say if you were to die, what would happen is that your soul will forcefully reincarnate itself again because you have the essence of a Goddess in you. So even if you die a million times you will still reincarnate a million times whilst keeping every memory you have.” said Hestia with a sorrowful tone.

“Wait… Goddess? … And what’s with I cannot die nonsense? So what in heaven’s name should I do then? Isn’t there like a way to solve this?” questioned Artillian.

“Well there is a way, but you have to work hard and live for you to get the result we both desire“

“Like, you lost me at ‘work’…..”


The sun was high up in the sky when a soldier dressed in white rushed into a tent that was at the middle of a campsite. He looked rather pale and nervous when he entered, even his voice was shaking when he spoke out.

“L-Lord F-Fuchs, one of the spies has returned.  He has reported his compatriot has been taken hostage and that the enemy has at least Three Hundred Thousand troops and he claims that when they reached the battlefield they didn’t even stop, and are headed this way as we speak.”

Lord Fuchs was the commander in charge of the army that had been dispatched by the Ragah Kingdom to fight against the Atley Kingdom forces, he was also the man clad in silver amour down at the battlefield in the morning. He was a middle-aged, bald man with eyes that radiated natural killing intent.

As the soldier looked into his commander’s eyes he became scared witless and did not utter a single word nor did he move. The silence lasted for several breaths until Fuchs sighed in resignation and gave out orders.

“Tell the men to retreat, with the losses we suffered the night before I highly doubt any of us will leave this place alive. Bring me my horse and send a carrier pigeon back to the Kingdom with an update of the situation. They will be here by nightfall so leave a couple of men 30 kilometres from the camp and tell then to start a fire the minute the Atley forces set foot into the camp.”

“Milord, we were not able to locate the survivor from last night.”

“It is because you are all worthless. Just tell all the soldiers to retreat immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes Milord”

About half a day’s travel from the campsite there was an army marching forth towards the camp of the Ragah Kingdom. This army was made up of Two Hundred Thousand foot soldiers, and One Hundred Thousand horse calvary. Of these soldiers, half of them were Uhlan warriors whilst the rest wielded swords and shields.

At the front of the army was a middle-aged man in red amour who was giving information to a youth who looked no less than 20. As he spoke one could clearly hear the respect in his voice.

“Sire after interrogating the hostage we have some information about the enemy and apparently there was a survivor from the camp that was here.”

“A survivor …”

“Yes sire, and according to the information, he killed at least Ten Thousand or more soldiers from the Ragah Kingdom and then fled.”

The youth looked confused when he heard the words that had been uttered by his subordinate. He just couldn’t understand just why someone with so much power would run away from battle.

“Send 30 men to look for him, the rest should keep moving forward toward the enemy camp”

“Yes Sire”

Artillian had an unsightly expression on his face, it was so grotesque that it would make a baby stop crying from fear. This expression was due to the fact that he had been told the “solution” by Hestia, but even after hearing it a million times he still could not bring himself to accept the harsh truth that felt like a slap to the face.

“So, basically, what you’re telling me is that the only way to solve this mess is to train my body to the point of immortality by using this method you call cultivation, which you said could take up to 300 years to accomplish and that’s only if I have the talent for it. And after that I thought that it would not get any worse, then you go on to tell me that there is going to be a war I have to participate in in order to meet this Ambev- Ambavil- Amb- fellow for him to separate your essence and my soul. Did I miss anything?” said Artillian.

“No that is pretty much everythi-“ said Hestia right before she got interrupted again.

“Bullshit! That sounds like something you would see out of a movie or cartoon. How can I believe such nonsense?”

“Well you lived in a world with cultivators before, only they cultivate using blood. You all called them vampires, and you did get reincarnated so this information should be nothing compared to that reality, isn’t it?”


“It’s a bit of an oxymoron, but now you do have something to live for don’t you? All you have to do is live to die”

“Do I even have a choice in this situation? I feel like it was just forced upon me”

“Well not really, it’s all sudden I know but this is the only solution we have. Ambevilius is our only hope but to get to him this is the only method we can use. If my power wasn’t sealed I could’ve done it myself but alas.”

“Well it’s not like I have a choice now do i?”

“Good, there is something else that I left out that you should most probably kno-“

Now I just feel like death is much better than staying with this forgetful woman for 300 years. But then again I can’t die.

“-The war might start in the next 10 to 20 years”


This was a tale of how Artillian began a quest no one had had ever done. His goal was to become an immortal, so he could die…

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