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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 14- Atley


Chapter 14- Atley


“This is the Kingdom of Atley, huh?” This was the first time Artillian had been to Atley. Obviously the person whose body he had taken had been born here, for him though he was in awe.

“Artillian I’m the crown prince of Atley, when I’m at school Atley is run by my uncle. There is a lot you should know and I’ll tell you once we are settled.”

And in about an hour they had already reached the castle. Artillian and Eden had gone to see the uncle of the latter, but didn’t stay for long. In a couple of breaths they had reached a spacious hall that was the size of the largest library from his old world earth. He had no time to be stunned though, the minute the door closed behind them, Eden suddenly spoke.

“You have to reach the 9th level as a Private in the next 10 months. You at least need to learn 4 or 5 different techniques in that time. You said you had your own Manual so in the next three months cultivate diligently and enter the 3rd level. Then only then will I know whether you’re qualified or not to enter my school………I’m guessing you don’t really know the Cultivation system, do you?”

Artillian shook his head and stared at Eden in anticipation but alas he was disappointed. “First let’s see how talented you are then we can determine how far you can go. If you’re trash there will be no point in telling you everything. Now go practice according to your manual and I shall come to check on you in three months’ time…… My servants have already prepared a courtyard for you and it has a sound sealing formation so it’s rather private. The guard outside will escort you. Goodbye for now.”

Artillian stared at Eden deeply and only said two words when he was leaving. “Thank you!”

Artillian looked at his “courtyard” and could not help but be shocked. My version of a courtyard and theirs are… different.

In front of him was fit enough to be a house that would cost a couple of Hundred thousand dollars in his past life. I wonder what type of currency they use here. When Artillian was lost in thought the middle aged guard who was escorting him suddenly spoke. “Young master Artillian. Every morning just after the sunrise your food will be delivered to your doorstep. At noon lunch will be brought and at sunset you will receive your supper.”

Artillian thought for a bit and then said. “Skip lunch I won’t need it. Just bring my breakfast and dinner and I will be fine. Though it’s almost sunset and I haven’t eaten ye-..”

“Food was already prepared and it’s inside. I will be leaving, if you need anything just ring the bell by your door and someone will attend to your needs.” Artillian nodded at the man and didn’t say anything else.

Artillian entered his “Courtyard/big house” and was frozen from shock. He deeply breathed in and walked further in. Isn’t this supposed to be a small kingdom? If they have this much then just how much do those big kingdoms have, because this is just too much.

Forget thousands of dollars what was inside was worth at least millions. Table and chairs made of jade, countless of books which he could only guess were expensive as hell. He even had an underground training area. His bedroom was rather ordinary with just a bed and nothing else, but could he really complain?

“Hey this place is sealed off so I’m sure you can come out to talk.” Artillian sat and spoke to air as if he was a madman, after a couple of breaths though a sweet gentle voice sounded out. “Do you really want to go to that school though? I can teach you everything they can. What more do you want.”

Artillian hearing Hestia’s ever calm voice could only smile and replied blandly “Common sense.”

Hestia chuckled, which cause Artillian to be shocked. He never imagined that this voice which always had an air of elegance could make such a normal sound. Even though it was a “normal” sound it still caused Artillian’s heart to skip a beat.

*cough* *cough*… He suddenly couldn’t find words to say so he coughed awkwardly twice and proceeded to speak whilst attempting to calm himself. “Why …. Don’t you just start …teaching me something already.”

Hestia was silent for a couple of breaths before talking. “When you meet that young man next time tell him that you want to train using a spear. And maybe just maybe in the future you can use swords but for now use a spear.”

Artillian nodded and Hestia continued. “As for the Cultivation Manual I’m passing to you…” Hestia’s voice drifted before she finished. Artillian waited patiently for some time and just when he was getting worried Hestia spoke again. “Close your eyes.” Artillian was stunned. “Wait what…” “Trust me!”

Artillian hesitated for a moment but he suddenly thought. We are sharing a body what can she possibly do to me that won’t hurt her…. right. He shut his eyes and waiting for whatever was to come. And so he waited and waited.

And he waited.

And he waited.

He was growing impatient and just when he thought he had had enough. “Be patient young one there is no need to rush.” As if knowing that Artillian was slightly impatient, Hestia had spoken out.

Artillian suddenly calmed down when he heard her voice. But just as he calmed down his face became unsightly. He was in pain, he felt as if his head was going to explode. The information pouring into his mind was too much. At least thousands of pages worth of information was flowing into his brain.

After a couple of breaths the pain left and only 6 words remained in his mind.

Pathless Origin: Bane of The Gods.

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    1. Has no one else read this except me? 🙁 It’s pretty good, I really like the characters so far and can’t wait to find out more about them.

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