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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 13- Leave No One Behind


“Now let’s see you block this.”


Eden was rather confused when he heard this. He scratched his head in confusion and looked at Fuchs as if he was stating at an idiot. “You want me to block this?…. Mmmmhm…. Sure why not…”


The blinding light intensified as Fuchs slashed thrice toward Eden. Three different forms of sword light made their way to Eden, but to everyone’s surprise Eden expression didn’t change nor did he retreat. Instead the young general just casually raised his hand, made a fist and punched out.


The air around his fist distorted and ripples were created that traveled to meet the three sword lights. Fuchs’ expression turned ugly when he saw that his most powerful technique was actually nullified by an ordinary punch. He breathed in heavily as his sword forms started to slowly fade away. It was at this moment that he knew, he fucked up.


He solemnly looked at Eden and spoke. “When did you break through?” Eden smiled and only shook his head whilst walking toward Fuchs. Eden looked around the battlefield and noticed that this “Cow- horn” formation that Artillian had brought up had actually yielded excellent results. Out of the hundred or so thousand enemy soldiers only a hundred or so were left.


This Cow-horn formation allowed the enemy to attack them at the base between the two mountains. The people stationed at the base of the mountains only numbered in hundreds and their job was to lure the enemy to come between the mountains, and the minute the enemies arrived the soldiers stationed behind the mountains would break out and surround the enemy, thus catching them by surprise.


That weak bastard is actually this cunning, i better train him well.


“Old fool, I’ll make sure to send your family to the netherworld in a year. In just one year I’ll destroy Ragah. So please don’t die with any worries, I’ll make sure they join you quickly.” After saying this much Eden casually swung his sword and chopped off Fuchs’ head.


“Leave no one behind, when you’ve executed them all burn their bodies….” Eden had looked around and realized that none of the enemy soldiers had any fight left in them so he gave the command to continue the massacre.


After about hour everything had been finished and Eden was receiving the report from the battle. “ Sire, out of the twelve thousand soldiers we had, a little over a thousand died and a further four hundred are injured.” Eden had an unhappy expression plastered on his face. Even though he had been through countless battles and lost many comrades, he was still a tad bit naïve.


He was the type of person who wanted no casualties. But alas there were at war and it was naturally something he needed to get used to it. “ Make sure the families of the deceased are well taken care of, use my monthly salary to cater for them. Alright, we are leaving in two hours, get all the men ready for travel…….. Artiallian come take a walk with me.”


Without waiting for a reply Eden stood up and left the tent they were in, and Artillian without making a sound followed. They walk for about thirty minutes in silence, Eden as always had a huge grin is face while Artillian…..well, looked as disinterested as he’d ever been.


But that all changed when Eden spoke. “ One year…..” “What?”(Artillian)


“I have to be back at school in about a year. Well now it’s two years actually since you’re in the picture. To be honest I’m only 18 years old, and I’m still a student. I only got a pass to come back home because the war had intensified. Even though I’m still only a student, I’m still the strongest cultivator in our country…… Now obviously you want power, I can train you for now, then your future will depend on how well you perform in the last battle a year from now. And of course ……..you do have the option of walking away now. I know you want to enter my school, so here is your chance.”


Artillian stared at the smiling Eden and couldn’t help but suck in a huge breath. After he got rid of the shock in his heart he finally spoke. “ I want to train. But the only thing I need from you is weapons training, you don’t have to worry about the rest.”


Eden froze after hearing this. They were silent for a number of breaths until Eden shook his head and spoke. “Fine, you’re a man and you have your own secrets. I just hope one day you can share some of them with m-…”


“ First you’ll need to tell me why in heavens name you banged that guy’s daughter. I mean you were probably using her but to go that far. Weren’t you just adding insult to injury.” Eden laughed when he heard this. He expression this time was one of admiration.


“It’s not early, let’s head back and leave for Atley.”



In Ragah, two days later


“Your Majesty we have not found Fuchs and his troops, but we did find that a portion of land has been burnt near where the battle should’ve taken place. My Lord I fear……” before the informant could even finish his sentence a chair had hit him in the face. He didn’t even flinch or fall, instead he just kept his head up and stared at the King.


The king then roared and said. “ A hundred and twenty-four thousand soldiers died. That damned fool most probably charged into battle with no plan……. But even still they outnumbered the enemy… So how?…. Tell all the generals present to come see me now.”


In about an hour Ragah generals and the king were in debate. “ Simpson what you are saying is bullshit, we can’t attack, we’ve lost so many soldiers, how can we possibly attack now. Do you want us all to die. The best we can do is give ourselves a year to regain a bit of our strength and then attack. There is no way Atley can outgrow us in a year. My king that’s my opinion we await your decision.” said the leader of the country’s army.


The King hesitated for a couple of breaths then said. “ In one year, attack Atley with all our forces, and annihilate everyone.”





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