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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 12- Flirting


“Sire, the enemy forces have camped in-between the two mountain up ahead in an attempt to hide, I assume they plan to mount a sneak attack on us tonight.”


Fuchs’ expression turned grim when he heard this. He took his time to ponder about the issue and with a cold voice he said. “Get all the men ready, we are attacking in an hour.”


In about 45 minutes Fuchs’ army was headed towards the campsite of their enemy. “Listen up!!! Don’t even think about taking any prisoners, kill the enemy on sight. We outnumber them, so victory is guaranteed……. I will say this once more KILL ANY ENEMY IN SIGHT!! IF ONE EVEN ESCAPES HALF A YEAR WORTH OF WAGES WILL BE TAKEN, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!!!”


“SIR, YES, SIR!!!” thousands of voices sounded out at the same time as they marched closer and closer to their target. Most soldiers had malicious smiles on their faces and some had solemn expressions, but these smiles and expression all froze when they were about four hundred meters away from their target.


To their surprise they saw an army charging toward them. It was almost as if the enemy knew they were attacking and decided to counter attack immediately. But did the enemy have the number to meet them head on? In fact they were more puzzled by the fact that they were even being attacked.


During their short journey toward the enemy they had sent their scouts out to try locate any scouts from the enemy, but all the scouts to the satisfaction of Fuchs came back empty handed. So then how…? Fuchs saw the small army heading their way and for a moment he hesitated. He was afraid, something didn’t feel right. He vigorously shook his head and reminded himself of what he came here to do.


He came to kill, he came to bring down the enemy. He was already at the point of no return so these “feelings” he had of fear were quickly swept aside and he shouted out to his soldiers. “WELL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? DO YOU WANT ME TO FLIRT WITH YOU BEFORE BATTLE!!? ATTACK, KILL!!”


“AAAAAAARGHHH!!!!” the soldiers shouted, strengthened their resolve and charged toward the enemy. They outnumbered the enemy quite a bit, was there any thing to be afraid of? The ground shook as countless soldiers charged toward the enemy.


There was no fear in their eyes anymore. To them the Atley soldiers were pieces of meat ready to be devoured. It took less than five breaths of time for the two armies to close the four hundred meter gap, most of them were low level cultivators so things like distance did not really matter.




multiple swords collided as the armies clashed. Fuchs was shocked to see the poverty in man power that the enemy had. “You Atley bastards dare counter with this many soldiers. You fuckers are just flirting with deat-..”


Before he could finish his mini rant Fuchs heard a whistle from either side of the two mountains. What the….? His train of thought was broken when he heard the soldiers in the rear scream in agony.


He turned his head and noticed that thousands of enemy soldiers were coming from either side of the mountain. These enemy soldiers had already completely surrounded his army, and in a blink of an eye at least half the rear had been slaughtered. The enemy was everywhere, he’d look left he’d see the enemy, to his right there were enemy soldiers.


He knew that the only way out of this battle was to charge past the enemy in front of them. He held his sword tightly and was about to give the order to charge, but when he looked at the front-line again his heart jumped into his throat. The “army” they had clashed with before was not of low level cultivators, instead all three hundred of the enemy forces in front of them were capable of being called generals.


These three hundred elite soldiers were being led by a young man with a wide grin on his face. He looked happy as he charged though the Ragah forces, he slaughtered any soldier in his way as he cut a path toward Fuchs. This young man was Eden, his previous calm demeanor was replaced by a savage aura that made most of his own soldiers sweat in fear.


Fuchs saw this young man and his expression turned cold. “YOU!!!” Eden couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this man angry cry. “haha….. It’s been a long minute hasn’t it Fuchs. I told you that I’d treat you to a meal as an apology for fucking your daughter, but alas you never showed……” after saying this much Eden’s demonic smile turned bashful as he continued. “How is Christy doing nowadays anyway!?…… If you manage to escape could you tell her that I miss her, please~”


Fuchs was angered to his limit, he immediately disregarded everything and charged towards Eden. “You little piece of shit!! I will slaughter you and bring your head to hang in my house!”




Eden and Fuchs collided without any Qi as they only used their physical strength in the first exchange. To everyone’s surprise after the exchange Fuchs took two steps back. Just as everyone though he was retreating Fuchs suddenly raised his sword which was shining to the point of blinding half the people there. “You little shit I’m not even gonna bother exchanging multiple blows with you. This is my strongest attack if you block it then it’s my loss since it takes at least 80% of my Qi…… Now die.”


“Fiendgod first sword form.” After shouting this Fuchs’ smile turned cold and he stared at Eden as if he was a dead man already. “Fiendgod second sword form.” “Fiendgod final sword form.”


“Now let’s see you blocked this.”


Eden was rather confused when he heard this. He scratched his head in confusion and looked at Fuchs as if he was stating at an idiot. “You want me to block this?…. Mmmmhm…. Sure why not…”


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