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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 11- Shocking the Boot Licker


“Myths are born and legends fall, stagnation ends and development is begins, it reeks of death yet it brings peace, such is the nature of war. General Cattermole has seen and won far more wars than there are hairs on that tiny head on yours! His mere presence is a blessing for us! How can you compare yourself to Him? A mere village boy!”

The old fogey had gray hair but his voice, like his body, was full of youthful vigour and permeated throughout the entire tent. Artillian opened his mouth but didn’t quite know what to say. The others in the room assumed that their compatriots words had gotten to Artillian and nodded their heads in approval, yet Eden himself, the man in question, only sighed. He knew that there was no way Artillian would be moved by such simple words, and he was right.

Wow, just…wow. I have never seen such epic dick riding. This old man has left me speechless. If there werent other dudes in this room what would stop him from giving Eden head? Fuck!

Artillian was speechless to the point where he was spoilt for choice in terms of rebbutals. He could easily disgrace this old man, but unfortunately when he realized that he was spoilt for choice and couldn’t quite choose how to destroy this old man. As he was making his decision, Artillian came to a sudden realization.

His eyes darted all over the room and he even looked at his own hands. An evil smirk appeared on his lips after his odd moments. The old men were baffled by this scene, but it was Eden who was left thunderstruck. He had not seen Artillian show such a genuine smile before, the kind of smile one had when they knew they were going to enjoy themselves. As far as Eden could tell something had happened in Artillian’s mind.

“Eden tell me about our enemy general and the situation as a whole.”

“How dare you address General Ca-” when one of the old men was about to reproach Eden, the latter raised his hand to shut up the former.

“Why are you suddenly interested?” said Eden with a smile.

“Because I think winning my first war will be fun. I’ve wasted too much of my time being an emo so I ought to enjoy myself a bit.”

Eden could tell that these words were from the bottom of Artillian’s heart. He decided to continue testing the waters a bit.

“So how do you plan on enjoying yourself?”

“Its quite simple really, give me control of your army and I will show you. After hearing you old men argue for so long I’m now bored and could use a bit of action.” Artillian twisted his neck as he spoke. Everyone in the room were stunned. Take control of the army? A bit of action? Artillian made their battles seem like a game, suffice to say the other officers wanted to choke him on the spot. Eden on the other hand had other ideas.

“General Fuchs, a noble who places an emphasis on winning with brute force and numbers. He is a coward but his cultivation base and the strength of his men are nothing to laugh at. The moment he sees signs of losing a battle he will not hesitate to retreat. He also has another General with him, but Fuchs is a stubborn man and will most likely stick to his numbers game. The enemy have taken camp at the base of a mountain about a day’s march from here. We are still unaware of the numbers but we estimate them to be at least…”

After hearing Eden’s information Artillian put on an expresion that showed he was thinking. After a few moments he walked up to the map on the table. On top of the drawing there were little figures that represented the soldiers and Artillian wasted no time to pick a random one and started speaking.

“Okay, here is what I propose we do…”

A while later the men in the room were stunned. What they had heard had left them speechless.

Clap clap clap clap!

“Bravo you man! I didn’t know you such a brilliant mind! Haha looks like I have stumbled upon a gem. Alright gentlemen, you all heard his plan, I am putting him under your control. Disperse!” Eden clapped as he walked to Artillian and put his arm around him, much to the latter’s discomfort.

“Eden, I dont swing that way.”

“I see you still have a sharp mouth on you! Come! Let’s go get you some armour.”

The duo walked out of the tent chatting away while the old men were still stupified by previous events.

One of the old men walked up to the officer who had berated Artillian for looking down on Eden.

“Forbes, what on earth just happened?”

Forbes could only swallow some spit and sigh, “I am not sure myself old friend, one thing I do know is that Fuchs is a dead man walking.”

“Are you that confident in his plan old friend?”

“Fuck his plan, General Eden is no fool, have you ever seen him give control of his army to someone else so easily?”

“No…I have not, but I do think his plan I quite impressive, especially considering that it came from a village boy…old friend, I just had a frightening thought”

“What is it Jones?”

“If he could come up with that as an untrained and inexperienced village boy, then what would he be able to come up with as a well-trained and experienced soldier?”

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