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Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

Chapter 10- For Those of You Who Don’t Know…


After fleeing, Fuchs was not in the best of moods. He was constantly stroking his beard with a rather grim look on his face which would make any person who called themselves a man tremble with fear.

It wasn’t going well for the man who was used to having everything he yearned for. After the night ambush, he had the intention to flew , however when he noticed that no one was chasing him his game plan changed. He immediately requested for the Country to send him more soldiers, at the very least he had asked for three hundred thousand soldiers.

What he ended up getting at the end didn’t really sit well with him. He was quite a cowardly person who believed that only with numbers can one win a war. He did not believe in strategy, only brute force existed in his plans. So when this coward of a man only managed to get less than half than what he had asked, he was naturally infuriated. Ragah was four days away, so he was not expecting the reinforcements to arrive so soon. He was expecting to spend the next few days fooling around. This and the fact that he got less than he wanted made the man even more unhappy.

“Do you mind telling me why I only got this many soldiers?”

“Is it not clear why? Do I have to really explain why?”

The man Fuchs had exchanged words with was another fellow General in the army. This man had close to no respect for Fuchs, because to him Fuchs was nothing more than a coward who had used his family name in order to enter the army and fake merit points.

There were actually few people who respected Fuchs. Back in his country, he was known as the General who could only use tactics to lure women, and only knew about positioning when he was indulging in sexual activities. Many argued that if he were to use these tactics and positions in the battlefield then not so many lives would be lost.

For Fuchs though, tactics in battle were nothing to him, and even though his brutish nature brought results, it also came with casualties. And one of those casualties just happened to be a promising soldier whom everyone had grown to cherish. Ever since that soldier died, Fuchs’ “Tactics” had been under intense scrutiny.

“You should thank the gods that I was nearby when you requested for assistance. Not to mention you send a lot of our soldiers to their deaths and you dare ask why-“

“Any soldier who dies in battle in my opinion has a weak cultivation base and a weak heart, only those who are strong remain. It’s the law of the world, even I cannot change that.”

“Fuchs your methods at times are suicidal, it’s only because of your background that you are still yet to be stripped of your position …….these are issues for another day, at the moment we have a mission to carry out and I suggest we come up with plan in order to attack the enemy”

Fuchs snorted at these words, and for a moment tried to act as if he hadn’t heard anything, but at the end he could not help but have a strange grotesque smile that seemed to make the jaws of a crocodile look angelic.


As Fuchs came in view of the army, those in front took a step back as they saw the hideous smile that the General had plastered on his face. Those who had been with Fuchs for long were shivering uncontrollably, because they knew when the general looked like a constipated monkey it meant that nothing good was to follow.

Fuchs then shouted at the top of his lungs.

“My dear soldiers, as all of you know I don’t quite care for strategy and bull like that so I will leave you some wise words before we charge and engage in battle …….those who are weak shall perish and those who are found with wounds on their backs will be treated as traitors and will be killed without exception.***”

As these words fell, there was a variety of expressions that the soldiers showed on their faces. Some had astonished expressions and others had expressions filled with dread. They could not understand the General’s words, as in battle it was inevitable to get injured so naturally getting a wound or two was common.

Fuchs’ grotesque expression never faltered as he said these words, nor did it fade when he turned around and spoke to the man he had been talking to before he decided to “motivate” his troops.

“Tell me Chester, do you like the way I motivate my army?”

“F*ck off! Get bent! You dare call that motivation? It wasn’t even necessary, was it?” rebuked Chester with a grim expression.

Fuchs pretended as if he heard nothing. “Hahahahaha…. Grab your weapons and amour! We attack in 2 hours. And for all those new soldiers who don’t know what a survivor is, please consult the blockheads that were educated just yesterday.”

Chester had an indescribable expression on his face, he felt like the more he was around this man, the more his brain shut off parts of itself from annoyance.

About a day’s travel away from Fuchs’ army, Eden was sitting with a bunch of men who looked well past their prime. This was a strategy meeting and it was not going well, as the old fogies kept on disagreeing on plans to execute.

Eden was just smiling as if he was used to the scene, but the person next to him, who on any day had no right to participate in these types of meetings was yawning as if bored.

This of course was Artillian. Eden had asked him to sit in with him during this meeting. At first Artillian had rudely disagreed, telling Eden that meetings like these are for people who actually had the energy to waste by talking, and of course Artillian had stated that he had already used up half his reserve tank just by listening to all the cheesy stuff that Eden had said about gaining strength.

At the end he really could not refute with a person who had a cultivation base. Just as he was about to step out of the tent he was easily supressed by Eden, who did so with a pleasant smile on his face.

The old men had entered the tent arguing and even after doing so for some time after sitting down, they showed no signs of stopping. This led to Artillian’s boredom and eventual yawning marathon.

One of the old men had noticed Artillian’s behaviour was rather incensed by it. Just by looking at Artillian’s casual appearance he felt like this commoner did not belong with the likes of them. And with a Snort he pointed to Artillian and said:

“Young man, if you don’t find us old men fascinating you could always leave. This meeting is for people who are discussing battle strategies. If you have nothing to say then please leave.”

Artillian looked at the man who had just spoken, and with a lazy voice he replied “Can I take Eden with me? It’s not like he has said anything so I and he should be in the same boat, right?”


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