Pathless Origin

Author: theonionjunktion


After a failed suicide, 16 year old Artillian Skye wakes up as an armoured soldier. With only a spear in hand, he is thrust in the middle of a battlefield with thousands of soldiers. Somehow he had entered the Gaia domain. A place were spirits, demons and demi gods run rampant in their quests for power. Artillian learns that he was given a second chance by the fallen goddess Hestia, she had given him the last of her divine essence to bring him back to life. So he makes it his life’s mission to restore her to her former glory, however to do that he needs to get stronger himself. He needed to become stronger than the gods! For her he would kill any god, do anything, even searching all from the heavens to the nine levels of hell if need be. For she had given him something he had never had…A reason to live. So he made her a promise “I shall make the bottomless sky your ground, the boundless universe your domain and the unending infinite your sky!”

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