Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 9: Thousand Li Walk, Bitter Encounter

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Yang Dingtian took a final look at the place Dongfang Niemie died, then put out a foot in the eastward direction and rushed. His speed was very quick, many folds faster than compared to his speed on Earth, and his body felt as light as a feather. He felt that his strength, compared to when he was on Earth, was many times stronger.

Although he had only just finished the initiation phase of this world, due to the fact that he had went through 3 layers of cleansing the marrow and veins, the inside of his body seemed to have a quick wind flow through it. If this were Earth, he would have broken all the world records.

Two hours later.

Yang Dingtian already ran close to 100 li. Of course, his speed could be quicker, but if he ran faster, the energy in his body would also be used quicker. Thus, he had to grasp a balance.

Ten hours later.

Yang Dingtian had ran more than 500 li. Moreover, he didn’t feel too weary; the Martial Dao of this world was truly formidable. Although Yang Dingtian had just crossed over the initiation stage, he could already run more than 500 li in one day and not feel tired. Of course, he didn’t know that this achievement was mainly due to his third layer cleansing the marrow and veins.

But several hours later, heavy snow started falling from the sky and huge gales of winds blew. In addition, it blew in the opposite direction Yang Dingtian was running in, so it became difficult for him to move. The consumption of energy was also greatly increased, so he dug a hole to hide in and wait until the snow passed.

The hiding took a full three days.

Three days later.

The weather cleared up and the sky was jade blue as if water had washed it. The two suns were like resplendent gems illuminating the earth, making one unable to open their eyes due to the glare off the snow.

Yang Dingtian came up from deep beneath the snow. Thankfully he was the Nine Yang Body, otherwise he feared that he would be suffocated to death buried several meters below.

To be honest, it was truly weird. After cleansing the marrow and veins, the oxygen Yang Dingtian required was shortened by a lot and he could hold his breath for 20 minutes; a small amount of oxygen could help him survive for a long time.

With great difficulty, he waited until the sky was clear. Then, Yang Dingtian rapidly ran towards the east, moreover he was running with his eyes closed because the snow was too glaring. It was snow for thousands of li around so there was no danger running into anything.

Yang Dingtian’s luck was good. It was clear for a whole three days.

In these three days, Yang Dingtian ran more than 1,000 li. But after these three days, the heavy snow and gales came again so Yang Dingtian had to dig a hole to hide in once more.

This time’s hiding was a full seven days and the heavy snow and gales were more ferocious this time compared to the previous time.

At the seventh day when he was crawling out of the hole, his whole body felt incomparably weak and cold. This was because the energy in his body had been consumed cleanly again, so Yang Dingtian took out the pill from the inside of his ear to eat it.

Immediately, heat exploded within his body and flowed through his body’s Muscle Veins. The warmth was comfortable to the point of being indescribable. A strand of vigorous strength gradually distributed itself and Yang Dingtian felt as if his body’s limbs had become sturdy and powerful.

By the means of this strand of energy, Yang Dingtian pressed towards the east with a crazy expression in his eyes.

Quickly running, quickly running, quickly running…

Under the two sun’s shine, on the thousands li of ice and snow, there was a quickly moving black spot.

This time, the old heavens cared for Yang Dingtian; it was sunny for a full nine days. Actually it became cloudy on the fifth day and Yang Dingtian worried that there would be heavy snow, but in less than three hours, the dark clouds diverged.

In these nine days, Yang Dingtian ran about 3,000 li. There was about 1,000 li or so left until he could finally run out of Thousands Li Glacier.

Just as he was going to make one more vigorous spurt to finish this 1,000 li, the weather stopped cooperating. Yang Dingtian met the strongest snow storm ever recorded in history, almost directly blowing him flying. He had no choice but to dig a hole to hide in again.

Fortunately, this round of heavy snow went by fairly quickly. Two days later, the snow stopped and the weather cleared. But after climbing out from the hole, there wasn’t much energy left within Yang Dingtian’s body, leaving the last 1,000 li to be relied on willpower.

Four days later.

Yang Dingtian ran the 1,000 li, but the Violent Flame Pill’s efficacy had run out a long time ago. Yang Dingtian had basically nothing to eat, only ice or snow. His body became weaker day by day, going from running into a walk, until finally his entire body was numb and eyes gradually lost its sight. As long as he laid down, he wouldn’t get up ever again.

Just as he was about to completely collapse, he finally saw a great tree. It was a great tree that rose into the cloudy firmament.

He immediately cried out in joy, using the last of his strength to shout into the heavens.


One whole month. He had finally ran the 5,700 li, leaving the damned Thousands Li Glacier. What appeared in his sight was finally not white.

At last, he ate something solid. Despite it being a very unpalatable, bitter and astringent tree seed, he still ate several pieces. He ate until his whole tongue and mouth was numb.

After eating, he had a satisfactory sleep. Then after he got up, Yang Dingtian continued to go eastwards. As he continued towards the east, the amount of trees increased until it was at last a humongous forest canopy. This large forest contained extremely huge trees, but the spacing between each tree were tens of meters apart, so it wasn’t hard to get through this forest.

Yang Dingtian fantasized that there would be animals within this forest, that he could finally eat meat again.

But he was disappointed! Inside this gigantic forest, there were actually no animals, not even a four legged beast, not even a bird.

It shouldn’t be like this! When he was learning about knowledge on this world, Yang Dingtian learned that there should be a lot of beasts inside this wintry forest. The MaoLi barbarian clan would frequently go inside the forest to hunt, but now there wasn’t anything living seen. In this thousand li forest, it was dead quiet, causing Yang Dingtian to nearly fall apart.

On the other hand, Yang Dingtian’s food situation improved. He did not need to eat that bitter and astringent tree seed anymore; it was replaced with a tasteless starchy sort of tree fruit.

Five days later, Yang Dingtian walked out of the thousand li forest and saw an undulating mountain range. It wasn’t easy, but he finally saw mountains. All along the several thousands li that he had travelled, it was flat land. Very quickly, he going to arrive at the MaoLi barbarian clan gathering place and finally see mankind again.

As expected, after leaving the forest for two days, he finally saw a house. He burst into joy upon seeing that it was a sturdy wooden cabin. However, there was nothing inside. There was only wooden furniture, but it had been covered by a thick layer of dust and there was no food nor clothes.

But at this time, this did not dispirit Yang Dingtian because it was very likely that this was a hunter’s cabin. If the hunter left, then it would be very normal for no one to live here.

But the following second, third, and fourth wooden cabins that Yang Dingtian all had no signs of people.

At last, Yang Dingtian discovered a densely housed hamlet. It was full of dozens of houses, but all of them, without exception, had no people. The furniture inside was neat and tidy, but all of it was covered with a thick layer of dust.

Moreover, Yang Dingtian still had not encountered an animal, not even a flying bird.

The more eastwards he walked, the more hamlets he passed by, even passing through two or three towns that used stone to build a large house. However, there was still no people living there and as before, there was not one live animal to be discovered.

What had happened here? Why was there nothing living?

As he kept on walking, Yang Dingtian’s heart became increasingly cold and increasingly murky. He had left the glacier area for a month already and walked more than 3,000 li this month. He had seen countless houses and remembered that in these small towns, there was not one person, not even a bird or moving creature.

The several thousands li of land nearby the glacier should have had several hundred thousands of MaoLi barbarian clansmen and countless birds and animals, but it was as if they had all disappeared off the face of this world.

In Master’s words, this place should reside an extremely cold-resistant MaoLi race. They were good at using the ax, and were born as strong warriors.

Not being able to see humans could be explained, perhaps the environment had created hardships that caused the whole race to relocate. However, not being able to see a bird or moving animal only made the countless trees appear abnormal.

Yang Dingtian knew that if he kept walking eastwards, it would be the boundless sea; he could smell the flavor of the sea from the wind.

Before, Yang Dingtian feared that he wasn’t walking quickly, but afterwards Yang Dingtian didn’t dare to move as fast. He feared that when he arrived at the edge of the vast sea, he still would not see a human, not even a flying bird or moving animal. At that time, what would he do?

In the end, Yang Dingtian walked much slower, only walking several li every day. He casually looked for a room to live in, as if he feared the moment that he reached the seaside.

Yang Dingtian still ate tree seeds because there was nothing else he could eat. His body was still naked because not even speaking about clothes, he couldn’t even find an animal skin. There were actually tree leaves, but he didn’t know what the matter was with the trees here. All the tree leaves were hard and sharp, simply unsuited to be worn on a body! Moreover, Yang Dingtian couldn’t see a single person’s shadow and he didn’t fear the cold, so being completely naked didn’t matter.


Inside a log cabin, Yang Dingtian was lying on a wooden bed and felt a bit afraid. He felt his willpower and fighting spirit actually weakening, felt himself gradually becoming dispirited and lazy.

In that wintery world, he was frequently at the edge of life and death. In addition, the place was snow white all around, so at that time Yang Dingtian’s fighting spirit was exuberant. Now that there were trees and houses, no people and animals made Yang Dingtian start fearing and his fighting spirit weakened.

In the end, what had happened? If he didn’t meet anyone at the coast, what would he do? Then he wouldn’t be able to inquire where YinYang Sect was, let alone travel to YinYang Sect.

He lay down on the bed but was unable to fall asleep. A boundless sense of loneliness invaded Yang Dingtian’s heart, causing his heart to be full of endless murkiness. This sort of daily life had already gone on for several months. The current Yang Dingtian already completely resembled a savage person; his beard long and tangled, the hair on his head long and chaotic.

Suddenly! Yang Dingtian heard a sound. It was one resembling an animal hoof walking on the snowy area.

He suddenly climbed out of bed, not daring to believe it. He strained his ear to listen closely, fearing that this was just a hallucination.

It wasn’t a hallucination, nor was it an illusion!

Truly not a hallucination! This sound became louder as time went by, seeming to be a horse’s hoof sound and finally even sounds of people’s voices talking could be heard.

A burst of wild joy! Yang Dingtian suddenly jumped up and rushed out of the wooden cabin!

Several hundred meters in front of him, an enormous amount of troops were running quickly.

It was humanity on top of horses. The horses looked very similar to the horses on Earth, only that it was much larger than the horses on Earth and also had a horn on its head.

These troops was more than 100 people, all of them wearing magnificent fur clothes, body bringing along gorgeous Martial Instruments.

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