Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 7: Betrothing The Beloved Daughter

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“Suicide note?” Yang Dingtian was alarmed: “Master, aren’t you coming with me?”

“Don’t be impatient, wait for me to finish.” Dongfang Niemie strictly replied.

“Yes!” Yang Dingtian’s eyes became hot, tears threatening to fall.

“Inside the suicide note I will tell your Master’s wife that you are to become the next YinYang Sect Sovereign. I will make her use all the resources in the YinYang Sect to train you so that you can shortly turn into a Inner Universe expert and govern YinYang Sect as soon as possible.”

“In addition, in my suicide note I also betroth my daughter to you. She is called Dongfang Bingling and is younger than you by several months. She happens to be a perfect match with you. She is my only daughter, the daughter who I most love. You are a good child and moreover, your intelligence is amazing, so it makes me feel relieved to betroth her to you.” Dongfang Niemie smilingly said.

“B, but what if by any chance that she doesn’t agree and already has affection between a man and woman with someone else? What if she already has a man she loves in her heart?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Dongfang Niemie did not say any words. Instead, he pulled Yang Dingtian’s hand and made his ring finger approach the flame ornament.

Immediately, two balls of flame suddenly rose from on top of the flame ring position, illuminating the flame ornament. The flame ornament gradually showed the silhouette of a person and marked the cold ice wall.

It was a girl’s image, a 10 year-old girl. Despite being only 10 years-old, she was already a top beauty making people choke on their words. Yang Dingtian instantaneously held his breath, not daring to believe that there was such a beautiful girl; it was simply a godly work of art.

“This is little Ling’er from 10 years ago, your fiancee. Now that 10 years have passed, what degree of beauty she has achieved, I am incapable of imagining. Your Master’s wife is already a beauty that doesn’t seem to be from the mortal world, but she is more beautiful than your Master’s wife.” Dongfang Niemie said.

Indeed, the most beautiful woman he had seen in his lifetime was his girlfriend Li Bijun, but this Dongfang Bingling was even more beautiful than Li Bijun.

“I am her father, I am her world, and I have the final say in everything she does. From childhood to when she got bigger, she listened to me. Whatever words I would say, she would listen to them all. Moreover, the most important thing is that although she isn’t a Nine Yin Body, she has a physique very similar to a Nine Yin Body, the same as her mother. Usually, a man would be unable to enjoy this luck. Only someone like you with the Nine Yang Body would be best suited to her. If you two become a married couple, then both your cultivations would gain the greatest benefits. Yin and Yang would be harmonious and it would be totally possible to have the effect of doing half the work to gain twice the benefits.”

“In another 3 years, if she cannot find a male with a strong enough Mysterious Vein to have sex with, her body’s Yin flame will reach its most exuberance. She will be in so much pain that she would want to die or maybe it would even send her to death. Therefore, if I don’t betroth her to you, then who do I betroth her to? Now, do you promise to marry my daughter, your junior apprentice?” Dongfang Niemie said.

Yang Dingtian’s face blushed, then nodded.

“Haha…” Dongfang Niemie said: “In these past few years, today is the happiest day. Not only did I find a successor that would be hard to meet even in a 100 years, but I have also found a person my daughter can dependant on for her life. I truly can die without any regrets.”

“Ten years ago, I was damned to die. But because I was unwilling, I protected the last strand of vitality to wait for a miracle to happen. Who would have known that the Heavens would really pity me and would grant you, Yang Dingtian, to me.”

Looking at Dongfang Niemie’s old decaying face emerging an abnormal flush, Yang Dingtian could not help but worriedly say: “Master.”

“After a full 10 years being feeble, I had almost forgot the past heaven-defying me.” Dongfang Niemie faced Yang Dingtian and said: “Good disciple, in this final moment, Master will let you see the true me, the formidable and domineering Dongfang Niemie…”

Following the wake of Dongfang Niemie’s final skill, it seemed as if a strand of pale blue flame suddenly ignited within the old man’s body. Immediately, a miracle occurred.

Dongfang Niemie’s withered and chaotic hair suddenly became a shiny jet-black, dancing in the air. His old rotten skin became like that of a newborn’s skin in a flash. His muddy and soulless gaze, turned into one that seemed to have a burning flame within it.

In a moment of effort, Dongfang Niemie seemed to have become younger by several decades. From a discouraged and defeated almost dead person into a desolate heaven-defying graceful-bearing middle-aged man. Even the original beggar-like Chinese-style gown turned into an embroidered jade gown with a flame design. The flame design seemed to be alive, as if it wanted to jump out of the gown.

This was Dongfang Niemie’s original appearance, domineering and imposing with unrestrained elegance.

“My life force is extremely weak, so this rarely seen form of Master will not be able to teach you a move or even a form. However, I can give you a more precious gift. Using the remnants of my strength, I will give you a marrow and vein cleansing.” Dongfang Niemie’s hands suddenly moved. Immediately, Yang Dingtian’s body seemed like some heat was suddenly entrusted to him and made his whole body float in midair.

“With regards to cultivating the Martial Dao, the most important thing is to cleanse the veins. I have said that the human body’s Muscle Veins are like countless rivers and streams and the Qi Sea inside your abdomen is like the vast ocean. The rivers and streams water ultimately converge into the ocean. Xuan Qi is the water and every time you cultivate, it increases the amount of water running within your Muscle Veins and Qi Sea.

“Today, Master will help you cleanse your veins. However many layers of cleansings you go through all depends on your good fortune.”

Having said that, Dongfang Niemie palm suddenly burst forth a formidable strength into the center of Yang Dingtian’s heart.


“Ah, how cold, how hot!” Yang Dingtian almost screeched out, but actually could not make even a tiny whimper.

It was truly strange. What Dongfang Niemie cultivated was Pure Yang Xuan Qi strength, one like that of a raging infernos’. But after this strength entered his body, not only was it extremely hot, as if it wanted the person to burn into ashes, but it was simultaneously very cold, as if it wanted the person to freeze and shatter into pieces.

“I have the Pure Yang Body, so I cultivate fire. But after cultivated to its pinnacle, Yang is just like Yin and Yin is just like Yang. My fire turned pure blue and finally at this realm, it isn’t divided into cold or hot; it is both extremely cold and extremely hot. I spent a full 39 years to cultivate to this boundary but you are the Nine Yang Mysterious Vein, so I believe that you’ll only need 10 to 20 years to achieve this boundary. When that moment comes, the flame ring on your finger will reveal itself and you can make public that you are YinYang Sect’s Sovereign.”

While Dongfang Niemie was talking, an incomparably formidable and profound strength constantly poured into the center of Yang Dingtian’s heart. It followed Yang Dingtian’s blood vessels inch by inch and advanced. It truly seemed to be washing his vein paths; every nerve tip wasn’t let off.

The entire process brought about incomparable suffering. It was as if he was being burned by a flame tens of thousand of degrees and at the same time going through an onslaught of wind from a winter hundreds of degrees below zero. This kind of suffering was the kind that had no words to describe it. But compared to Yang Dingtian’s crossing over by spontaneously bursting into flames, this was completely child’s play.

The formidable Xuan strength washed Yang Dingtian’s Muscle Veins inch by inch. In the beginning, an inch would be washed by minute. But afterwards, it became slower, slower, slower and slower. Yang Dingtian’s suffering intensified layer by layer, until finally his whole body was trembling. Yang Dingtian’s body was half red, half blue, and was very weird to look at.

More than half an hour later!

This kind of inhuman suffering ended, but Yang Dingtian was already entirely numb. The first marrow and vein cleansing was finished. Yang Dingtian was floating in the air like a fish that had been washed up onto shore and had to suffer the scorching sun. Apart from breathing, everything else was impossible. But his whole body was incapable of showing relief, his entire body from top to bottom was spread with greasy black impurities. This was the junk inside of Yang Dingtian’s Muscle Veins that was washed out by Dongfang Niemie. Therefore, although Yang Dingtian was numb and in pain from head to toe, he actually could not speak words to express this crisp feeling. His whole body was as light as a feather and his Muscle Veins seemed to have wind flowing through it.

However, Dongfang Niemie actually seemed to become older by 10 years. His original long graceful black and purple hair had become ash-colored by a small part.

“It truly is unbelievable! In just half an hour, the Muscle Veins has been cleansed by 1 layer. Compared to a moment ago, after your 1st layer cleansing, your cultivation speed will be 3 to 4 times faster than your previous speed.”

“It really deserves its reputation as the Nine Yang Body, it’s too astonishing. Merely from this 1st layer vein cleansing speed, it is several times faster than other people. I remember when I had my first time cleansing my veins; it took a full 1 day and night. But the Xuan strength spent on your vein cleansing unexpectedly is only a fraction of other peoples. This natural aptitude is too astonishing!”

“I originally believed that my remaining Xuan strength would only be able to cleanse 1 layer. I actually did not expect that completely cleansing the 1st layer would spend only a small fraction!”

“Now let’s continue. I want to take a look on how astonishing the Nine Yang Mysterious Vein is.”

Having said that, Dongfang Niemie extended his palm once again. A thicker and more formidable Xuan strength suddenly squeezed into the center of Yang Dingtian’s heart. The power was unexpectedly four or five times stronger than the power just before.

“The Xuan strength needed to wash the veins for the 2nd layer is several fold of the 1st layer. The higher one goes, the Xuan strength needed multiplies geometrically. In the end, from the 3rd layer upwards, one cannot depend on other people’s Xuan strength because washing veins at that point requires several hundred times more. Therefore, it is practically impossible, so one can only rely on oneself’s Xuan strength to wash the marrow and veins.”

Sure enough, the 2nd layer of washing the marrow and vein was slower than the 1st layer by a lot. Indeed, the degree of suffering increased several times and at last, it was at a point where it was to the degree of being almost totally intolerable for Yang Dingtian. This kind of burning and ruthlessly cold strength pain made his whole body’s Muscle Veins all suddenly stick out, his eyes became bloodshot and threatened to burst.

“Our Martial Dao cultivation is not for weak people. Weak people have relatively weak Muscle Veins, so they are absolutely incapable of supporting the pain that comes along with washing the marrow and veins. Therefore, each time one washes their marrow and veins, it is similar to getting near the gates of hell. The higher the washing, the higher the danger. It is even so much that a defeat in washing the marrow and veins and being able to withdraw is a fluke. A lot of people die alive with all their blood vessels rupturing. So afterwards when you want to wash your marrow and veins, you must have complete assurance of advancing. Otherwise, it will absolutely be a narrow escape.”

Although Yang Dingtian could hear Dongfang Niemie’s words at this time, the sound spread to his ears was very weird, as if he was listening to someone speak through water. Yang Dingtian’s whole body was functioning, but already appeared to have an intense temporary injure.

Time goes by minute by minute.

Dongfang Niemie’s Xuan strength moved bit by bit, thoroughly cleaning up every inch of Yang Dingtian’s blood vessel passages.

A full five hours later, the 2nd layer of cleansing the marrow and veins is complete and Yang Dingtian is similar to a dead person floating in midair. His whole body is covered by a stick black substance. Inside his body’s Muscle Veins, a quick wind flowed through, which made him feel as if he could float up and fly at any moment.

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