Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 5: Initial Practice of Martial Arts

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“I also have Xuan Qi?” Yang Dingtian was pleasantly surprised.

“Practice the Fist, practice it for three hours.” The old man said: “For practicing this fist, the correctness of the movement is not important, but rather interacting with the Xuan Qi inside your abdomen. This will make your fighting technique and Xuan Qi gain mastery, as well as make you learn how to grasp the Xuan Qi within your abdomen. Not only will you use the Xuan Qi through your Muscle Veins to converge in the Qi Sea, but also learn how use the Qi Sea to spread out throughout your Muscle Veins. That way, it can play a role within a fight.”

“How do I interact with it?” Yang Dingtian asked.

The old man replied: “Go feel it!”

After he finished speaking, the old man closed his eyes.

Yang Dingtian began practicing ZhengYang Fist’s first move. As soon as he started, he kept his eyes open, practicing it without deviating a bit. The result was the Xuan Qi within the Qi Sea in the lower abdomen had no response at all. After practicing it for dozens of times, the Xuan Qi still had no response. Thus, Yang Dingtian felt that he might as well close his eyes to sense. He also didn’t worry about accuracy of the movements, forcing his mind’s eye to sense a thread of Xuan Qi. The outcome made him pleased beyond expectations; that mere small little mouse actually began to stir. But it was merely a stirring, it seemed that the attraction wasn’t strong enough. He wasn’t able to guide it throughout all of his Muscle Veins.

Yang Dingtian kept cultivating the Fist with his eyes closed as before, using his utmost to sense the little mouse. He went all out trying to get close to it in order to summon it. Who would have known that the more one wanted to get intimate with it, the more it would act aloof. In the beginning, it began to stir, but afterwards, it was just lazing around and paying no attention.

Hence, Yang Dingtian opened his eyes again. He ignored this Xuan Qi little mouse and instead paid close attention to being completely accurate while practicing and practiced it dozens of times. After that, he closed his eyes once more, in order to sense that Xuan Qi little mouse.

Who would have known that just as he closed his eyes to practice his fighting technique, using his intentions to sense the little mouse, that little mouse instead impatiently suddenly jumped, practically breaking his entire body’s Muscle Veins.

Yang Dingtian was overjoyed. This Xuan Qi little mouse truly seemed to be alive. If you wanted to get close to it, it would pay no attention to you, but if you didn’t pay any attention to it, it would come up to approach.

Yang Dingtian hurriedly closed his eyes to practice the Fist again, wanting to feel this strand of Xuan Qi again. This world’s Martial Dao was too fantastic and Yang Dingtian did not resist, beginning to indulge in it.

“Stop here today, there is no need to practice again.” The old man suddenly said.

“But that small mouse suddenly jumped, I’m just about to succeed.” Yang Dingtian said.

“If it jumps now, then your Muscle Veins will be destroyed. Making it jump a moment ago already is today’s greatest accomplishment.” The old man replied: “Do not practice, practicing again will instead be harmful.”

“Oh! There is always someone above one, it exasperates one.” The old man sighed, then slowly closed up again.

Yang Dingtian did not believe in superstition and continued to secretly practice. He didn’t think that it was truly as the old man had said. Not only did he not make further progress, but he greatly regressed. The little mouse’s excitement became smaller and smaller until it finally became lazy and motionless.

The next day, Yang Dingtian continued to cultivate Qi for an hour. He felt that the little mouse was becoming a bit bigger and the liveliness rose with it.

But after three hours of practicing ZhengYang Fist, although he managed to attract the little mouse to jump, he was still not able to summon it out of the Qi Sea. It was as if that the Qi Sea had an incomparable attraction force towards the little mouse, making it seem very reluctant to go out.

Third day, fourth day, fifth day!

At last, Yang Dingtian managed to extract the little mouse out of the Qi Sea in the lower abdomen. It was just like a real mouse, running all around in his body, completely out of control. Every place that it ran to, the region would melt away. Feeling like he was being struck over and over, Yang Dingtian once again let out a low cry.

The old man opened his eyes and watched Yang Dingtian’s random running behavior. He let out a sigh and shook his head: “There is always someone above one, it exasperates one.”

What other people would need three months to direct the Xuan Qi through the Qi Sea to the Muscle Veins, Yang Dingtian would only need five days.

“Sit down and close your eyes to harmonize your breath. That way, the Xuan Qi will automatically go back to your Qi Sea.” The old man said: “ZhengYang Fist’s first move plays the role of ‘Attracting Qi’, using the Muscle Vein’s Xuan Qi and attracting it into the Qi Sea. Many little things make a great thing, making the Xuan Qi become formidable. Afterwards, drawing out this strand of Xuan Qi through the Qi Sea and attracting it back into the Muscle Veins.”

“Therefore, the first move has been successfully practiced.” The old man said: “The second move is to teach you how to guide and control this strand of Xuan Qi, how to receive it, how to send it out, and how to make this strand of Xuan Qi go to a specific location.”

“The third move teaches you how to separate Xuan Qi. The entirety of your Xuan Qi shouldn’t be sent out every time. Sometimes there are some people you must teach a lesson to and not kill, so you can only use one part and keep the other.”

“The fourth move is to make you learn how to guide the Xuan Qi out of your Qi Sea and use it as an attack to face an enemy, yet also stop it midway. It will also teach you how to make the Xuan Qi stay somewhere within your Muscle Veins, leading it out when needed.”

“The fifth move is to use the Xuan Qi as an attack while simultaneously, rapidly condensing a new Xuan Qi to put into the Muscle Veins from the Qi Sea, preparing for the next attack.”

“The fifth move is the most important.” Yang Dingtian commented.

“That’s right, the fifth move is the most important and also the most difficult.” The old man said: “The Muscle Veins within a human body are like streamlets from a river, Xuan Qi is similar to the running water. The Qi Sea within the lower abdomen is like the vast ocean. The streamlet goes into a brook, the brook goes into a large stream, the large stream goes into a river, the river goes into the vast ocean. Xuan Qi comes from everything between the Heavens and Earth, every pore in the human body. Every inch of your body can absorb Xuan Qi. When the Xuan Qi from the Qi Sea goes out, the Muscle Veins’ Xuan Qi can rapidly enter into 0the Qi Sea and at the same time, every place on the body can begin to attract Xuan Qi from Heaven and Earth. The entire process is unending, it cycles incessantly. However the speed has a ‘fast’ and ‘slow’. You firing off a few dozen fists will use up the Xuan Qi cultivated. If one’s talent in condensing Xuan Qi is two minutes to condense Xuan Qi, then that person would have died eight to ten times over.”

Then, the old man began to draw the second, third, fourth, and fifth moves of ZhengYang Fist.

“Summer is coming soon and the snowfall will become less and less, so you have to completely remember the rest of the moves. In the following days, I basically will not open my eyes again, so you will have to practice on your own. Remember my words, cultivate Qi for one hour, practice the Fist for three hours.” The old man said.

“You won’t be directing me?” Yang Dingtian questioned.

“ZhengYang Fist and ‘Heaven Earth Art’ are the initiation skills for martial arts study. They are the most simple and make your foundation, but are also the most difficult and most important. Every Xuan Martial Artist must practice ZhengYang Fist and cultivate Heaven Earth Art before they go into the next step of Martial Dao cultivation. Every teacher will not point out the next step because there is no way to point out the fundamentals. Each Martial Artist sensing, enlightenment, and Xuan Qi’s exchange manner is not the same. Not only is guidance useless, but it can also make a learning Martial Artist deviate from his path, making it disappear.”

“Therefore, ZhengYang Fist and Heaven Earth Art are this world’s fundamental road that every Martial Artist takes. It can even be said that ZhengYang Fist and Heaven Earth Art’s cultivation is every Martial Artist’s highest attainments.” The old man said: “Therefore, this enlightenment stage, completely depends on your perception and temperament.”

After Yang Dingtian heard that this ZhengYang Fist and Heaven Earth Art was so important, he could not help but say: “Then could it be that people who quickly achieving completion in Heaven Earth Art and ZhengYang Fist, their future accomplishments are high?”

“Most of the time it’s like this, but there are a few exceptions. The key point is that it depends on a Martial Artist’s comprehension and enlightenment towards Xuan Qi, as well as emotion. These things are what truly decides a Martial Artist’s future attainments.” The old man said: “Of course this also relates to one’s Mysterious Vein, a Martial Artist with an innately talented Mysterious Vein would be very capable in attracting the Xuan Qi between Heaven and Earth. Their Qi Sea will also be huge and naturally will have an even higher mastery of understanding the Xuan Qi.”

“So generally speaking, under the same circumstances, a Martial Artist’s achievements are 70% Mysterious Vein, 30% temperament.” The old man said: “Of course, that is if their Mysterious Veins and temperament were equal. As such 70% is looked after by the sect, treasure, tools, the rest of the 30% is one’s random opportunities. Of course, in the final analysis it all depends on one’s Mysterious Vein.

“How is my Mysterious Vein?” Yang Dingtian quickly asked.

The old man showed a strange expression, then closed up.

Yang Dingtian immediately wondered what the old man’s strange expression meant. Could it be his talent was very crappy? It can’t be that bad right? Yang Dingtian was a very narcissistic person, he felt that he was pretty good in all areas.

Afterwards, he continued to fiercely train.

The first move, he only spend five days on.

However, he spent 15 days on the second move in order to control the Xuan Qi bursting out of his fist. This strand of Xuan Qi directly made a layer of snowflakes blow into the open. This made Yang Dingtian extremely excited, causing him to become more engrossed in this world’s profound Martial Dao.

Then, still on the second move, he learned to send out, receive, and control the Xuan Qi’s flow. After he spent 25 days, he managed to finish all this.

In other words, he spent 40 days on the second move, many more times than the time he spent on the first move. This made him somewhat depressed, causing him slightly doubt his own talent.

Of course, if the old man knew these words, he definitely would say this: There is always someone above one, it exasperates one.

One has to know, the most outstanding person in this world would take nearly half a year in order to achieve completion on the second move.

Then, the third move made Yang Dingtian even more depressed and annoyed. This was because it he took a whole two months to acquire completion.

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During this entire time, the old man had not opened his eyes. As for the Violent Flame Pill, the old man had already given everything over to Yang Dingtian. Every 15 days, he would eat one. Besides cultivating Qi, and ZhengYang Fist, Yang Dingtian would make the ice stairs during the time it snowed. Along with the Xuan Qi little mouse getting larger and larger, he seemed to become more resistant to the cold. His strength also got stronger and health became more and more lively.

Once Yang Dingtian practiced the third move to completion, spring passed and summer arrived, and summer had already passed by half.

In spite of this place being in the extremely cold north, summer still had snow. However, each time the snow wouldn’t be too much, moreover it would be very small. Therefore, Yang Dingtian’s progress in building the ice stairs became slower.

Hence, Yang Dingtian was extremely eager for the end of summer and for winter to quickly arrive!

Yang Dingtian’s practice on the ZhengYang Fist was as follows; first move took 5 days, second move took 40 days, third move used a full 2 months. This made him treat the fourth move’s pace with ample mental preparation, even so much that he put the deadline to achieve completion for around four months. The result made Yang Dingtian very joyous, the fourth move had unexpectedly only taken three days. It was to the extent of making Yang Dingtian let out a burst of cheers. This time, he very much looked forward to the old man opening his eyes to exclaim in admiration or surprise.

But the old man still had his eyes closed as before, making him feel a small sense of disappointment, as if he did not receive his parent’s praise after getting good grades.

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