Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 36: Yin-Yang Devouring Profound Great Technique

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Yao Rao looked at the body of Yang Dingtian from up to down and nodded: “If it is someone else, it is absolutely impossible but it might be possible for him.”

“The talent of your little man is very amazing even I can’t see it clearly.” The Yao Rao’s eyes flashed as she said: “Yanyan, your eyes are very good, you choose the right man. But with such a good talent, why he is just in the initiation period?”

“You don’t have to care about it.” Yan Yandao: “How long it will take to make him a six-star profound martial artist.”

Yao Rao calculated and then said: “Half a year.”

“No, it’s taking too long.” said Yanyan.

Yao Rao turned around and said: “If the evil method is used, maybe it can be shorter about four months.”

“No, it’s taking too long.” said Yanyan.

Yao Rao’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled: “even Dongfang Niemie and Zhu Qingzhu cannot help you to promote cultivation from initiation to Six Star Profound realm within 3 months. Little treasure, isn’t your request too high?”

Yanyan said: “If the request is not high then why will I come to you. No matter what it takes he has to achieve it in the shortest time?”

The Yao Rao pondered for a long time, said: “Three months are too short. I am also helpless. This method is very strange and its consequences are very serious.”

Yanyan said: “we have only 15 days no more than that. After half a month, we will be expelled from Cloudsky City.”

“15 days! How is it possible?” The Yao Rao said: “And your father is almost invincible throughout the Western continent, who would dare to treat you like this?”

“My father is no longer alive.” YanYan faintly said.

“Impossible.” The Yao Rao said: “Who can kill him in this world? It cannot be Dongfang Niemie, right?”

Yang Dingtian said “Zhu Qingzhu, Soul Devouring Profound Qi.”

“Soul Devouring?” Yao Rao’s body shuddered and swayed, her eyes shrank and revealed a hint of fear.

“Soul Devouring Profound Qi has once again reappeared in the world? Is the martial world once again going to fall in chaos? Why  Zhu Qingzhu? why isn’t me?” The Yao Rao said with full of unwillingness.

“Yao Rao, within 15 days, no matter what method, you have to make Yang Dingtian become a six-star profound martial artist.” Yanyan coldly said in rude manners.

Seeing the pale face of the Yanyan, Yao Rao is full of distress. She nipped her red lips while she said: “Yanyan, there is a way but it is very evil. I don’t know if this method can make him promote 16 stars (levels) within 15 days, it depends on his blood quality.”

Yanyan said immediately: “quickly say.”

“Yin-Yang Devouring Profound Great Technique, the secret technique that almost no one knows in this world.” Yao Rao said: “First you have to prepare a lot of treasure materials and form a special formation in the magma with them. Then you two have intercourse in the formation. Then mysterious evil technique will transfer the Profound Qi energy from your body into the body of your little man. You can do it up to nine times. Finally, the profound Qi energy in your body will be exhausted but how much profound Qi energy enters into the little man’s sea of Qi will depend on the grade of his Profound Vein. But as far as I know, every time he can swallow less than 1%.”

The Yao Rao just finished by saying, Yanyan’s beautiful face become red and the Yang Dingtian’s face becomes even redder.

“What? Don’t want to do it,” said Yao Rao.

Yanyan gritted his teeth and said: “Who said that I don’t want to, say when to start?”

“First, we must refine your body.” Yao Rao said: “You must undress the clothes, let the strong fire here temper your body. Then I will read the Yin-Yang Joyous Union Secret Art and let you both enter into the men and women desire illusion, let your yin and yang reach the threshold. Then you have to rub each other intimately but you don’t really have to intercourse. Again and again, until the desire reaches the highest point than under the formation, you both have crazy sexual intercourse, with the help of Yin-Yang Devouring Profound Great Technique Profound Qi will transfer from your body  into little man’s body.”

After Yanyan heard that, her whole body became hot and breathing shortened, and the chest was constantly undulating looking thrilling. Of course, she is not emotional but is caught in a strong struggle.

The body of Yang Dingtian seems to be burning by the magma in the abyss. It is hot even breathing is painful.

Suddenly,  Dongfang Niemie’s voice resounded in the brain of Yang Dingtian: “Child, this Yin-Yang Devouring Profound Great Technique is truly formidable. If you want it can truly promote your strength by 16 stars (levels) continually.”

“However, everything is up to you, Master will not interfere.” Dongfang Niemie disappeared and went to sleep.

At this time, Yanyan is struggling strongly.

Yanyan looked at Yang Dingtian and faintly said: “As I said, as a wife, I am willing to do everything I should do.”

Ximen yanyan took off her clothes and showed her beautiful body. (Guys, this part is not translated fully due to lewd part but next time I will translate it completely. one more thing next chapters is full of such things so don’t worry)

Yang Dingtian’s whole body started to boil. His heartbeat became faster. His breathing shortened and became painful.

Yanyan gritted her jade teeth, suppressed the tears, looked at Yang Dingtian and faintly said: “You still do not take off your clothes, what are you waiting for?”

Right, Ximen Yanyan is suppressing her tears.

Desperately suppressing all the impulses, Yang Dingtian slowly said: “I don’t want to do it.”

“What did you say?” Yanyan said: “say it again”

“I don’t want to do it.” Yang Dingtian said one word at a time.

Ximen Yanyan’s face became cold and she said: “Why? This is not the time for your feelings.”

“I don’t want you to sacrifice for me. I don’t want you to dedicate yourself to me because of your father. I don’t want to want your profound Qi. I want to be strong by myself.” Yang Dingtian slowly said: “Master sacrificed himself for me, Uncle master Ximen also sacrificed himself for me, and I do not want anyone to sacrifice for me from now on.”

After that, Yang Dingtian turned around and left.

“Yang Dingtian, you halt, I said stop.” Ximen flames coldly shouted.

Yang Dingtian does not stop.

“As long as you walk out of this stone door, you are no longer my man.” Ximen Yanyan said one word at a time.

Yang Dingtian turned his head and slowly said: “Yanyan, your selflessness is actually the same as the selfishness and coldness of the Dongfang Bingling …… cruel and ruthless.”

“My mission, I will finish it.” Yang Dingtian slowly said: “I owe you a lot but I will complete my missions it in my own way.”

Then, Yang Dingtian walked out straight.

“Yang Dingtian, you bastard…” Behind, Ximen Yanyan roared then coldly said: “Remember, you are no longer my man, I will never take care of your affairs.”


Then, he walked toward the Cloud Firmament City’s Merit Depositary Pavilion. No matter what happened, he had no time to waste.

Merit Depositary Pavilion is a nine-storey stone tower with a narrow width. The higher the number of layers, the rarer the book inside.

Merit Depositary Pavilion was built on a mountain peak. This mountain peak is outside the range of Cloudsky City. After the leaving through west gate of Cloudsky City, one has to pass through a long suspension bridge.

Along the way, many people pointed at the Yang Dingtian and showed disdainful smiles. Yang Dingtian completely ignored them.

Outside the city gate, Yang Dingtian was walking on the swaying suspension bridge. Under the bridge is a wide and turbulent river.

And in the front is Merit Depositary Pavilion.

Suddenly, a graceful red figure flashed and stopped the way to Yang Dingtian.

Gently leaping, Yanyan stood on the ropes at the edge of the suspension bridge, the wind blew through, the red clothes tightly attached to the body of the Yanyan causing her body curbs to be visible. Temptation caused by it was unparalleled.

“Yang Dingtian, go back with me and have intercourse with me to transfer my profound Qi. If you said no then I will jump from here and die in front of you.”


Hello Guys, I am going to drop this novel due to pressure from GravityTales and I have picked up WORLD OF WARCRAFT: FOREIGN REALM DOMINATION

Thank you all

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    1. Next time I will translate it completely. one more thing next chapters is full of such things so don’t worry

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