Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 35: Master’s Divine Consciousness

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“Master…” Yang Dingtian did not dare to believe and he was afraid that this was his own illusion.

“It is me, child, it’s been difficult for you.” Dongfang Niemie slowly said.

“Master, are you still alive?” Yang Dingtian was very happy, his eyes suddenly became very hot.

“Of course I am already dead.” The Dongfang Niemie said: “But, I left a wisp of my Divine Consciousness in your brain, and the energy of the flame ring will support the existence of my Divine Consciousness.”

“According to my plan, when you are strong enough to summon the power of flame ring, you can activate my Divine Consciousness in your mind, but because you are in trouble so I activated my Divine Consciousness in advance. “The Dongfang Niemie sighed and said: “I didn’t think things would become like this. I never thought that my daughter will become so ambitious.”

“You, why did your Divine Consciousness not appear in my mind from the beginning, so maybe things will not like now,” said Yang Dingtian.

“My  Divine Consciousness can only survive for three years. I want to direct you in the most essential three years.” Dongfang Niemie said: “And even if my Divine Consciousness activated earlier things will not change because I can only communicate with you, others can’t see me and also can’t hear me.”

“My daughter was so obedient when she was a child, how she become so ambitious? How could it be? How could it be?” Dongfang Niemie said in a saddened voice.

“Child, sorry, I wronged you. I originally wanted to give you everything but I didn’t think that it will cause you to almost lose your life. If it wasn’t for Ximen Wuya, you really would have died in the hands of my ambitious daughter.” Dongfang Niemie said.

Yang Dingtian said in sorrowful tone “But to save me, uncle master Ximen died in the hands of Zhu Qingzhu.”

“I know everything that happened after my  Divine Consciousness was activated but at that time I was condensing my  Divine Consciousness so I cannot communicate with you at that time.  I can only communicate with you till now.” Dongfang Niemie slowly said: “Soul Devouring Profound Qi reappears again after millenniums years. If I did not guess wrong then Yinyang Sect may really be destroyed in the hands of my daughter.”

“To breakthrough the six-star profound realm within 15 days is a just first challenge you will face. Although it seems completely impossible to achieve but you must achieve it. Otherwise, you will never be able to pass the future hardships.” Dongfang Niemie said: “I will use everything to help you.”

Yang Dingtian asked: “Master, can we do it?”

Dongfang Niemie shook his head and said: “I don’t know, we can only do our best!”

Dongfang Niemie did not say that he was talent extremely but to promote from Enlightened to Six Star Profound Martial Artist, he has taken over six months. But Yang Dingtian has only 15 days.

“Child, it doesn’t matter whether you can do it or not. We will put 100%, 200% efforts so that we do not have any regrets later.” Dongfang Niemie said: “First sleep well, we will start from tomorrow. I can only accompany you for only a short time, so I have to rest. When you need me, just call me in your mind.”

“Yes, Master,” said Yang Dingtian.

Suddenly, Yang Dingtian asked: “Master, can we save master uncle Ximen? Although he has no heartbeat and he is not breathing but his body is not damaged at all, it is exactly the same as when he was alive. I remember that you protected the last vitality with Profound Qi and keeps yourself intact for ten years.”

“Yes, it is possible but it is hundred times more difficult than your other missions.” Dongfang Niemie said.

Yang Dingtian murmured: “Even if it is very very difficult……….I must achieve it”


This is the best sleep he ever had after coming in this world. When he wakes up, Ximen Flame has already come.

She is wearing tights today, so she is looking very beautiful. Especially from the bottom up, the curves of the chest are simply thrilling.

When he came back after a bath, Lu’er had already brought the breakfast over and sent the food of two people, but only Yang Dingtian ate because Yanyan said that she had already eaten with her mother.

“Is your mother better?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“She is not good.” Yanyan said: “But thank you.”

Yang Dingtian ate breakfast of two people in no time.

“Let’s go!” Yanyan said: “I will take you to see that powerful person.”

Since Dongfang Niemie came back, Yang Dingtian did not believe that there was another person in the world who is more suitable to make him stronger than him. He wanted to refuse but he could not find a reason.

“Are you sure she can let me breakthrough six-star profound realm within 15 days?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“I don’t know but if she can’t then I firmly believe that no one can,” Yanyan replied and then went straight.


Yang Dingtian followed the Yanyan and came to a dark castle in the corner of Cloudsky City. The castle is very small, only about a dozen meters high.

Yanyan walked into the castle with Yang Dingtian, there was nothing inside, it was so dark inside that he could not even see his own fingers.

Yanyan Ignited a flambeau and pressed a mechanism. A cave entrance emerged from the ground with stairs in it. They walked into the cave entrance and walked down the stair steps, going down and down.

Don’t know how long it has been, don’t know how many steps Yang Dingtian has taken. In the end, who will be in this kind of place.

Finally, they two stopped in the front of a thick stone door, the Yanyan took out the key and inserted into the keyhole and revolved it to open the door.

“Bang…….” with a loud sound, two stone gates that were more than one meter thick slowly opened.

Behind the gate is an incomparably huge cave. Stone strip emerges from the cave wall and forms a flying platform that is ten meters long and three meters wide. Below the platform is a bottomless abyss. Under the abyss, there is a fiery red magma.

The whole platform is the only place where you can stand. If someone falls down then meet a cruel death.

In front of the platform, a two-meter square iron cage is suspended in the air. Inside the cage, it seems that a person is locked by four large chains. The whole body is wrapped in long red hairs so the face and body are completely invisible. Around the iron cage, there is a circle of apertures as if it is a very powerful array.

Who is this person? How strong is she? Needed to be trapped in this hellish place.

“Yao Rao, I come to see you,” Yanyan said.

The person inside the cage raised her head and the long red hair spread out then she stood up, revealing her face and body.

Immediately, Yong Dingtian was stunned and the blood of the whole body started boiling. The whole body seemed to be burning.

This is a woman. No, she is a naked woman also a very charming woman. Yang Dingtian has seen many beautiful women but he has never seen such a seductive woman.

Yang Dingtian finally knew what the legendary seductress is like. Her facial features are not only beautiful but also extremely feminine. The narrow eyes, the green pupils that shook soul. The whole face is long and pointed, the nose is very tall, equally long and pointed. The red lips are full of temptation.

This is not the face of a typical beauty but it is like the face of a fox. When combined it forms an incomparable temptation and impact causing the downfall of nations.

There is no imperfection in the body and every inch of the body can easily ignite the desire of any man. In particular, at this time when every inch of her body was clearly seen.

“Yanyan, are you finally willing to accept me as your master?” The enchanting voice was hoarse and full of teasing then her eyes fell on the face of Yang Dingtian. She smiled and said: “And bring a delicious little man for me.”

She stretched out her red tongue and licked her red lips as she said: “Little man, what is your name?”

“Don’t pay her attention, don’t talk to her, don’t look at her eyes.” Ximen Yanyan said: “Otherwise, it will confuse your mind.”

“She is not a human being but hundreds of years old Profound Tail Fire Demon Fox that has been turned into a human form.” YanYan said: “Several decades ago, the father invited Sect Master Dongfang Niemie and several other Grandmaster Level powerhouses together to seize her, seal here.”

Immediately, Yang Dingtian was left speechless. Several decades ago, Ximen Wuya and Dongfang Niemie are Grandmaster Level experts. They still had to join other Grandmaster Level experts to seize the fox. How can she be so strong?

“Now, her monster core has been taken out and hidden in a secret place. She has been completely sealed. Otherwise, I would not dare to bring you to see her.” YanYan said: “I was not sensible when I was young. I followed the mother to play here a few times and talked to her a lot. She seemed to like it very much but I don’t know why.”

“Yao Rao, I have something to ask for your help.” Yanyan said.

“Say little treasure.” Yao Rao looked at the Yanyan and said: “You have lost a lot of weight, it really hurts me.”

“This is my husband. He has just passed the Initiation. I want him to breakthrough the six-star profound realm in the shortest possible time. Can you do it?”

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