Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 34: Master’s Return

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“How old are you?” Great Elder Yang Yan asked.

“Half a month is left to become 20 years old.” Yang Dingtian said.

“Haha, do you still have a face to say it?” Tang Bozhao sneered, “Even 20 years old Trainee Martial Artists are not qualified to be a disciple of Cloudsky City? let alone you.”

Yang Yan said, “The Cloudsky City holds a big contest every year and every 20-year-old disciple has to participate in it. The last ten people are all eliminated and expelled from Cloudsky City. You know what is the cultivation realm of the person who got the last place and expelled from the city in last year contest?”

“Please advise,” Yang Dingtian said.

“It is a six-star Profound Martial Artist which is 16 stars (levels) higher than you.” Yang Yan said with a sneer, “Even he got expelled from Cloudsky City, let alone you?”

Then, Yang Yan continued to walk outside while he said, “The city of Yunxiao does not accept the idlers so you leave immediately before dark (night)!”

Finally, Madam Yang couldn’t hold herself. She said, “Yang Yan, you old man, you are going too far.”

Madam Yang pulled out his sword and pointed it toward Yang Yan.

“Ximen Yang, are you going to rebel?” Yang Yan said coldly: “Then I don’t mind cleaning up the gateway (same as space).”

Then, Yang Yan also pulled out his sword.

Tang Bozhao also pulled out his swords.

Ximen Lie cannot bear it anymore and also pulled out the giant sword, and the violent flames covered the sword.

“Great Elder Yang Yan doesn’t go too far, we have already compromised a lot. You must let Yang Dingtian become a participant in the Big Battle of next Year’s winter, otherwise.” Ximen Lie coldly said.

“Otherwise what?” Yang Yan lightly said.

“Otherwise, blood will flow in the hall.” Ximen Lie said coldly.

“Good!” Yang Yan said coldly, “Then let’s talk with swords…”

“Oh…” Immediately, Yang Yan’s sides remaining three people also pulled out their swords.

The fight is about to start…..

Yang Yan side has five experts while Yang Dingtian side has only Ximen lie and Madam Yang so it fell into the absolute disadvantage.

There is still a person who is neutral, has never spoken, and has not taken a stand. He is the Ximen Ju.

“Second brother, what are you waiting for? How can you let the Yang family bully the family of the adoptive father?” Ximen Lie screamed at the Ximen Ju.

Ximen Ju hesitated for a moment then also pulled out his sword. Immediately, Ximen Lie’s facial colour loosed. He knows the power of  Ximen Ju. Although there are five people on the other side, there are only three experts on his own side. In fact, this situation is not necessarily bad.

However, the next scene made Ximen Lie, Ximen Yanyan and others stunned.

Because, after Ximen Ju pulled out his sword, he directly stood on the side of Yang Yan to confront Yang Dingtian.

Even Great Elder Yang Yan’s side was stunned by turns of events. They never thought Ximen Wuya’s favourite son will stand on their side.

Ximeng lie could not believe it and became angry, “The second brother, your conscience was eaten by the dog. Don’t you forget who picked you up, who raised you, who taught you martial arts, who thought highly of you and let you become the general manager of Cloudsky City? How can you repay the benevolence of the adoptive father like this?”

Ximen Ju faintly said, “Older brother, this is for the sake of cloudsky city’s future.”

“Ximen Ju, you are an ungrateful bastard, you will definitely be thundered by heaven and there will be no place for you to die.” Ximen Lie said.

“Great, Why talk with this bastard?” Madam Yang said with anger, “Let’s fight it out!”

“Yes, adoptive mother.” Ximen Lie angrily replied.

“Let’s begin, don’t be merciful!” Yang Yan gave an order.

“Stop!” Yang Dingtian jumped into the middle of the two sides, stared at Yang Yan as he said, “Great elder don’t be anxious, I am not 20 years old. Is it not half a month left? If in this year’s martial contest, I defeated the bottom’s ten persons then am I qualified to become a disciple of Cloudsky City? Then can I also participate in next year’s big battle to become city lord?”

“Of course!” Yang Yan sneered, ” As long as you can breakthrough 16 stars (levels) continuously and become Six Star Profound Martial Artist then defeat last ten people in the contest, you can become disciple of Cloudsky city”

“Fine! I will definitely become Six Star Profound Martial Artist in 15 days” Yang Dingtian said.

“Yang Dingtian, you were insane.” Ximen Yanyan said.

Yang Dingtian is really crazy. It is absolutely impossible to breakthrough the Six Star Profound realm from Initiation in 15 days. No one can do it in the history of the millennium. Even if it is a genius, it takes half a year.

“Good, said it and meant it.” Yang Yan coldly said, ” if you can promote 16 stars (levels) continuously and become Six Star Profound Martial Artist then defeat last ten people in the contest, you can become disciple of Cloudsky city. If not then you will be expelled out of Cloudsky City, moreover, you will no longer have the qualifications to marry Ximen Yanyan. If you agree then write a military order. Otherwise, I will slaughter you all”

“Yang Yan, you are shameless.” Yanyan angrily said.

Yang Dingtian took out the pen and paper directly and wrote a military order.

“Yang Dingtian, don’t write,” said Yanyan

Yang Dingtian wrote the military order, then signed the name, bit his finger and pressed the fingerprint on it.

“is it fine? Yang Yan elders.” Yang Dingtian old said and sent a military order.

Yang Yan received the military order and kept it under the sleeves. He said, “Yes, you should prepare for fight.”

Then, Great Elder Yang Yan led the people to swagger away.

“Yang Dingtian, you are crazy.” Ximen Yanyan went forward and said, “Yang Yan that old thief is going to use this opportunity to kill you, and then remarry me to Qin Family young master that bastard.”

“Uncle master Ximen Wuya has already died. I can’t watch them killing you.” Yang Dingtian continued, “This is a road that I have chosen so I have to walk on it.”


After returning to the lady’s room, Yanyan spurted out of blood and the whole face become as white as paper.

Yang Dingtian poured a glass of water, handed it to the Yanyan, then reached out and gently patted on her back. This is the first time that Yang Dingtian touched her delicate body. She frowns slightly but not resisted.

“Yang Dingtian, you were insane!” Ximen Yanyan looked at Yang Dingtian and said.

Ximen Yanyan’s eyes reflected craziness while saying, “Well, since you are crazy then I will be crazy with you once! You rest earlier and tomorrow morning, I will take you to see someone.”

“Who?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Your future master, later she will teach you martial arts, she is a very strong person, a person who is almost no less stronger than my father.” Yan Yan continued, “Perhaps, she can have a way to let you reach six-star profound realm within 15 days.”

Yang Dingtian asked, “Since she is so strong then why do you say that there is no Grandmaster Level powerhouse in the city?”

“She doesn’t belong to Cloudsky city but she is the enemy of Cloudsky city.” Yanyan said, “The enemy of life and death!”

“you will understand when you meet her.” Yanyan turned and left.

After the Yanyan left, Yang Dingtian simply ate the meal, took a shower, and then lay down to rest.

Here, it should be the home of Yang Dingtian, but he still feels lonely and unfamiliar.

“15 days, one and a half years, five years”Yang Dingtian looked at the roof and muttering to himself, “Master, I am crazy, how can this be achieved?” ”

In 15 days, he has to promote 16 stars (levels) and he has to brokethrough the six-star profound realm from the Initiation.

After one and a half years, he has to defeat all the young disciples of Cloudsky City and won the position of the city lord of Cloudsky City.

Five years later, he has to defeat world number one genius Dongfang Bingling

These tasks, one is crazier than another one, one is more impossible than another one!

“Master, what should I do?” Yang Dingtian muttered to himself and reached out to stroke the flame ring.

“Oh!” Suddenly, old sigh resounded in the ear.

Yang Dingtian  become stunned and said, “Who is it?”

“Child…..” The voice rang again, very familiar, the voice of the Dongfang Niemie, but not near the ear but in his mind.


Author’s Thought: Hehe…..master is back!

Cultivation Realm: Initiation<Trainee Realm<Profound Realm

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  1. But of course….. if this cliche is not there then it cannot be a cliche. Wont the ximen guy appear afterwards too??… he made a bet but the other party didnt bet anything. I would have made them swear a heavenly oath at least so they dont get in the way later

    1. read next chapter you will understand everything and also if he have made them swear a heavenly oath then they kill him once for all. It is also necessary for future plot

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