Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 33: Elder Assemble

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After the words of Ximen Flames fell, everyone became silent in the hall, no one responded, and everyone’s eyes fell on the faces of the elders.

Great Elder Yang Yan is the brother of Yang Lie the City Lord of the previous generation. He is the 95-year-old now. At this time, he closed his eyes and looked as if he was asleep and did not speak.

Suddenly, a middle-aged old man stood up and said, “I have a few words to say, there are several questions to ask.”

Ximen Yanyan said, “Uncle Tang Bozhao, please ask!”

This person has the same status as Ximen Wuya. He is the son-in-law of Cloudsky City. His wife is the daughter of another brother of Yang Lie. Therefore, Ximen Yanyan calls him cousin, he is ranked fifth in the Elder Assemble.

Tang Bozhao looked at Yang Dingtian and asked, “Excuse me, What is your cultivation realm?”

“Just passed the initiation period.” Yang Dingtian answered.

“What?” Tang BoZhao stunned and revealed astonished expression, “You just passed the initiation period? A person who has just passed the initiation period is going to become new cloudsky city lord?”

“Under the leadership of the City Lord Ximen, Cloudsky City have used various methods including killing to recover the land and conquered countless sects. Because of the mighty and invincible City Lord Ximen, our Cloudsky City have expanded a thousand miles in short 20 years. In the past 20 years, Cloudsky city has killed countless people and there are thousands of enemies. When the City Lord Ximen was in the city, no one dared to attack at the city. However, now that City Lord Ximen is no longer there. Cloudsky City is in its most dangerous time.”

“In this thousands of miles, how many forces have a deep hatred with my Cloudsky City? How many forces have surrendered on the surface but harbours deep hatred inside? As long as we are weak, this group of people will pounce on and kill everyone in the city. In such Circumstances, letting a person who has just passed the initiation to become the new city lord?” Tang Bozhao coldly said, “Is it because we are not going to die fast enough?”

“Therefore, I firmly oppose Yang Dingtian becoming the successor of Cloud Firmament City Lord.” Tang Bozhao coldly said.

“Oppose the motion!”

“Oppose the motion!”


In eight elders present, only three people did not oppose.

The mother of YanYan Ximen Yang was grieved. Although she is sitting here, it seems that there is only body present but the soul has long gone with her husband.

Ximen Lie sat there silently. The Great Elders still closed his eyes and looked as if asleep. Also, Ximen Lie has no power to vote.

One who has not opposed the motion ’till now is Ximen Ju, he is the Cloud Firmament City’s manager, the Ximen Wuya’s second adopted son. He is the adopted son with the biggest authority whom Ximen Wuya thinks most highly of.

When YanYan saw Ximen Yu did not raise his hand, her eyes flashed with a bit of relief. At least, the father’s favourite son is still loyal.

Ximen Yanyan stared coldly at Tang Bozhao, “could it be that you want to violate my father’s order?”

Tang Bozhao slowly said, “Excuse me, do you have any evidence to prove that the city lord appointed Yang Dingtian as the successor of Cloudsky City? Is there any third person who heard or saw this scene?”

At this time, Ximenyan slowly walked in and bowed toward elders, “I was outside the door but I did not hear or see anything.”

Tang Bozhao nodded and said: “Thank you for your testimony, you can go out.”

Ximen Yan sneers toward Yang Dingtian then went out.

Ximen Yan Yan’s small face whitened and revealed a sneer as she said, “Doesn’t it be enough for my father to betroth me to Yang Dingtian? Can my husband not be the heir to the city?”

Tang Bozhao said, “Who knows whether you have had an affair with him before, so he will seek the position of the heir of the city?”

Ximen Yanyan’s body trembled and blood could not help but rushed out, but she swallowed it back.

Tang Bozhao said: “Without the consent of a parent, private marriage is invalid. Therefore, the marriage between you and Yang Dingtian cannot be counted. As the daughter of the city lord, you should have a better contribution toward City.”

The Yanyan’s facial colour changed and she asked, “What do you mean?”

Tang Bozhao said, “Not long after, the northwest Qin family sent messengers that they want to be an ally with my Cloudsky City so want to let Miss YanYan become the young lady of the northwest Qin family. Before we may not care about northwest Qin family but now, we need a strong ally to ensure the safety of our city, after all, except for City Lord, Cloudsky City does not have the Grandmaster Level powerhouse .”

It seems like that regarding the Ximen Wuya’s truth, Northwest Qin Family knew ahead of time.

Ximen Yanyan finally couldn’t bear and blood overflowed from the corner of her mouth. In any case, she never thought that his group of people not only want to deprive Yang Dingtian of becoming the heir of the city but also want to give her as a gift to the Northwest Qin family.

“Uncle Bo.” Yanyan’s mother suddenly said, “My husband has just…..passed and your Yang family is so eager to rebel?”

Great Elder Yang Yan opens his both eyes and said slowly, “Madame Ximen, do not forget that you are also the Yang Family member.”

Madame Ximen shakes her head while saying “No, I am the Ximen Family member, not the Yang Family member.”

“Hey, women are so inconceivable.” Another old man suddenly got angry and got up as he said, “Even if you are Ximen family member, even then the Cloudsky City’s all previous lords are from my Yang family. It is only this generation when Ximen Wuya temporarily become City Lord.”

Mrs Ximen Yang’s beautiful eyes became cold as she slowly said, “What a pity, the Yang family has no one but a few old fogies.”

“Isn’t that because of your man being ruthless to my Yang Family?” The old man was angry.

Madame Simon said, “Second Uncle, don’t forget. It’s your Yang family who did not want to accept my husband being new city lord and enticed foreign enemies to kill my husband, kill our family, and take away the seat of the city. Even then my husband just killed the main culprit and still spared most of their lives and just got expelled them from the city.”

“Second Uncle, now you want to marry my daughter to Northwest Qin Family, trying to gain a strong ally. Do you want to send my daughter as a hostage to the northwest Qin family? Then you have to wait until I die.” Madame Ximen coldly said, “My Husband has married Yanyan to Yang Dingtian so Yang Dingtian is new Cloudsky City Lord.”

“Holds on a minute!” Yang Dingtian opens his mouth to say.

The second Uncle disdainfully said, “This is not the place you can talk.”

Yang Dingtian said, “I know that it is entirely ridiculous to make me heirs of Cloudsky city with my current cultivation. Not only elders will not agree but also the majority of disciples in Cloudsky city will not agree.”

When Ximen Yanyan saw Yang Dingtian saying this, she couldn’t help but say to him: “Yang Dingtian, why are you saying nonsense?”

Yang Dingtian continued: “I remember that at the time, City Lord Yang Lie appointed his son-in-law Ximen to be the new city lord of Cloudsky City and it caused entire Elder Assemble to be dissatisfied especially the Yang clan. After City Lord Yang Lie died, more than one year passed even there was no new city lord in Cloudsky  City. In order to calm the public anger, uncle master Ximen Wuya proposed to hold Big Battle (same as a martial contest)and the winner will be new city lord. Any 19th generation disciples of Cloudsky City can participate in Big battle and winner will be new city lord. At last Uncle Master emerged victorious and became new city lord”

Yang Dingtian continued: “So, I propose that the new city lord of cloudsky City will also be decided by the big battle. Whoever wins the final victory in the big battle will be new City Lord.”

After Yang Dingtian finished speaking, the scene became silent.

A few minutes later, Yang Yan’s elders said, “So, when do you think the big battle will be held?”

“Two years later.” Yang Dingtian continued, “I have promised Ximen Yan that I will fight with him two years later. If I lose, I will give up the position of the heir to the Cloudsky city and be expelled from City. So simply we can do it together”

“Two years is too long.” Great Elder Yang Yan said: “The position of the City Lord of Cloudsky City cannot be vacant for such a long time, and a big battle will be held next winter.”

“No!” Ximen Yang (Mother of Yanyan) said, “One and a half years is too short, absolutely not. ”

Yang Yan said faintly, “Do you oppose it? if it is like this then raise your hand who agree to hold the big battle on December 29th of next year”

It is still 6-2. In short, in the vote of the Elder Assemble, the Yang Dingtian side is absolutely inferior.

“Proposal passed.” Yang Yan said faintly.

Ximen Yang and Ximen Lie glanced at each other for a moment, then nodded, “We agree that the big battle will be held on December 29 next year.”

“Good, then its decided,” Yanyan announced.

After a few steps, Great Elder Yang Yan said to Yang Dingtian, “Thank you for your proposal it solved the big problem of Cloudsky City, but you can’t participate in the big battle, because you are not a disciple of Cloudsky City.”

After enduring anger, Yang Dingtian sneered and said, “I am the husband of Ximen Yanyan, the son-in-law of Ximen City Lord. Why am I not a disciple of Cloudsky City? Why can’t I take part in big battle next year as the heir to the city? ”

Great Elder Yang Yan did not speak, but Tang Bozhao sneered and said, “Because you are too weak, you are not qualified to be a disciple of Cloudsky City.


Author’s Thought: Boring chapters have finished now, main story will start from tomorrow. Tomorrow’s chapter is going to be shocking.

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