Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 32: Loyalty Of Ximan Lie

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General of Black Blood cavalry Army Ximen Lie raises his head and stares at Yang Dingtian. After looking at Yang Dingtian for a while his brows wrinkled.

“Yang Dingtian, this is the adoptive son of father who he thinks most highly of, leader of the black-blooded cavalry of Cloudsky City the Ximen Lie.” Ximen Yanyan introduced Ximen Lie to Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian bows to salute and said: “Yang Dingtian greets Commander Ximen Lie.”

Ximen Yanyan suddenly glanced at Yang Dingtian, wondering why he called Ximen commander instead of calling his brother.

Ximen Lie did not speak but looked doubtfully at her wondering why she suddenly had such a husband.

“Big brother, father betrothed me to him, we have already bowed to heaven and earth so we are official husband and wife.” Ximen Yanyan explained.

Ximen Lie’s facial colour changed as asked: “Why so?”

“Because father…… is no longer…….”Ximen Yanyan said before her face whitened as if there is no blood in it.

Suddenly, Ximen Lie’s body trembled, eyes widened, hissed and growled “Impossible! Is it not true that adoptive father defeated several Grandmaster level powerhouses?”

The curtain behind Ximen Flames removed and revealed the body of Ximen Wuya. Although the face is unchanged and lifelike, there is no sound.

“Oh…” Ximen Lie’s fist jerked hard and made a crisp sound.


He was about to scream, but he closed his teeth tightly, and then the whole body began to twitch and squat directly on the ground. His big body was shuddering.

Looking at the twitching Ximen Lie, Yanyan clenched her fist and prevented herself from crying but her tears had already started to fall.

After a few minutes, Ximen Lie raised his head, his eyes have been split, tears are not flowing out from his eyes but two lines of blood.

“Who is it?” Ximeng Lie opened his mouth and asked slowly. Blood suddenly spilt from the corner of his mouth. His white teeth had stained with blood.

“Zhu Qingzhu, Yin-Yang Sect.” Ximen Yanyan said.

The muscles on Simon’s face twitched violently, his eyes reflected infinite hatred, said coldly “Knew it.”

“Can I trust you? Big brother.” Ximen Yanyan said.

Ximeng Lie firmly said “My life, my glory, everything I have is given by the adoptive Father. For Cloudsky City, I can give everything, including my life.”

Ximen Yanyan asked “At the last moment, my father betrothed me to Yang Dingtian and handed over Clouds City to Yang Dingtian, so Yang Dingtian is the next Cloudsky City Lord. Are you willing to stand on his side? ”

“What?” Simone was shocked, looked at Yang Dingtian with disbelief.

He can see at a glance that Yang Dingtian is very weak and weak beyond imagination. But even though his heart was shocked, yet he did not say half-word.

“Are you willing to lead three thousand Black Blood Rider Army to give loyalty to Yang Dingtian?” Ximen Yanyan stared at Ximen Lie while asking slowly.

Three thousand black blood cavalry are the biggest armed forces in Cloudsky City. Ximen Lie has to hand over this power to Yang Dingtian to show that his loyalty to other party.

Simone stared at Yang Dingtian and his muscles twitched. After a long time, he gritted his teeth “I don’t understand but I obey.”

Ximen Flames released her clenched fist and took a sigh of relief “Big Brother, thank you!”

“My approval is not important but Elder Assembly’s approval” Ximen Lie continued “This matter is impossible to be approved in Elder Assembly. The adoptive father decides everything about Cloudsky City but now when he is no longer, Elder Assembly will decide it. I do not have position in Assemble. Only Madame have position and only she will support us, the remaining seven elders will absolutely oppose it.”

“So, Yang Dingtian and I don’t just need your support, but support without reservation.” Ximen Yanyan continued “When necessary, do not hesitate to take certain measures. You hold the biggest army force of Cloudsky City.

“Could it be that a blood will flow again in Cloudsky City?” Ximen Lie shocked and looked at Yang Dingtian and continued “It’s not right, he is too weak to shoulder Cloudsky City’s responsibility.”

“He is weak now, it doesn’t mean he will be weak in the future also.” Ximen Yanyan said.

“How long does it take? 10 years, 20 years?” Ximen Lie said, “No one will wait, Cloudsky City can’t wait, and in less than ten years our enemies will conquer the whole Cloudsky City and will kill everyone.”

“Two years…” Yang Dingtian suddenly said “I have just passed the initiation period. But at that time, if I can beat Ximen Yan and others to become the first young master of Cloudsky City then I will I am qualified to be the heir to the Cloadsky City. Otherwise, I will either die or leave the Cloudsky City. I will not enter the Cloudsky City for lifetime.”

“You are insane…” Ximen Lie continued “You are not courageous, not even mad, but ignorant…”

“Yeah, the ignorance is bliss.” Yang Dingtian slowly said, “if I am still not an opponent of Ximen Yan and others in two years then how can I fight the Dongfang Bingling after five years?”

Ximeng Lie fell into struggle gritting his teeth. After a long time, his fist jerked and he said “Okay, I will give you two years. In these two years, I will do everything to support you, even if I have to pay the price with blood”

After getting off the carriage, Ximen Lie rides on the horse and ordered loudly “Everyone head toward the Black Blood Castle at full speed.”

“Yes!” All the black blood knights quickly responded and lined up neatly.

Ximen Lie said to Ximen Yan “You come with me and follow me to the dark castle.”

“This…” Ximen Yan hesitated. He needed to first see the Assembly Elder to express his intentions, but he also needed the support of Ximen Lie.

Ximen holds the command of biggest armed force of Cloudsky City. Therefore, Ximeng Lie became the character whose all adoptive sons wanted to be good friends with. Because no matter who wants to be a city lord, you must get the support of the black blood cavalry commander.

“Well, I haven’t seen my eldest brother for more than half a year so I will go to the Black Blood Castle with my older brother. I have some words to say to my older brother.” Ximenyan decided quickly to win the support of the black blood cavalry commander.

Black Blood Castle, the resident of the Black Blood chivalry, was built to protect the cloudsky city.

A stunningly beautiful woman, led by six men, waited at the large stone bridge, her beautiful face is filled with joy and expectation. Thousands of Cloudsky City disciples behind them have already returned.

The team of Ximen Yanyan and Yang Dingtian landed on the other side of the bridge, slowly getting closer and closer.

An old man stepped forward, bowed and said “The Cloud Sky City’s Assemble Elder, greets the city lord, congratulations for the triumphant return to the city”

Im­me­di­ately, all peo­ple bowed, in­clud­ing that out­stand­ingly beau­ti­ful beau­ti­ful woman.

The team stopped and the biggest carriage door opened, and the Ximen Yanyan slowly walked down from the carriage.

Ximen Yamnyan said while slightly shivering “Father was injured so now is healing his wounds. It will take around three years. Father ordered that my husband Yang Dingtian is the successor of Cloudsky City.”

After that, YanYan gently opened the curtain and let her mother see the silent Ximen Wuya inside.

Suddenly, the beautiful woman shouted and fell to the ground.

“Mother……” Ximen Yanyan ran out quickly.

All the other elders, stunned and shocked.


The YinYang Sect was built on the mountain and occupied innumerable mountains. Cloudsky City is built along the mountain which is long and curved. There is no city wall in YinYang but there is a huge black wall around Cloudsky City.

In the centre castle of CloudSky City.

In the huge hall, eight elders sat in a high position, surrounded by the hall. Yang Dingtian and Ximen Yanyan stood in the centre and answered the whole process of the inquiry of the Elder Assemble.

Nar­ra­tion has taken two hours including each de­tail, each di­a­log.

Fi­nally Ximen Yanyan said “My grand­fa­ther, Yang Lie be­trothed my mother to my fa­ther Ximen Wuya and appointed him as new Cloudsky City Lord. My fa­ther be­trothed me to Yang Dingt­ian and appointed him as new Cloudsky City Lord.”

Ximen Yanyan looked at all the elders present and slowly asked “All previous CloudSky City Lord has the authority to appoint the new successor, right? Therefore Yang Dingtian becoming the new Cloudsky City Lord is legitimate and reasonable, right? If anyone has no objection then announced it to the world.”

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  1. Ximen shoukd have survived though weakened and be the master of mc. Now he has no master and must get that strong in 2 years then 5 years. I can assure you he will find a dozen epic elixirs. Plants and pills to boost his cultivation

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