Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 31: Returning To Cloudsky City

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Cloudsky City’s boat headed toward the west to reach Cloudsky City.

Along the way, they met a lot of ships but did not encounter any troubles. All the ships retreat when they saw the banner of Cloudsky City. Obviously, no one knows the matters related to Ximen Wuya, and Profound Heavenly Sect did not create trouble for them in the sea.

Don’t know if it was because of the two-year proposal put forward by Yang Dingtian, Ximen yan never looked for trouble along the way, but he had already started to win over people’s hearts.

Ximen Yanyan didn’t do anything besides being at her father’s side. She even stopped eating and drinking. She did not say a single word, completely wrapping in ice.

Every time Yang Dingtian sent the food, she always let it cool down and did not eat it.

After several days of not eating and drinking, and almost not closing eyes caused Ximen Yanyan to become thin, her beautiful eyes became red and swollen, and her beautiful face also became thin.

Yang Dingtian knows that he can’t persuade Ximen Yanyan with only words, and also Ximen Yanyan is not willing to talk to him. But it can’t continue this way, if not then Ximen Yanyan will die.

Therefore, Yang Dingtian did not say anything but sat next to Ximen Yanyan and accompanied her not to eat or drink, not to sleep. He was also seriously injured if not cured then he will also die. After only two days, his face became gloomy.

Seeing Yang Dingtian’s gloomy face, Ximen Yanyan said: “You don’t have to do this, you have an important mission.”

Yang Dingtian said “What mission?”

“Decisive battle with the Dongfang Bingling, regain everything, help the city to regain the YinYang Sect.” Ximen Yanyan said.

“Yes, I also have these missions, but there is one more important mission.” Yang Dingtian continued “That is to protect you from harm.”

Yang Dingtian went on and said “This is the first mission that Uncle Master Ximen gave me. If this mission can’t be completed, then those missions will have no meaning. I am weak now and can’t protect you completely so it’s better to die with you instead.”

The Ximen Yanyan gloomy eyes flashed but still did not speak.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Dingtian said “I came to this world, I have nothing, I can’t find a reason for struggle, I just want to live. Then I met Master, we are like father and son so his expectation became my goal and mission. Later I went to YinYang Sect and you also know what happened later. So the hatred and unwillingness to the Dong Bingling became the reason and mission of my life. Later, Uncle Master Ximen died because of me. And…so his entrustment has become a reason for me to live.”

“Looking at your tears, your sorrow…” Yang Dingtian looked at the beautiful face of Ximen Yanyan and continued “You used to be very rude and unreasonable. Although you almost killed me, I still like the Ximen Yanyan of that time, that is the real Ximen Yanyan.”

YanYan shook her head and said “Now, what power I have to continue to be arrogant? People who can protect my arrogance are no longer there.”

“So…” Yang Dingtian seriously looked at Ximen Yanyan and said “Making you arrogant again my mission, the reason why I am struggling because this is what I owe you…..”

“Master is gone, Uncle Master Ximen also…” Yang Dingtian continued “I don’t want hatred to completely fill my heart, so your happiness becomes my last and most important reason.”

“Protecting a person is more meaningful than hatred. It is more meaningful than a vain mission.” Yang Dingtian said.

Ximen Yanyan raised her head, her big eyes stared at the Yang Dingtian for a while, and the ice wrapped around her seemed to be cracked.

Ximen Yanyan said “I will never like you in future but at least now I don’t hate you that much”

Then, Ximen Yanyan started to eat food.

“But rest assured, I will fulfil my duty as a wife but I really can’t give you more, sorry!”

After more than two months of ocean navigation, Yang Dingtian spent most of his time in the medicine soup to heal and to desperately read various books. Before he officially starts cultivation, he must have enough understanding about the martial arts of this world.

After last time chat, Yang Dingtian and Ximen Yanyan seemed to have finished their friendships. Ximen Yanyan never said a word to Yang Dingtian. She stayed in the cabin and spent all her time by her father’s side. Besides bathing, she never left the cabin.

Yang Dingtian did not want to see her like this, looks for various reasons to talk to her, but she only responded to one at most.

Therefore, Yang Dingtian sat beside Yanyan and read books every day and ask questions if he did not understand. Finally, Yanyan couldn’t help but say “How can you be so stupid? you don’t even understand such a simple thing.”

Yanyan started to scold Yang Dingtian non-stop. Yang Dingtian was thickskinned in this aspect so he kept asking. He asked questions that he could not understand very so Yan Yan became his half teacher.

Along the way, Yang Dingtian is worried that there will be enemies on the land to attack. After all, Cloudsky has countless enemies on the western continent. Instead of encountering any attacks, they all shunned all the enemies.

Originally, nobody knows that Ximen Wuya has an accident. However many people heard that Ximen Wuya successively defeated several Grandmaster Level expert. Therefore, they have not yet set foot on the Western Continent. The name of the Ximen Wuya is invincible. Although these forces of the Western Continent did not dare to offend Profound Heavenly Sect and YinYang Sect to please CloudSky City they also did not dare to offend Cloudsky City.

Along the way, they walked thousands of miles. Now they are only 300 miles away from Cloudsky City.

Closer to the Yunxiao City, the more tension increases between Ximen Yan, Yang Dingtian and Ximen Yanyan. In the last few days, Ximen Yan was constantly monitoring Ximen Yanyan and Yang Dingtian and did not let them have the slightest actions.

Last night, they are only less than two hundred miles away from Yunxiao City. They will reach Cloudsky City by tomorrow night.

Ximen Flame was walking around in the tent with little uneasiness. Finally, she stares at Yang Dingtian and said “Tomorrow, we will arrive at Cloudsky City. The real danger is approaching us. You are only an enemy of Ximen Yan on this road. But in Cloudsky City, you will have many enemies, a lot more powerful enemies than Ximen Yan.”

“When my father inherited the position of Cloudsky City lord, he also shed a lot of blood, killed many people, and expelled many people.” Ximen Yanyan said, “So, you must be mentally prepared.”

“Situation of Cloudsky City is more dangerous than YinYang Sect’s situation.” Ximen Yanyan said.

“At least at that time, the Dongfang Bingling did not really want to kill you but the people in Cloudsky City perhaps try to kill you.” Ximen Yanyan said: “However, as your wife, I will do everything to help you.”

Then, Ximen Flame went to the door of the tent and looked at the sky outside: “The key is that person. Will he help me, will he stand on your side?”

“As long as he is willing to give loyalty to you, we will be half successful.”


In the morning, the team continued to march toward Cloudsky City. Suddenly, there was a deafening sound, and the road ahead was dusty.

Suddenly, Ximen Yan ordered the entire team to stop moving forward and enter the defensive alert state.

After a moment, to see hundreds of cavalry galloping, each knight is holding a large sword, the red cape is fluttering. The head knight, wrapped in a dark armor, is looking powerful.

Not far from the team, a hundred knights rolled off the saddle and squatted down on both sides of the road. The movements were neat and uniform. The first knight dismounted, and the big sword was inserted on the ground, squatted down and said: “Commander of the Black Blood Rider Army Ximen Lie, welcome the adoptive father.”

“Old first” Ximenyan shouted loudly, then rushed out on the horse. When he arrived in front of Ximen Lie, he immediately came down from the horse. He warmly embraced him and said, “It’s been a half year since we met.”

“Good brother, you went out to work hard and earned great prestige. “Ximen Lie also responded warmly.

Ximen Yanyan opens the carriage door and said: “Big brother, come up, I have something to say to you.”

“Yes.” Ximen Lie responded and then walked toward the carriage of Ximen Flame. The face of Ximen Yan changed slightly. He wanted to say something but did not say in the end.

After getting in the carriage, Ximeng Lie put the big sword aside and took off his helmet to reveal his heroic face. Ximen Lie looked at Yang Dingtian next to him with surprise. He squinted and frowned then he no longer looked at Yang Dingtian.

“Big Brother!” Ximen Yanyan greeted Ximen Lie and said: “This is Yang Dingtian, my…….husband.”

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