Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 29

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Ximen YanYan suddenly exclaimed “Father…”

Yang Dingtian also urgently said “Uncle-Master, we have not reached an agreement? Do not force Yanyan to marry me.”

Ximen Wuya paid no attention to both, stares at Yang Dingtian before he said slowly “Yang Dingtian, I betroth Ximen Yanyan to you as a wife, will you love her for a lifetime, protects her for a lifetime, takes care of her for a lifetime?”

He stared at Yang dingtian with meaningful eyes.

Yang Dingtian’s heart becomes sad and said “You will be all right, you don’t have to do so.”

“Answer me, Yang Dingtian.” Ximen Wuya said no more words.

“Yes, Uncle-Master.” Yang Dingtian said, “I will look after Yanyan for a lifetime, I will protect her for a lifetime.”

Ximen Wuya looks towards his daughter, said one word at a time slowly “Ximen Yanyan, I betroth you to Yang Dingtian, you are willing to love him for a lifetime, take him as the heavens, take him as the earth, bears children for him, washes clothes and prepare food for him?”

“Father…” Ximen Flames cried, and said, “Why are you doing this, why are you doing this?”

“Ximen Yanyan, could it be that you want to be like Dongfang Bingling and disobey your father?” Ximen Wuya severely said.

“I, I do not dare.” Ximen Yanyan said.

Ximen Wuya said, “Ximen Yanyan, you tell me, are you willing to marry Yang Dingtian, to love him for a lifetime, took him as the heaven, took him as the earth, bore children for him, wash his clothes and prepare food for him?”

Ximen Yanyan suddenly fell to the ground and cried “I am willing, I am willing! I am willing to do anything, as long as you are better. Don’t scare me, don’t scare me.”

The Ximen Wuya facial colour becomes some “Good, you are getting married today, bow to Heaven and Earth now.”

“face toward east direction and bow to heaven and earth!” Ximen Wuya said.

The two men squatted toward the east and bowed their heads.

“Dingtian, where are your parents?” Ximen Wuya said.

“They are not in this world,” said Yang Dingtian.

“Okay, I will replace them.” Ximen Wuya said, “Both come near me and kneel down toward your parents!”

Yang Dingtian and Ximen Yanyan, kneel down in direction of Ximen Wuya and kowtow!

“husband and wife pay respect!” both said.

“Stand up! come here!” said Ximen Wuya.

Yang Dingtian and Ximen Yanyan came forward.

Ximen Wuya griped Ximen Yanyan’s hand and looked toward Yanyan with tender eyes and facial expression and said “Good child, although your cultivation is not good as Dongfang Bingling, fame is also inferior to her. But you are father’s beloved daughter since childhood, you are father’s Treasure, no matter your cultivating is strong or weak, you are the pride of this father. The father scolds you since childhood, not because of hate but because of love, I always thought that you will marry someone when you grow up, and I was looking forward to it but I also felt uncomfortable.”

“But never thought this day will come so fast. Relax, the husband your father has chosen is best. He will never let you suffer any grievance, never let anyone hurt you.” said Ximen Wuya.

“Yang Dingtian, tell me am I right? said Ximen looking toward Yang Dingtian.

“Right, right, certainly.” Yang Dingtian replied while suppressing his tears.

Ximen grasp the hand of Yangdingtian and said “Child, I can’t protect you in the future. You have to rely on yourself in the future. Remember what you said, I gave you my treasured daughter, I also gave you cloudsky City”

At this time, the eyes of Ximen Wuya’s are like fire, and the flame is getting smaller and darker.

“Aaa…” Then, a black blood gushed out from Ximen’s mouth, directly shot a dozen meters away, and black gas started to emit from the blood. Then, a few pots of flowers in the cabin were instantly withered and died because of gas.

“Uncle-Master, why you became like this? At the time end of the fight, are you not well?” Yang Dingtian said, “How can I cure you, tell me.”

“It’s useless!” Ximen Wuya shows a faint smile and continued “That palm of Zhu Qingzhu, has almost destroyed all my vitalities. There is a strange energy in his Profound Qi that is swallowing all my vitality, my blood, my Profound Qi, my Sea of Qi, all of my whole body and converting it into dark energy.”

“Certainly can be saved, certainly can be saved, you tell me, tell me!” Yang Dingtian said.

“I cannot be saved, this dark energy has almost reached my Sea of Qi and heart, my majority of blood is turned into black energy.” Ximen Wuya said, “When this dark energy reaches to my Sea of Qi and heart, Do you know what the consequences will be?”

Yang Dingtian shakes the head.

“I will become a bloodthirsty monster, completely lose my mind, only know how to kill, will kill everyone on this ship,” said Ximen Wuya.

Immediately, Yang Dingtian and Ximen Yanyan were shocked.

“This kind of mysterious energy is called the Soul Devouring. I only saw it in the book, but I didn’t think that this evilest technique has reappeared in the world.” Ximen said with a smile “I used up all methods to suppress the soul-devouring energy, but all failed. You see my eyes, the black pupil area is getting bigger and bigger, and when the black area completely occupies my whole eyes, I will become a bloodthirsty monster!”

“You don’t want me to become a bloodthirsty monster, Right?” Ximen said seriously “Remember, don’t tell anyone about the Soul Devouring energy, otherwise it will bring fatal disaster.”

“Time is up!” Ximen looked at Yangdingtian and said, “Child, I believe you will do well!”

“Protects Yanyan, protects Cloudsky City……”

“Yang Dingtian, Uncle Master can no longer protect you, now you have to rely on yourself!”

“Father does not want……”

“Uncle-Master does not want……”

At the same time, Yang Dingtian and Ximen Flames called out in alarm, the black blood gushed out from Ximen and then his head fell, his eyes closed, and his voice was silent.

“Father, don’t leave me…” Ximen Yanyan screamed and fainted.

Yang Dingtian couldn’t bear it anymore, tears poured out and instantly covered his entire face.

“Adoptive father…” Outside, Ximen Yan rushed in and kneeled down in the front of the Ximen Wuya, and cried.

Suddenly, the people of Cloudsky City rushed in, and looked incredulously at the Ximen Wuya at the couch, and shocked as stuck by lightning. In their mind, Ximen Wuya is similar to the god formidable, invincible and Undying, but now……

Everyone, slowly kneel down, as the whole world has collapsed. Perhaps for them, because for them, Ximen Wuya is the Cloudsky Cty’s sky.

Ximen Yanyan woke up and looked at the crowd crying all over the boat. She shouted “What are you crying for? My father is not dead. He is only hurt too much, so he goes into a closed-door healing.”

“It takes three years to heal this time. My father will wake up after three years.” Ximen Yanyan said: “So please remember that these three years will be the most dangerous and difficult three years of our city. For us, It is better to help each other, to be self-reliant. What are you crying for, now? My father has guarded you for many years, and it is time to rely on ourselves.”

“Go back to your position to do your work.” Ximen Yanyan said, “Remember; to outsiders declare that father is in retreat, and whoever said about the matter of today, will be abolished and expelled.”

Suddenly, everyone stopped crying and has a hint of hope on their face.

All people believed immediately that Ximen Wuya is healing his injuries

“Yes, Young lady!” Then, everyone bowed and went back, held their post.

Ximen Yan stayed, and after everyone had gone far, he slowly said: “The Yanyan you can deceive others but can’t lie to me, the adoptive father has gone, right.”

Then his eyes filled with hate stared at Yangdingtian and cold said “You are a disaster star. It is because of you adoptive father died, you are really a disaster star.”

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