Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 28

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“You can try again.” Ximen Wuya said slowly “I also want to take a look, after the second sword, how much life your Yin-Yang Sect’s these elders has remaining?”

“We have to pay big price for to kill you, I admit.” Dongfang Bingling coldly said “I never regret things I did.”

“Form Yin-Yang Great Array, the second sword!”

Dongfang Bingling issues an order,Yin-Yang Great Array condenses Profound Qi of several people, once again condense toward swords of Zhu Hongxue and Dongfang Bingling. Two swords combined and formed a even larger sword filled frightening energy.

This great sword is more thicker and condensed.

“After tonight this world no longer has Ximen Wuya as well CloudSky City”said Dongfang Bingling.

“Wait!” suddenly a frail voice sounded.

Then, the CloudSky City’s place boat cabin’s door opened, a staggering figure emerged, who was Yang Dingtian. After exhausting the endless willpower, he finally woke up.

“Yang Dingtian go back now” Watching Yang Dingtian coming here Ximen shouted.

“No, uncle master Ximen.” Yang Dingtian “Master for my freedom, sacrificed himself. I swear, I will never let close people to die for me, never!”

“Dongfang Bingling!” Yang Dingtian turned toward Dongfang Bingling and shouted.

“Yangdingtian, you are coming to plead now? Late, the arrow is on the string, you have to send it.” Dongfang Bingling said ” do you regret not accepting my proposal?”

Yang Dingtian inhaled air and coldly said “Me Yang Dingtian, never regret anything!”

“I come to negotiate with you.” Yang Dingtian said raising his hand which has ring “Do you want Flame Ring?”

“It is mine!” Dongfang Bingling said “ I am most appropriate person for Yin Yang Sect’s sect master position. Who said woman can’t be Sect Master?”

“ But sect gave it to me and you know it clearly” said Yang Dingtian.

“My father was stupid, silly, gave you, this mediocre, Flame Ring.” Dongfang Bingling said.

“Yang Dingtian, if you regard me as your Uncle Master then go back. I will defiantly protect you Today” said Ximen Wuya.

Then, Yang dingtian said “Dongfang Bingling, do you want to get back the flame ring? You don’t want to prove that Master is stupid, has no eyes, and does not give you the flame ring?”

“Five years later, we will fight! If I won, I will get back all thing that belong to me, including my dignity. If I lost, I kneel before you kowtow to admit mistakes, will suicide, Flame Ring will be handed over to you?  How about it?” Yang Dingtian exclaimed loudly “Fight me fie year later, do you dare?”

“Five years? Depending on your cultivation?” Dongfang Bingling disdainfully said “Yang Dingtian, what cultivation level do you have now? What level is mine? Do you know yours and mine present cultivation disparity?”

“I do not know, but should be very big.” Yang Dingtian said.

“The difference is like between Heaven and Earth, I, if space stars, you are a ground ants, even after ten thousand years, you can never touch realm that I am.” Dongfang Bingling said proudly “ Even with my talent, never seen in hundreds of years, It took me more than ten years to reach the realm of today. You know, my father is far less than me at my age. I will spend more than 15 years. I will surpass my father’s realm and become the most powerful Yin Yang Sect master in the past 100 years.  I can become The Sovereign, in 30 years to 40 years, I can even challenge the Saint realm in which no one has been successful for hundreds of years.”

“If that’s the case? What are your concerned about five years later?” Yang Dingtian said “After five years, you and me will fight. That way, you will regainthe flame ring, and it will be more justified!”

“Even if the mountains collapse, even if the sun rises from the west, even if the river flows backwards, even if the sea is exhausted, you can’t be my opponent after five years.” Dongfang Bingling coldly said “But sorry, I still refuse.”

“Why?” Yang Dingtian said.

“Why should I accept the challenge of an ant? If every cat and a dog challenge me in this world and I accept it then I will not be able to do anything in this life. It is not that anyone has the power to challenge me.” Dongfang Bingling  said disdainfully and arrogantly.

“Therefore I must finish off you, Ximen Wuya as well as CloudSky City tonight” said Dongfang Bingling.

„Ha Ha, Ha Ha……” Ximen Wuya said with crazy laughter “I never thought that Dongfang Niemie actually had such ambitious daughters.”

“Come, Dongfang Bingling, lets settle this?” Ximen Wuya said laughingly.

“Die….!” Dongfang Bingling coldly said and stuck her sword fiercely.

“Oh…” Suddenly, a figure appears under giant sword, which was very beautiful. She is the Dongfang Bingling mother and Yang Dingtian’s Master’s Wife.

“Dongfang Bingling, you must comply with Yang Dingtian challenge.” Master-Wife took out a dagger kept it on her own pink neck and said “You must accept his challenge, otherwise if you kill him then I will die together with him.”

Dongfang Bingling quickly stopped the giant sword, and the tears that had endured for a long time finally overflowed “Mother, are you going to force me to die? Is it in your eyes, I am not as good as an outsider?”

“He is not an outsider, he is your future husband, and is your father’s apprentice.” Shi Niang said “accept his five-year agreement, otherwise I will die in front of you.”

“Your mother is useless. I am not as strong as you are, I can’t stop you from killing, but it’s okay to kill myself.” Master’s wife said slowly, his gentle eyes filled with incredible will.

Yang Dingtian is about to speak bet stopped by Master’s Wife and said “Yang Dingtian do not speak, this is because of Master’s Wife, this Master-Wife does not have skill, making your young couple enemies.”

“You go to Cloud Firmament City with Uncle-Master Ximen, five years later come to Yin-Yang Sect, this Master-Wife believes you, believes your master’s vision of, five years later you can regain everything that belong to you by your own strength.” Master-Wife said.

“What’s wrong? Dongfang Bingling, do you want to see me dead in front of your eyes really?” Master-Wife said.

“Good, I promise you, mother!” Dongfang Bingling said “At this time I suspects that are you really my own mother?”

“Yang Dingtian remembers, five years, Five years later, I will tear you apart surely, five years later I make Cloud Firmament City disappear from this world surely and thoroughly.”

Yang Dingtian is looks at Dongfang Bingling and said “Five years later, I with my own strength, will regain everything that belongs to me, including my dignity, including the shame that you gave me!”

Master-Wife said toward Ximen Wuya “Go, Apprentice Brother Ximen, bring Yang Dingtian to CloudSky City to train well. I entrusted him to you officially.”

“Ok, Junior Apprentice Sister Goodbye!” Then, the Ximen Wuya flied unsteady, landed on the CloudSky City’s boat, holding Yang Dingtian, walks toward the cabin directly.

Cabin has Yang Dingtian, Ximen Wuya and the Ximen Yanyan, three people inside.

Ximen was sitting on the couch without a word, still handsome and handsome, like a god, looks a little weak but even a trace of injury cannot be seen. And eyes were burning with the strange light.

Ximen Yanyan stood besides Yang Dingtian. Although her cheeks are pale but the tender and unparalleled face was still gorgeous. The tender and charming body exudes a fascinating body fragrance.

Two faces are filled with concern.

“Time is not left.” Ximen Wuya said slowly “Yanyan, Dingtian  kneel down.”

Ximen Yanyan and Yang Dingtian both are puzzled but kneel down immediately.

“Yang Dingtian, I betroth Ximen Yanyan to you as wife, you will love her for a lifetime, protects her for a lifetime, takes care of her for a lifetime?” Ximen Wuya looks at Yang Dingtian and say slowly.

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