Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 27

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“City Lord Ximen , do you fear me?” Zhu Qingzhu lightly said while still being invisible in darkness, cannot see the personal appearance as before.

“Right, I somewhat fear you.” Ximen Wuya continued “Dongfang Niemie is Number  One Under the Heaven but I do not fear him. But I actually somewhat fear you.”

“I am honored.” Zhu Qingzhu said with a smile.

“Apprentice Brother Dongfang Niemie has also spoken the similar words.” Ximen Wuya said “He once said among the world, Zhu Qingzhu makes people unable to see his depth completely. He is immeasurably deep. He said that if you believed in world ranking then you even would not know how you died”

“But, Sect Master Zhu is not the Yin-Yang Sect’s person, so why are you meddling in the Yin-Yang Sect’s matter?” Ximen Wuya said.

“After Apprentice Brother Dongfang passed away Bingling must marry my son, I don’t care if I am an elder but Yang Dingtian must be captured and be extinguished by my Profound Heaven Sect” Zhu Qingzhu said.

“How about this, you welcomed my palm with your palm, if you win then I will depart.” Zhu Qingzhu said “Does not use Profound Skill, does not use any technique, but only a light palm, how?”

“OK, lets do this” said Ximen.

Then, sound was heard from the darkness as Zhu Qingzhu sleeve moves.

“haaa…” Suddenly, a huge wooden boat tens of meters long and more than ten meters thick flew silently into the air, drifting between Ximen Wuya and Zhu Qingzhu.

Everyone became shocked and speechless.

“ Everyone enter into boat” said Zhu Qingzhu.

Ximen Wuya knows that this is most dangerous time in his life.

Although three people before were powerful but are not this dangerous.

Although Jiang Songyang is the world powerhouse, nearly the Grandmaster Level character, but he was not on Ximen Wuya’s level of cultivation.

Similarly Wu Ying sword technique is invincible, the speed is also invincible. But in his innermost feelinghe he do not want to kill Ximen Wuya, moreover cultivates disparity is very big.

Yin-Yang Sect’s Retired Elder Ning Busi, although is world top powerhouse, several years ago is one generation of Grandmaster, and has Flame Devil Flood Dragon Martial of legends as his Martial Soul. However, Ximen Wuya’s cultivation is not inferior to 100-year-old Ning Busi, as for Martial Soul, he has Sword Soul that he painstaking cultivated.

But in front of Zhu Qingzhu, he can’t even see the Zhu Qingzhu’ shadow, he is like abyss completely boundless and invisible.

So Ximen Wuya will use his full strength in this palm strike.

He opens all pores of body, each pore is crazily swallowing world Profound Qi inside, making Profound Qi fill each inch of veins, fills each corner of Sea of Qi.

The condensae!, condense…!, condense…..!

Sea of Qi started to swell and increased in volume. Normally Ximen Wuya do not dare to do this because it may possibly cause Sea of qi to explode but in this life and death situation he had condensed 120% of his Qi.

“ Lord Ximen be prepared, I am coming” said Zhu Qingzhu.

“This is last battle, now come” said Ximen.

Ximen Wuya stuck out his palm, shooting incomparable powerful energies.

Instantly whole world silenced and in the darkness Zhu Qingzhu palm stuck out.

Two energies collided with each other.

Shockwave stuck Ximen Wuya as he spurted blood and survived.

“You survived, Then goodbye!” said Zhu Qingzhu and vanished.

“ who is next? No one then I am going with Yang Dingtian” said Ximen.

“Wait!” Dongfang Bingling said suddenly.

„You?” Ximen Wuya shakes the head: „When you will be of my age then I and your father may be inferior to you, your talent is unusual, but now you are also not my match.”

„How we know if we don’t try?” Dongfang Bingling coldly said “Flame Ring is mine, Yang Dingtian must stay behind.”

“No, you were too young, I cannot injure you.” Ximen Wuya said.

“You could not injure me.” Dongfang Bingling coldly said, then holds up the treasured sword, shouted “Set up Yin-Yang Great Array!”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz……”

Immediately, several person’s shadows are similar to meteor depart from the sea level, and formes a ring in the sky which is revolving fastly”

This is a array, a tens of meters of big array. Half is a red flame, half is a blue ice, but only the middle two points are missing.

“Apprentice Brother Xue, come!” Dongfang Bingling said.

Immediately, Dongfang Bingling and Zhu Hongxue flied to the array’s center. The Dongfang Bingling whole body ice is blue, Zhu Hongxue whole body instantaneously blood red. Now, Yin-Yang middle two points are filled.

Dongfang Bingling, Zhu Hongxue, the Yin-Yang Sect several elders, have formed complete Yin-Yang Great Array which is revolving fast.

Ximen Wuya stunned, said slowly “Has not thought that most dangerous can be you, Dongfang Bingling.”

“It seems like you don’t want to let me live” said Ximen.

“Uncle-Master Ximen, you had exhausted all your Profound Qi with Uncle-Master Zhu that palm a moment ago, you also has exhausted your veins and Sea of Qi capacity. Now what you should do is to sit down and control one’s breathing, perhaps half year to one year later you can restore to the peak.” Dongfang Bingling said “Otherwise, your life will be in danger, so long as you hand over Yang Dingtian, I will let you leave immediately.”

“Think carefully City Lord Ximen, you now did not have least bit of Profound Qi, how will you resist my Yin-Yang Great Array double sword? Only one sword, can make you vanishes in puff of smoke.” Dongfang Bingling said.

“Not necessarily……” Ximen Wuya coldly said “Now come!”

“You have death wise then I will fulfill it” said Dongfang Bingling.

“Don’t make ideal talks kill him immediately” Zhu Hongxue lightly said.

“Yin-Yang Great Array First Sword, extinguish the soul!”

As Dongfang Bingling issues an order, entire Yin-Yang Great Array sends out the eye-catching bright Profound Qi of several Yin-Yang Sect elders toward the middle two points, treasured swords of Zhu Hongxue and Dongfang Bingling started to brighten.

“Dual Sword Combination!”

Then, the two sword merges to form a several hundred meters great sword, Dongfang Bingling holds it up high, aims at Ximen Wuya.

Tthis hundred meters great sword, fall fiercely toward Ximen Wuya.

“Blood-Thirsty Great Technique……” Ximen Wuya bellowed, spouts mouthful of blood fog.

“bang!” both sword collided and exploded as if nuclear bomb is exploded.

Ximen’s body flew out a few tens of meters, and blood spurted.

All people who set up Yin-Yang Great Array, are similar received backlash and spurts blood crazily.

„City Lord Ximen is really immeasurably deep, even have Blood-Thirsty Transforming Qi Great Technique of legend” Dongfang Bingling coldly said “I know that this Blood-Thirsty Great Technique turns body essence and blood into Profound Qi, and reduces life force. Over a hundred years of history, nobody dares to use Blood-Thirsty Transforming Qi Great Technique”

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