Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 26

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“Ding ding ding…………” surrounding people only saw a sharp sword stabbed and disrupted (broken).

Because this sword do not stabbed on chest of Ximen Wuya but reflected back by thin sword.

This is because of astonishing judgement of Ximen Wuya as he predicted sword movement and resisted this sword attack which is virtually impossible to guard against.

After the attack, two persons remains motionless looking at each other.

Ying Yang Sect’s side become panic stricken as Yin-Yang Sect adjudicator Wu Ying who killed all his opponent in one strike without any failure but failed today.

“Demon Shadow Ghost Wu Ying you really are unparalleled in the world, that move is really deadly.” Ximen Wuya said and then draws out a thin sword from the left sleeve, looks almost  like previous thin sword.

Wu Ying said: „Most people only noticed that I attacked with my left hand and thought that I am a left-handed person. Actually my right hand sword is quicker, but you do not gave me opportunity to use it.”

People shocked once more then they heard it.

“Today as my sword broken, my half reputation is also destroyed” said Wu Ying and bowed toward Ximen Wuya and continued “thank you for showing mercy”

“No, Its nothing, you are being lenient” Ximen Wuya said.

And then Wu Ying vanished from sky.

Yin-Yang Sect’s side became silent.

Looking toward the direction that Wu Ying vanished, Ximen Wuya cleans the bloodstain from chest gently and said slowly “who is next?”

Immediately, an old man slowly emerges out of thin air, looking like illusion in void.

“Ximen Wuya, I am not from your generation, Sect Master Dongfang and I am from same generation and grown up together.” Ning Busi coughs several times then continued “Cloudsky City’s Ximen Wuya is really fierce.”

“The Uncle-Master has overly praised.” The Ximen Wuya said and bowed respectfully.

“Don’t be modest, you keep saying that you are not as good as the Dongfang, but I don’t think you are much worse than him.” Ning Busi continued “He is gone, if you become yin yang sect’s lord then for at  least next 50 years sect will be unbeatable.”

Hearing this Dongfang Bingling’s face immediately discoloured.

“But it is pity you revelled against Ying Yang Sect” said Ning.

“But since I am elder then I will surpass my cultivation to your level. If you survived then I will not involve in it” said Ning

“ok!” said Ximen.

Ning raised his hand and it started to emit blue coloured flame.

Thick lighting hit the sea area fiercely.

The entire sea surface started to boil as tens of meters high flame dragon, full of arrogance, started to circle in sky.

Ximen Wuya sucked cold air.

Ninth Grade Profound Beast, Flame Devil Flood Dragon in legend, become Elder Ning Busi’s Martial Soul unexpectedly.

“Undying Dragon Secret Art!” Elder Ning Busi bellowed and immediately entire body started to burn, Fire Dragon that circling in the space changed into innumerable flame and drilled into Ning Busi’s the body instantaneously.

Elder Ning’s thin body started to swell and changed into several meter high flame body.

“Star Universe Secret Sword Art!” Ximen Wuya bellowed and his treasured sword started to fly in midair fiercely.

Ximen’s treasured started to brighten and swallowing profound Qi from sea. Finally, sword brightened as star.

Less than two -and-a-half chi (0.33 m) thin sword, turns into dozens meters giant light sword at this time.

That giant light sword splits into innumerable light small swords, similar to the meteor flied toward Ximen Wuya and surrounded him which looks incomparably eye-catching.

“Sword Soul? Unexpectedly is Sword Soul? This world unexpectedly have people who practice Sword Soul?!” The Yin-Yang Sect’s people do not dare to believe.

In case of Sword Soul, martial artist do not absorb any Profound Beast as Martial Soul, but cultivates own treasured sword as own Martial Soul.

“Prison Splitting Dragon Technique, go……” Elder Ning Busi bellowed, pointing his finger toward Ximen.

Immediately lot of fire released from elder Ning’s body and attacked Ximen.

“Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin, go……” Ximen Wuya shouted a with sharp sword in his hand.

“ Bang bang bang……..”

Fire dragon and swords collided with each other making load voices as thunder.

Ximen Wuya and elder Ning attacked each well at the same time protected themself from each others attacks.

A violent explosion occurred and which caused rise in temperature, sea water started to boil.


With last bang both fire dragon and sword collided and blasted apart which caused evening to shine as morning.

Both dragon and sword perished and reduced to ashes.

One meter long fire dragon is surrounding Ning.

On Ximen Wuya‘s side has two and half chi thin sword surrounding him.

They simultaneously attacked each other again.

The final sword shines fiercely.

On this side Fire started to burn.

Fire Dragon stuck Ximen Wuya’s chest.

At same time sword pricks chest of Elder Ning.

“Kcha Kacha….” sound of bone cracking heard as Elder Ning coughed blood.

“After declining hundreds of years Cloudsky has produced such a person unexpectedly.” Elder Ning said.

“Good, me this old man means what he says, you meet my move of Profound Skill Undying and wins by half move, today I will not involve in this matter further, I will return to Yin-Yang Sect to close up again.”

Then, Elder Ning Busi vanished in the darkness.

With blood spilling from corner of mouth, Ximen Wuya said “ Who is next?”

People on scene become silent.

“City Lord Ximen, please advise.” In the darkness, common gentle sound resounded.

The Ximen Wuya’s facial colour changes, said “Zhu Qingzhu, why are you here, you are Profound Heaven Sect’s Sect master, why are you interfering in this matter”.

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