Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 25

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The Dongfang Bingling’s tender body trembles, her beautiful cheek paled, from infancy to maturity everyone considered her as fairy maiden, no one insulted her.

“You, Zhu Hongxue?” Ximen Wuya looks angrily at Zhu Hongxue and continued “Dongfang Bingling already has fiance but you pester daily by her side, what are your intentions? Not only so, you as number one youth Expert actually want to kill Yang Dingtianwho just crossed the initiation. What secret motive do you have?”

Dongfang Bingling took long breath, then raises her delicate chin, coldly said “The City Lord Ximen your argument is really swift and fierce, I also want to ask that several questions, please reply.”

“Please!” Ximen Wuya said.

“The first issue, my father’s cultivation as world Number One Expert is very high? Is his vision also high?” Dongfang Bingling asked.

“Naturally, Apprentice Brother is most respected person of this woorld.” Ximen Wuya said slowly.

“Since his vision is high? Why will he select Yang Dingtian, such mediocrity? 20 -year-old men, just passed the initiation unexpectedly, I also looked at his Profound Vein talent. It is very mediocre, he is not even qualified to enter my Yin-Yang Sect as janitor disciples, how can my father select him as Yin-Yang Sect Master ?” Dongfang Bingling said.

Dongfang Bingling continued “Cloudsky City wants to regain the Yin-Yang Sect’s sect master legitimate position for generations. When normal method are unable to succeed so you come up new method to declare that my father received him as the disciple, set up him for the successorand betroth me to him. But this person is actually your Cloudsky City’s person. This way 20 years, 30 years later, Yin-Yang Sect will belong to your Cloudsky City.”

Ximen Wuya slightly one surprised, said slowly “The Young Lady Dongfang argument, is really good”

“Apprentice Brother Dongfang Niemie’s relic can be picked. However his last words? His last words were inside his ring, so long as tallies with your mother’s moth necklace, then last words of your father infused with his blood and Profound will emerge, could it be also faked?” Ximen Wuya said.

The Dongfang Bingling said biting her beautiful teeth “What father’s last words? I have not listened them personally, I only listened them from Yang Dingtian!”

Ximen Wuya become dull, do not dare to believe it, then said slowly “The person who does not want to understand can not be defeated in words”

Jiang Songyang said:  “Hands over Yang Dingtian, this is not only related to Flame Ring’s matter, but also related to the death of Sir Sect Master, we must examine him well, did Sect Master really died? Who killed him?”

“Understood, understood!” Ximen Wuya  said  slowly.

Jiang Songyang said: “Ximen Wuya your reputation is big outside and I am always in Yin-Yang Sect, but I am  not definitely weak in strength compares to you. Twenty years ago, I and Sect Master Dongfang  cross hands, and he won in less than half move. Among the expert on the scene, I am actually  weakest, Junior Apprentice Brother Wu Ying excels at Way of Assassination. As for Uncle-Master Ning Busi, I cannot compare least bit.”

Ximen Wuya  lightly smiles  immediately.

Jiang Songyan   then  said: “You are in Grandmaster realm, I am also on Grandmaster realm, do you think you can be victorious? I have Uncle-Master Ning Busi and Sect Master Zhu on my side, so you might as well hand over Yang Dingtian.”

Ximen Wuya “Lets fight!”

“You want to fight then lets fight. Even if I am weakest in several people, but I am enough for you.” Jiang Songyang  said  then draws out ten  chi long great sword  from his e back.

Ximen Wuya draws out two chi thin  sword  from is sleeve s then , said: “Apprentice Brother Jiang that sword in your hand is sword of death,right?”

“Yes, It is sword of death!” Jiang Songyan said.

“Really is sword of Death.” Ximen Wuya continued : “Sword of Death is good, the role you play in death of my Cloudsky City previous generation City Lord is very ignominious, do not think that I do not know.  Now I will collect the old debt.”

“you simply die, don’t talk rubbish?” Jiang Songyang sneered, and then the palm of his hand went on the giant blade, and suddenly the blood spewed out, covered the giant blade.

“Boom…” The blood splashed and burned. The ten chi long  giant blade, started to burn, and the sea water around the 100 meters was visible boiling.

Jiang Songyang held up the burning giant blade high, and the mysterious wings were flapping behind him, and they were ten meters long.

“Bang!” Like a meteor, Jiang Songyang leaped into the air, and then like lightning rushed toward the Ximen Waya.

Threatening murderous Qi rushed like surging water waves.

Jiang Songyang reached  on top of Ximen Wuya  and roared crazily: “After today, the world will no longer have  Cloudsky City!”

Then ten chi long burning sword chops down on Ximen Wuya’s head to cut him into pieces.

Ximen raised his less than two and a half chi sword, and faced Jiang Songyang’s shocking offensive with the sword’s edge.

Both sword clashed and lighting sparked on edge of swords continuously as they clashed.

“Oh…” Like a knife-cut tofu, Jiang Songyang giant blade was cut into two sections together with Jiang Songyang’s body.

Blood spurts out crazily and Jiang Songyang’s body sunk into sea.

Everyone become silent and shocked by present situation.

Ximen Wuya’s reputation was very good all these years, but everyone thought that he is at best on Jiang Songyang’s level, never thought that Jiang Songyang will be insta-killed. Never thought that Ximen Wuya who moment ago is well-mannered, seems not willing to fight but once begins unexpectedly such ruthless.

“Who is next?” asked Ximen Wuya while waving his sleeves.

“Yin-Yang Sect’s Wu Ying, greets City Lord Ximen.” Said someone.

This person’s height is ordinary, stature is slender, although is the man but the face is gentle and charming, similar to a woman.

he seems ordinary but this man makes the entire world paniced at his arrival. As the Yin-Yang Sect’s adjudicator, his only mission is to kill people. No matter what opposite parties cultivation or status is.

In this world his speed is quickest no matter attacking with his sword or leaving .His rapidness, makes people virtually impossible to guard against. Therefore his nickname is called Demon Shadow Ghost King.

“Whiz……”, Wu Ying vanished from the sky immediately, also vanished from everyone’s eyes.

Wu Ying kills people each time only using single sword strike and never fails, so it can be said this sword strike will be fatal. Powerhouse whose cultivation is even higher than him, once died under his sword.

Ximen Wuya closed his eyes as if waiting for his death, the body is also motionless, wind surrounds in him from all sides.

Suddenly, the eye-catching thin sword, similar to the falling meteor, shines and fiercely stuck at Ximen Wuya’s front.

Very common angle, very common position, but is very quick virtually impossible to guard against.

Result of battle is already decided in only one strike.


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