Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 24

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Hello, It’s my first time translating something so there can be some mistakes and error in it. You can inform me about it in comments.

Then  Ximen Wuya  ordered  loudly “Everyone go on duty, return to Cloudsky City with the quickest speed.”

“Yes!” everyone responded.

The everyone  hastily run  from cabin to  below  third-class cabin  to row a boat outside and sound of numerous steps echoed.

Then two people did not speak and Ximen Wuya peacefully enjoyed Yang Dingtian’s massage.

Several   minutes later Ximen Wuya   opened his eyes and then  suddenly said with a sigh “They really came quickly, these person are extremely troublesome ”

“Niece Dongfang Bingling, greets Uncle-Master Ximen.” The Dongfang Bingling voice came from outside sea.

“Profound Heaven Sect’s Zhu Hongxue, has seen City Lord Ximen” Then said Zhu Hongxue with incomparable arrogant voice.

”Yin-Yang Sect’s Jiang Songyang seen Cloud Firmament City Lord, Junior Apprentice Brother Ximen What is the urgency?” said someone whose voice shakes nearby Yang Dingtian like candlelight.

Hearing this name Ximen Wuya’s eyebrow jumps immediately slightly.

“Uncle Master, who is he?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Your master Dongfang Niemie’s Apprentice Brother, also had struggled for  the position of Yin-Yang Sect Master with your master.” Ximen Wuya said.

Yang Dingtian immediately breathe old air, this Jiang Songyang unexpectedly is Apprentice Brother of master so obviously his cultivates is high.

Ximen Wuya relaxed said “With these three people? That is fine, I will not necessarily be able to leave.”

The Ximen Wuya’s sound just fell, outside voice sounded once more.

“Yin-Yang Sect Wu Ying, greets Apprentice Brother Ximen” The ice-cold voice with no sentiment sounded.

“Did he also come?” Ximen Wuya said “This Junior Apprentice Brother of your master, the Yin-Yang Sect’s adjudicator, specifically is responsible for killing people, more than five sect master died in his hands and murdered more than thousand people”

„Ximen Wuya are you going to out or we come on the ship?” This is very soft voice but in reality is evil-hearted sound, is similar to the needle in the Yang Dingtian’s ear, making his whole body’s muscle to twitch.

Hearing this voice, Ximen Wuya facial color has drastic change.

“Who is this person?” Yang Dingtian asked.

„Ning Busi, Uncle Master of your master, one of the Yin-Yang Sect’s Retired Elder and has been in closed door cultivation for 20 years has not thought that he will appear here.” Ximen Wuya said.

The Yang Dingtian breaths cold air, person who comes is master Dongfang Niemie’s Uncle-Master, obviously is formidable.

Ximen Wuya took long breath and said “It seems like matter is worst than I imagine, tonight perhaps we cannot be friendly”

“Hand me over Uncle-Master” Yang Dingtian said “Hands over!”

Ximen Wuya shook the head gently, said: “How can it be possible?”

“City Lord Ximen, it’s been a while since last meeting.” The common voice sounded as if came from a common man.

However after hearing this voice, the Ximen Wuya’s body shakes fiercely.

“Uncle-Master, who is he?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Zhu Qingzhu.” Ximen Wuya said slowly.

Zhu Qingzhu, the Lord of Profound Heaven Sect, with cultivation of Inner Universe, true Overlord.

“Ten years ago, when your master Dongfang Niemie is Number One Under the Heaven, he is Number Two Under the Heaven.” Ximen Wuya said “But he is very mystical and his ranks may not necessarily second, this man is in this world’s most dangerous and formidable man”

“Although do not have any evidence but he must have some relation to the miserable fate of your master” Ximen Wuya continued “he also appeared, obviously tonight he is not necessarily only for you.”

“Uncle-Master Ximen, can Yang Dingtian be on your ship?” The Dongfang Bingling shouts “He is my Yin-Yang Sect’s criminal, please hand over him, we will let you go.”

Ximen Wuya silently sneers, then said toward outside “Yanyan, Ximen Yan, comes in!”

Beautiful unparalleled Ximen Yanyan walked inside, City Lord Ximen adopted son Ximen Yan also walked in, facial expressions on two face was filled with dread, even forgotten hostility toward the Yang Dingtian.

“Yanyan, give some basin water to me.” Ximen Wuya said.

“Yes, father.” Ximen Wuya arrives at the top of roof, fetched basin water and because both hands are shivering making the water sprinkle on the ground.

Outside Jiang Songyang said “Ximen Wuya, do you think that hiding is enough? We are giving you face. I will count for ten, if you do not hand over Yang Dingtian, we then embark.”





Yang Dingtian said “Uncle Shi, hand me over!”

Ximen Wuya does not pay attention completely, no matter the Jiang Songyang counting sound or Yang Dingtian’s sound and put both hands in the washbasin to clean, takes towel to clean hands.

“Tonight sea water, must be dyed with the blood.” Ximen Wuya.

“Yanyan, Ximen Yan, if I and others did not come back, remembers to brings back all people to Cloudsky City, then immediately surrender to Yin-Yang Sect, no matter how shameful, so long as you can preserve Cloudsky City people and your life.” Ximen Wuya said

“Father don’t do, I will not listen, I will not listen to……” Ximen Yanyan tried to cover her ears and said.

Ximen Yan clenched his teeth till they started to bleed said “Adoptive father, you definitely do not need to do so.”

At this time Yang Dingtian did not speak but struggled to get out of bed fiercely and walked toward outside. In order to not let Ximen Wuya die.

The Ximen Wuya’s sleeve flings gently and fly directly toward the Yang Dingtian, make him lies down to the bed, then pulls out a pill and force it into the Yang Dingtian’s mouth, immediately Yang Dingtian started to feel drowsiness and his vision blurred.

“Silly child……” Ximen Wuya said with a smile and continued “
No can take you away unless I drop down, and cannot protect you!”



„Junior Apprentice Brother Ximen,then we are coming on your ship.” Jiang Songyang loudly said

“Then come”

The Ximen Wuya sleeve flings, formidable and gentle wind blew by which Ximen Yanyan and Ximen Yan get pushed into cabin and fainted. Cabin door shuts tightly.

Ximen Wuya steps onto the deck, surrounded by several ships. In surrounding several hundred meters sea levels, several expert are floating in midair surrounding Cloudsky City’s ship in center.

“Greetings Apprentice Brother Jiang Songyang!”

“Has seen Junior Apprentice Brother Wu Ying.”

“Greetings Uncle-Master Ning Busi.” “

Finally, Ximen Wuya salutes toward darkness, said slowly “greetings…… Sect Master Zhu!”

Jiang Songyang said “Junior Apprentice Brother Ximen, you came out finally. My Yin-Yang Sect’s criminal Yang Dingtian is on your ship?”

“Yes!” Ximen Wuya said “Please tell me Apprentice Brother Jiang, what crime has Yang Dingtian committed? Uncle-Master Ning Busi is also here unexpectedly?”

“He has stolen my Yin-Yang Sect’s Flame Ring.” Jiang Songyang said “Moreover your Cloudsky City is also rebelling, isn’t this also the big crime?”

Ximen Wuya said with a smile “Apprentice Brother Jiang has misunderstood. Probably, I heard that this Flame Ring that Yang Dingtian has is not stolen instead Apprentice Brother Dongfang Niemie has given him personally, selected him as the Yin-Yang Sect Master successor. Moreover betrothed Niece Dongfang Bingling to Yang Dingtian.”

“Niece Dongfang Bingling also here, does my words are groundless?” Ximen Wuya changes his direction and ask Dongfang Bingling.

“Right!” Dongfang Bingling coldly said: “Yang Dingtian has transmitted my father’s last words”

Ximen Wuya said “I like to ask, on Chaos Continent does father have power to betroth his daughter to someone?”

Dongfang Bingling coldly said “Has!”

Ximen Wuya also asked “I like to ask again, in Yin-Yang Sect whether Sect Master can give Flame Ring to his heir?”

Dongfang Bingling said “can!”

The Ximen Wuya face reveals anger, said slowly “I cannot understand, since Sect Master Dongfang Niemie has given Flame Ring to Yang Dingtian personally, why then you kept on proclaiming that he has stolen it?”

Before the Dongfang Bingling can say something, Ximen Wuya continues coldly “I cannot understand, since Yang Dingtian is your fiance, why you leave with other man? What about your chastity? Not only you leave with other man, but also chased down Yang Dingtian with other man? And also want to murder him, you will be condemned by heaven and earth!”

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