Nine Yang Sword Saint – Chapter 23: Rescue

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“Dream on!”Zhu Hongxue said Coldly, he then fiercely jumped into the air, aiming at the falling Yang Dingtian he suddenly struck out with his  palm.

the first palm, was not struck to kill because of the words of Dongfang Bingling .

In this palm, he definitely strucked to put Yang Dingtian to death.

Between his palm a blazing blade  with a blue flame was projected, he slammed it into a void and directed at the falling Yang Dingtian.

Suddenly, Yang Dingtian’s body was like a fallen leaf in the wind. From his mouth, from his nose, from his mouth, from his ears, and from every part of the body, a cloud of haze blood was drawn.

In an instant, the whole body of Yang Dingtian was covered with blood, and he quickly fell to the cliff below.

Dongfang Bingling quickly took a step forward and looked at the cloud of misty  blood Yang Dingtian  had become . She bit her lips and said: “I didn’t want to kill him.”

„Such a dog like  person, if died then he died, don’t let it worry you.” Zhu Hongxue lightly said.

Then Zhu Hongxue careless said: „His thing is the Flame Ring, this ring will not be damaged even if he falls. But this cliff is a Profound Qi restricted area, we will find  his corpse and  take  back thr Flame Ring and that’s the end.”

When she hears the words of Zhu Hongxue, Dongfang Bingling facial color slightly changes.

On the proud face of Zhu Hongxue  he reveals warmth  and gently said „Sect Master Dongfang is no longer living, my father already guessed correctly. Your father, me, Profound Heaven Sect, I will not have let you suffer even a little grievance.”

On Dongfang Bingling beautiful cheek, her facial expression had complex transformation, her beautiful teeth closely bite together . She didn’t  like hearing such words, she does not want to depend upon anybody, she does not want to be restrained by anybody.

…… ……


Yang Dingtian seems to have entered a world that is extremely dark. There is no sense of pain in his whole body, only endless emptiness. His entire body and his entire soul seemed to fall in abyss and fall.

The dark abyss underneath did not seem to have an end at all. As he continued to fall, reality seemed to be removed from his body in a trace!

“Wake up!”

“Wake up!”

“Wake up!”


This powerful voice sounds as if it is blowing through the clouds. A warm and fiery force slams into his constantly falling soul, causing him to fall more and more slowly. The slower, slower and slower, the surrounding environment seems to be getting brighter and brighter.

In the end, Yang Ding swiftly opened his eyes and what entered his view was a familiar face, but when he saw this face again countless emotions surged out.

It was the boundles Ximen Wuya , it is Ximen Wuya that has saved Yang Dingtian. His palms always rested on the back of Yang Dingtian, and he constantly imported Profound Qi  to support Yang Dingtian’s life. At this time, he was also full of sweat.

“Fortunately, I finally got your life back from hell.” Ximen smiled without a trace, his face showing a hint of tiredness.

The great master of his generation will never be weary, and he can see how much he spent in order to save Yang Ding’s life.

“We were preparing to leave by boat, but only to see a cloth  of blood in the distance drifting on the sea, i thought that it was dead, but out of morality intended to catch it and buried it, but was shocked to find that the blood was actually you.” Ximen said.

„If it was any other person, even his cultivation is higher than yours by a dozens times, he will still already have died by a heavy strike like this, but your incomparably formidable meridians can keep you  alive after you receive this heavy strike energy unexpectedly, although your bloodlines is cracked  everywhere, your Profound Vein can still absorb the Qi from the blast. I am unable to imagine what Profound Vein you have .” Ximen Wuya said.

“  City Lord Ximen, where am I now? How long has i been unconscious?” asked Yang Dingtian.

“We are on a ship and you have been in a coma for three hours on the sea route back to Cloud Firmament City,” said Ximen .

Then Ximen who was enduring the endless anger said”What happened in the end? Who injured you? You just passed the period of enlightenment.  You are a Trainee Martial Artist, who is going to do this to you?”

Yang Dingtian After a long silence, said: “You still remember that flame ornament?”

Ximen nodded his head.

“If it was something else I would give Miss Ximen, but this thing is too special. It is a token for my master and my his wife. I need to hold this flame ornament to identify myself in the Yin-Yang Sect Yang.”  “I was an ordinary person. I fell into a cave at a very random time and found a frozen dying old man. I saved him.”

“The cave was very deep and we couldn’t get out. I and the old man were dependent on each other, and each of us treated each other as a family. Two years later, he told me that he was called Dongfang Niemie and was the sovereign of the Yin-Yang Sect. He asked if I would like to be his disciple. He was the closest person, so i certainly nodded in agreement.”

“He not only took me as an apprentice, but also assigned me his only daughter Dongfang Bingling . Master said that I was his only true disciple, and therefore I was the future YinYang Sect patriarch, so he gave the flame ring to me, and in order to prove my identity, he also gave me the flame ornaments, and let me bring the flame ornaments to the YinYang Sect  patriarchs wife, which is their token of love. Master also left his  last words to his wife , so that after looking at it she will know who I am, then know what  to do. ” ”

The following matter, City Lord Ximen should be able to imagine.” Yang Dingtian said.

„Naturally I can imagine.” Ximen Wuya said: „ Apprentice Brother Dongfang for ten years have not seen his daughter, he does not know that his daughter changed.

“She asked me to hand over the flame ring, but this is what my Master gave to me. I can’t give it.” Yang Dingtian said  ” I wanted to escape from the Yin Yang Sect . She wanted to force me with the help of Zhu Hongxue . I would rather die and would not surrender the flame ring so I jumped off the cliff…”

“understood, understand … …” Ximen clenched her fist, suppressing his anger.

Then, Ximen Wuya holds Yang Dingtian’s right hand, inputs strand of Profound Qi and a bright  flame was emitted . Immediately, that tall and pleasing to the eye Flame Ring appears on Yang Dingtian’s right hand ring finger .

„Is this it?” Ximen Wuya said that then loosened his hold on Yang Dingtian’s right hand, that Flame Ring slowly disappeared.
“Yin-Yang Sect will one day be destroyed in this ambitious and self-righteous smart woman hands.” Ximen Wuya said .

“Child, Yin-Yang Sect is your masters and yours, you can’t sit back and relax.” Ximen said, “I am also a Yin-Yang Sect yang man. You and I can’t watch the Yin-Yang Sect millennium’s root cause destroyed in the hands of Dongfang Bingling .”

“You can’t stay in the Yin Yang Sect anymore so returned to Cloud Firmament City with me?” Ximen Wuya said: „what ever the Yin-Yang Sect can give you , my Cloud Firmament City not necessarily unable to give you.”

„I, I have a master and that will never change .” Yang Dingtian said.

Ximen Wuya said: „My Cloud Firmament City is also part of the Yin-Yang Sect’s, could it be that in your eyes, my is Cloud Firmament City also the Yin-Yang Sect’s enemies? The several hundred years ago Yang Yunxiao founders and Leng Wuyan actually were not enemies .”

” Yes, I used to want you to be my successor and wanted you to be the new city Lord .” Ximen  said, “But since you are a disciple of  Senior Apprentice brother Dongfang Niemie , who I have the greatest respect for in my life.” Therefore, I dismissed this idea.”

„I will not make you change your  master, your master as before is Apprentice Brother Dongfang Niemie, I am only your Uncle-Master.” Ximen Wuya said: „My Cloud Firmament City will train you, does not need you to handle anything, even does not need you to join Cloud Firmament City, does not need your  repayment. When you are strong  enough , you can return to Yin-Yang Sect, to recaptures what should belong to you the Sect Master position ”

„Naturally I have a request to you, after you make the position of Yin-Yang Sect Master your own,……” Ximen Wuya deep sigh one breath said: „After you make the position of Yin-Yang Sect Master your own, ordered to remit my Cloud Firmament City’s rebel charge, making my Cloud Firmament City recognize the ancestor to return to our ancestral home.”

After Yang Dingtian hesitant some little time,he said: „City Lord Ximen, Cloud Firmament City dominates a side which is good, why lives do you want to live  under subjugation?”

Ximen Wuya shakes his head saying: „Child, if you are my successor, you will become the Cloud Firmament City Lord of next generation. I want  Cloud Firmament City to dominate a side, or  to defeats and to recapture the Yin-Yang Sect. Is self-made, becomes world Martial Dao is supreme. However now is not good, you are the Apprentice Brother Dongfang disciple, I cannot snatch.”

„Cloud Firmament City has been in existence in over a hundred years, only has me as their powerhouse. The next generation, I could not find any especially outstanding successor. If we arevnot washed off the rebel charge, and does not recognize the ancestor to return to the ancestral home, Cloud Firmament City will be  on the road to total destruction.” Ximen Wuya said: „These years, because of my power and prestige, Cloud Firmament City  has truly offended many people, almost step on the heads of many schools to come up, when I die, that will be the Cloud Firmament City’s end .”

„Child, go to Cloud Firmament City with me.” Ximen Wuya vision was filled with sincere and anticipation said: „I will is teach you like Apprentice Brother Dongfang Niemie, making you grow into this world most formidable person.”

„Good, good……” Yang Dingtian said: „Thanks Uncle-Master Ximen, but, but do not force Yanyan to marry me, she does not like me very much . Moreover after this matter, I was clear,if l wants any thing,l can only take with my own strength, not to be given to by others.”
“Well said well said …” Ximen Wuya said  “Uncle master promised to let you cultivate for the next ten years. Revenge, in ten years, let Dongfang Bingling  tasted the humiliation of today and allowe her to live in remorse for the next few decades!”

„As for Yanyan, I will not compel her to marry you. Perhaps however when you come in contact with each other you will like each other mutually.” Ximen Wuya said with a smile: „Therefore this words I cannot definitely say it now.”

Then, Ximen Wuya stands up suddenly, said: „It is not good, we must pick up the speed, return to Cloud Firmament City with the quickest speed. The Yin-Yang Sect’s people will not find your corpse, they naturally come the sea to search, perhaps they will quickly pursue us.”

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