Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 22: If I Can Live

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After Dongfang Bingling  had left, Yang Dingtian stood motionless in the room and reached out and touched the position of the flame ring. Even though it was empty, it seemed as if the firepower was still there and  felt like the eruption of volcanoes was similar to Yang Dingtian at this time in his heart there was endless anger like that.

This is his master’s study room. He stayed here for three days and now he is leaving, so he reluctantly took a  last glance.

He Can’t live here, and he can not stay in the Yin Yang Sect . If he was willing to compromise, he can certainly stay in the Yin Yang Sect , but he is not willing to compromise.

When leaving his Master to go to the Yin-Yang Sect , he really did not think this would be the end. But even if he thought that this will be the outcome, he will still hand over the flame ornaments to his mother-in-law, and he will still not give up the flame ring, and everything will remain unchanged.

He must start to flee, perhaps it will be difficult to move in the whole world,but he didn’t care if the Yin-Yang Sect were to issue a warrant for his arrest and is chased down comprehensively

“Master, good-bye, Yin-Yang Sect yang, goodbye…” Yang Dingtian bowed to the middle of the study, then turned away.

After he  left his Master’s study he could  not get very far, because there were numerous buildings of  YinYang Sect in front of him. There were YinYang Sect  disciples everywhere .he could  walk in the direction of back side of the mountain, the back side of the mountain is desolated and remote, Under the cover of dense trees, he may be able to escape.

There wasn’t a single person in the mountain, there were snow and trees everywhere, Yang Dingtian desperately ran down the hill. Of course, there will be many footprints left for others to easily discover, but at this time he didn’t care about it at all .

Dongfang  Bingling said that she was giving him an hour to consider, that is, in this hour she will send people to his Master’s study, and they will find Yang Dingtian’s escape, an hour with his fastest speed, he may be able to escape.

The speed of Yangdingtian is very fast, and as he continues to rush directly down the mountain. The thick snow is plowed by the speed of Yang Dingtian  plowing out a long trench.

No, this speed is still too slow, and he will be chased after an hour. The snow is very thick here. If he sled on it, it will be much faster.

Yang Dingtian pulled out a dagger, which was given to him by Ximen Wuya . Using the dagger to cut down a branch of a tree, using the fastest speed he slashed the branch into two primary sleds, this dagger is very sharp, it took a few minutes to make a rough sled.

He Cuts off the leather on his clothes,and tied the sled under his feet, he cut off two straight branches and grabbed it as sled sticks.
“Yeah…” The speed has accelerated a lot , and can be called lightning speed

The snow on the Great Immeasurable Mountain is very thick, and the distance between trees is also sparse. When Yang Dingtian was born in the northeast on earth, he liked skiing very much, and his technique was absolutely first-rate. Therefore, despite the fact that the trees here are a little bit more, he never bumped under the tight nerves, and after he have practiced  True Yang Fist and  Heaven and Earth Secret Art, his ability to control the body was much stronger and his entire body seemed to be lighter.

The speed was getting faster and faster, and wind sliced  on his face like a knife.

The distance between the  Yin-Yang Sect Yang Sect and him was  getting farther and farther , and Yang Dingtian was getting more and more secure. When he is fully devoted to the thrill of rushing, suddenly the other side of the mountain rang a bell.

Immediately afterwards, a vigorous voice began to sound.

“Who dares to come to my Yin-Yang Sect and steal from us”

The voice was clearly far away, at least separated by tens of miles, but it seemed to ring in his ear.

Bad, he was found! Yin-Yang Sect will soon catch up.

Yang Tingtian skied more quickly.

………Slid, slid, slid……

…… Acceleration, acceleration, acceleration……

Despite not seeing, Yang Dingtian has been able to feel that countless Yin-Yang Sect disciples are not far from behind and they are getting closer and closer to him. .

“Hey…” Suddenly, the sound of a big bird in the sky.

Yang Dingtian raised his head to look, unexpectedly it was two Profound Heaven Sect snow white Great Péngs, with disciples on it back who has also discovered Yang Dingtian on the  ground of the  Yin-Yang Sect.

“You thief immediately stop.” One of the   Profound Heaven Sect disciple coldly said   .
Yangdingtian ignored it and still skied forward.

The  Profound Heaven Sect disciples that were on the Great Péngs were not in a hurry. Their mouths were sneered and they  locked the sky tightly.
Fast, fast, fast…

Yang Ding buried his head and suddenly felt only a sudden flash of air, suddenly he looked forward.


The front was empty. There was no woods. The whole mountain seemed to be truncated here. In front of it was a cliff. Under the cliff, there was a terrible sea reef and a vast sea.

To the north of the Great Immeasurable Mountain was facing the sea, there was no way to go.

As long as Yang Ding night brake for a second late he would have directly rushed off the cliff, straight down.

All of a sudden, Yang Dingtian wanted to cry but couldn’t sheard  tears. He knew nothing about the geographic environment of the Great Immeasurable  Mountain and he fled in this direction. Whoever knew that this place was actually a dead end. It is no wonder that Profound Heaven Sect  disciples didn’t bother to stop him , but they stared coldly at Yang Dingtian’s head as he fled.

The two Great Péngs slowly descended and finally stopped at a distance of three or four meters from the ground. They blocked the left and right side of the road. The Profound Heaven Sect  disciples above coldly took out their swords and stared at Yang Dingtian.

The two Great Péngs were really huge. They looked almost completely like two airplanes. The wind blowing from their wings swept the big trees around and swayed. The snow on them fell down.

The two Profound Heaven Sect  disciples did not come down to grasp ahold  of Yang Tingtian, but only kept him in check.

Just a moment later, two shadows flew from far away, accompanied by a whirlwind.

Two shadows, a snow-white shadow and sky blue shadow, fell 10 meters in front of the Yang Dingtian, the two retreat the Profound Qi wing behind them.

One of them, frosty, stunning, unparalleled, unrestrained, like immortals, is Dongfang Bingling .

Another person, skin surface like jade pendant adorning a hat, handsome and incomparable appearance with a high pride and arrogance, it should be the legendary Number One Under the Heaven youth expert in legend, Number One Handsome Man Under the Heaven, Profound Heaven Sect Young Lord Zhu Hongxue.

The two people stood together and looked as if they were made in heaven. They were completely self-possessed to death.

The two Profound Heaven Sect disciples on Great Péng bird kneel down directly, said respectfully: „greetings Young Lord, greetings Young Lady Dongfang!”

Zhu Hongxue has not paid attention, has not even shot a look at Yang Dingtian one including the corner of the eye,he  said toward Dongfang Bingling: „Junior Apprentice Sister, was he the one who has stolen your thing?”

Dongfang  Bingling  nodded and stepped forward: “I’ll take the flame ring as if nothing happened . You can still enter the Yin-Yang Sect  and you can still get what I promised you. ”

Yang Dingtian said with a smile:” Otherwise?”

Dongfang Bingling looked coldly and said  “Do not think because you have the grace of my family, you can do this, my patience is limited.”

Then, Dongfang Bingling goes forward again one step and she is only five meters  away from Yang Dingtian, she then extends her small jade like hands  saying “If you take it out, you will have a future. If you don’t take it out, you will never have one.”

Yang Ding said: “Master gave it to me I will never give it up. If you want it take it yourself.”

Dongfang Bingling  took one step further and was only three meters away from Yang Dingtian . Then  coldly said “take it out and you will  have a promising future. Don’t take it out…….. ”

Meanwhile, an incomparably formidable aura compels Yang Dingtian making him to somewhat suffocate.

Zhu Hongxue knits h8s brows suddenly „Junior Apprentice Sister, such ants like character, do not approach him too nearly, do not make the air/Qi that he exhales filthy your body , do not move near him.”

The words of Zhu Hongxue was very intimate but Dongfang Bingling ignored it which caused him to slightly wrinkle his brows

“You, you,go forward and bring what he stole. If he resist, kill him.” Zhu Hongxue  pointed to the two Profound Heaven Sect  disciples on the Great Péngs Bird.

“Yes!” The two Profound Heaven Sect  disciples jumped off the Great Péngs  and flashed their swords.

„Apprentice Brother Zhu, this person and my family has certain kindness, do not injure his life, my family’s thing, should be  in his hand.” Dongfang Bingling said.

Zhu Hongxue knits the brows: „You, cut off both his hands!”

„Yes!” The two  Profound Heaven Sect disciples said.

Dongfang  Bingling stared coldly at Yangding Tiandao: “I don’t want to see this kind of situation, but that thing is not yours. If you want to confiscate it, you must be punished.”

“Awakened yet it is  still not too late to hand over the thing .” You can keep your hands, otherwise … … you have no way to escape to the Heavens, no way to escape to the ground, here is a dead end … … ” Dongfang Bingling  said:” hand it over , you will still be a disciple of YinYang Sect!”

„Junior Apprentice Sister, you have talked to him too much?” Zhu Hongxue said impatiently  „This postpartum dog like character, speak a few words to him and you will bring  disgrace on your  status.”

Yang Dingtian looks at Zhu Hongxue coldly saying: „You just take advantage of ancestor brilliance, what thing have you accomplished , what noble status?”

He shouldn’t say this, but he couldn’t help it.

“What did you say?” Zhu Hongxue he had an icy face and said coldly: “Looking for death!”

„Bang……” Zhu Hongxue struck a  void palm.

Zhu Hongxue is very formidable, but Yang Dingtian palm ejects to meet his.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a very powerful force slammed into Yang Dingtian’s chest, as if he was hit by a massive hammer. Blood spewed like an arrow from his mouth.

“Go up, knock off his hands and cut off his tongue…” Zhu Hongxue coldly said.

“Yes!” Suddenly, the two Profound Heaven Sect  disciples quickly stepped forward, their sword suddenly flashed, aiming to cut off his arms.

“Ah, ah …” Yang Dingtian burst of in laughter.

“Dongfang Bingling , want my flame ring, dream on… I would rather die, i will not hand it over!”

“Dongfang Bingling , if I can live, today’s insult, in the future i will return the favour a hundred times.”

Yang Dingtian ran toward the cliff, and jumps down fiercely.

“Ah … …” Dongfang Bingling  did not think  in no way that Yang Dingtian actually chose to jump off the cliff.

Here is a ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) cliff, anyone who jumps will meet a cruel death without a doubt.

„Zhu Hongxue, if can i live,in will utterly destroy the Profound Heaven Sect surely, your Zhu Clan will perish too!”

When Yang Dingtian jumps down the cliff, he exhausts his final strength, to shout out.

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