Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 21: Engagement!

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Yang Dingtian  heart beat suddenly accelerated, and then said: “I do.”

Dongfang Bingling  said: “That means, you want to marry me as your  wife?”

Yang Dingtian throat felt a little dry: “Yes.”

“My father says we should be together  and my mother also completely follows  my father’s arrangements .”

Yang Dingtian did not speak and waited for Dongfang Bingling  to continue.

“Before I was ten years old, I admired my father, although his time with us was very short.” Dongfang Binglings said: “After ten years old, I gradually began to hate him because he completely disappeared. He went chasing martial arts and left me and my mother and the whole Yin-Yang sect  aside.”

“My mother and I have not had a good life in the past ten years because of his disappearance which  made our mother and daughter standing in the Sect become more and more awkward  . In the end, it was because of my hard work that I was able to  recapture what I should have in the Yin Yang Sect .” The face of Dongfang Bingling  became cold and cold: “My father was not as good as I was at my age. No one is my opponent except for a few people, and Zhu Hongxue is honored as Number One Under the Heaven youth expert  , but even if he did not allow me to win yesterday, he might not be able to defeat  me. If nothing  unexpected happens, 15 years Later I will become the new yin-yang Sect Sovereign.”

“Twenty years later, my cultivation will surpass my father. Thirty-five years later, I may break the myth that nobody has been promoted to martial arts  saint in hundred years.”

“Everything l have today  and everything in the future is based on myself and did not have anything to do with my father. He disappeared for ten years . Ten years later, he sent a person to me and told me that later this man is tonly become  Yin-Yang Sect’s Sovereign  , and later this person is to become my Husband.”

“On what basis? Is It because he is my father?” The voice of Dongfang Bingling  became cold.

“My brother, although I’m not a fairy but am not a person anyone can command.” Dongfang  Bingling shook her head and said: “I’m really not that frivolous.”

“Yang Dingtian , I’m very grateful to you for being with my father in the last year and a half, and I’m very grateful to you for walking Miles to send my father’s legacy. I will pay you for this kindness.”

“But… ” Dongfang Bingling  took a look at Yang Dingtian. He finally saw the slightest flash of light in her beautiful eyes. Looking at Yang  Dingtian like she was a princess on Mount Tai. And He was a farmer in the country. It was like how  fairies in the sky see the ants on the ground.

This kind of vision is very secretive and flashes. Only at this time can Yang Dingtian seeing it.

“My husband must be peerless. He must be looked upon by hundreds of millions of people to match me perfectly.” Dongfang Bingling  stared at Yang Dingtian : “Yang Dingtian, ​​I have spoken a lot with you in these three days, even To bring you food and tea for you to repay you for the kindness you showed my father. Otherwise, even Zhu Hongxue  is not qualified to let me serve tea for him.”

“I wanted to come in close contact with you. , to let you recognize the reality and take the initiative to withdraw, because I do not want to take the initiative to propose the dissolution of the marriage contract, so you will not feel great humiliation, “Dongfang Bingling said coldly :” But I did not think that I looked  more approachable, but you are more unwise to think I wanted to be intimate with you, I’m very disappointed .”

“I gave you Three days, if you didn’t take the initiative to come forward, then I have to speak up, even if this makes me snobbish.” Dongfang  Binglings said: “You send a letter Yin-Yang Sect, for the last two years you were my father guardian, you have made me grateful , so I did not want to embarrass you, but you are not too smart, which  forced me to be clear. ”

The entire process, Yang Dingtian had sat there motionless, his entire body seemed to be struck by lightning , his  entire body was numb, he even   forgot to responsed .
Dongfang Bingling  looked at Yang Dingtian and said: “Rest assured, I will reward you for your kindness, and will allow you to enjoy it forever. I secretly checked your Profound Vein physique ,you can join any small Sect  , but if you want to enter the Yin-Yang Sect it will be difficult  . But out of  kindness, I can make you a disciple of YinYang Sect .”

Dongfang Niemie has said that Yang Dingtian’s Nine Yang Profound Vein could not be noticed

Ximen Wuya  is also a master of  infinite wisdom, but when  he treated  Yang Dingtian his Profound Qi entered  into the depths of  Yang Dingtian body, but he only  just felt that he had a mysterious veins which was unfathomable.

Dongfang  Bingling continued: ” I can give you a  lot of medicine pill , give you a lot of conditions to progress , give you a lot of good weapons, let you  go to the high-level Mystical Palace to practice. I will let you go far more than your talent can take you in  The future .” “Yang Dingtian, I can give you many, many things, and it will be far more than your kindness. Now you can put forward, what you want?” Dongfang Bingling  said: “gold coins? Rare book? medicine pill? Weapon? Martial Soul? Status? Power and influence wait / etc., so long as you say, I can give to you.”

At this time, Yang Dingtian seemed to gradually wake up from the lightning strike. Just now his entire body seemed not to be his own. Every word spoken by Dongfang Bingling  seemed to be outside the sky, but every word was as loud as thunder.

Shame, shame, endless shame!

He should be angry and he should be furious. But he laughs three times, he was aggrieved .

He never suffered such shame. On earth, he was pampered  and greatly favored from childhood to adulthood hia parents liked him. His teacher had some headaches from him not because he was a deaf student, but he was very smart and had good academic results. So the teacher still likes him after all.

From elementary school to secondary school to university, there were  girls who wrote  love letters for him. In the end, Li Bijun, an English teacher who became his girlfriend, was the school most beautiful woman with numerous outstanding suitors. But even then, Li Bijun still chased him.

Passing through to this  different world, he was  also extremely valued. The strongest  person in the world,Dongfang Niemie , took the initiative to accept him as a disciple, handed him the position of the Sovereign and assigned his daughter to him. One of the overlords, Ximen Wuya , had no boundaries and wanted to match his daughter with him. He wanted to make him become the next generation of    Cloud Firmament City Lord .

However, at this time he was so humiliated!

He really wanted to say a word,

But not a word came out, countless griefs burned in his heart and became ashes, leaving only cold face and faint expression.

Yangding Tian stood up and said: “I’m sorry sister, the color of my face is faint. Something has caused me to lose my sense of reason.”

Dongfang Bingling is looking at him  as before lightly, did not say a word.

„If a man wants anything,he  must take it  with his own ability, but does not take what is  given to him  by others.” Yang Dingtian stood  in front of Dongfang Bingling and looked at her, coldly saying „what my, I later will take it back on my own. Therefore, you do not need to give me anything .”

“As for you, you keep saying that I’ve sent you a letter and guarded your father for a year and a half. In your opinion, this is great kindness.” Yang Dingtian shook his head: “But in my eyes, this is not grace. He was your father, but at the same time he was also my master. I also regard him as a father. Everything I do is my duty, not my kindness, so you do not owe it me”

After listening to Yang Dingtian, Dongfang  Bingling wrinkled her beautiful brow and said: “You figured it out. It’s fine. But don’t talk to me in such a tone. Since I want to give it to you, i will.” Holding back now on account of your  self-esteem, you may later regret it.”

“That’s my problem .” Yangding Tiandao said: “If there is nothing else,and  if you will still allow me to rest in this place, then Miss Dongfang please, I want to be alone ” ”

One more thing. “Dongfang Bingling said .”You also said, if you want something you will get it with  your  own ability , that’s fine then you give it back ”

” What? “Yang Dingtian Asked.


„The YinYang Sect Sovereign’s command ring , ” Dongfang Bingling said: „Is it possible that you want to say that you do not know, or it is not on you here?”

Yang Dingtian eyebrows shut upright, this flame ring is the only thing his master gave him. The most important thing is that there are words left for Yang Dingtian. When Yang Dian Tian Xiu is able to summon the flame ring to a certain extent, he will tell Yang Dingtian some secrets, the world’s greatest secret, and the secret Including why the master was killed and the master who was behind it .

So, he will never give this thing.

“I’m sorry, I can’t give it to you.” Yang Ding said coldly: “This is Master’s stuff. He gave it to me by his own hands. I can’t give it to you.”

„This belongs to the Yin-Yang Sect Master, it is the Sect Master Command Ring, you do not have the qualifications  to have this thing.” Dongfang Bingling coldly said: „Hand it over, and tell me what you want , you can also join the Yin-Yang Sect, we will give you a lot of resources , helping you to become a powerhouse.”

„Otherwise?” Yang Dingtian coldly said.

Dongfang Bingling said in  a cold voice”Otherwise, you will become a person who stole a treasure from the YinYang Sect . Your flame ring will be forcibly taken away. You will be punished. Of course, you sent  a letter in good faith, we will not harm your life. , but offend  the Yin-YangSect  and you will not have peace in the whole world.”

Dongfang Bingling  face was cold, eyes suddenly become sharp as a sword, staring at Yang Dingtian after a while: “I do not want to personally harm you, within an hour I will send people up. I hope you can think clearly in this hour.”

The   last words of Dongfang Bingling  were full of dangers. After she finished speaking, she went straight out and went to the doorway. She turned again and said: “I hope you don’t want to To plead with my mother and use her innocence and kindness, she is not in Yin Yang Sect  at this time.”

“Oh…” An ice wing swooped from behind her and grew bigger, then she flew down the hill. Maybe it is not flying, it just flying off the ground, but it was already amazing.

Dongfang Bingling must really be strong!

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