Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 20 : Do you like me? Apprentice Brother Yang

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Yang Dingtian was slightly surprised, and then poured a glass of wine for her, she gently took a sip, drank half a cup, suddenly a sunset glow appeared on her frosty cheek, which let her look even more beautiful and unparalleled.

The Two people sat calmly to eat the meal, naturally the majority was eaten by Yang Dingtian, Dongfang Bingling just accompanied  him to drink. Yang Dingtian finished eating all the food, they’ve also  drunk up the entire pot of liquor, this is a very fierce white liquor, more than one jin (0.5 kg), Dongfang Bingling drank more than Yang Dingtian, Yang Dingtian somewhat was drunk slightly, but as for her only her cheeks was somewhat bright red, and does not have the least bit feeling of being drunk.

„Does Ju­nior Ap­pren­tice Sis­ter drink fre­quently?” Yang Dingt­ian asked.

Dongfang Bingling  nodded her head. This answer made Yang Dingtian a little surprised. After drinking, Yang Dingtian’s head and mouth distance became much shorter. Which is why  he immediately asked directly, “Why?”

There are too many things to worry about. There are too many things.” Dongfang Bingling said

She is a fairy admired by many people. She is the princess in the eyes of all men. As long as her brows are slightly raised, countless people are willing to give her their  life. How could she be unhappy? Of course, she would worry about her father, but she shouldn’t be drinking too often.

Ap­pren­tice Brother will know slowly.” Dong­fang Bin­gling drinks the last glass of liquor and  said with a smile.

This is the first time of Yang Dingtian seeing her smile today, and suddenly the whole house seems to bloom innumerable flowers.

“I really hope that I can help you later. I can make you less sad and make you happy.” Yang Dingtian couldn’t stand her sorrow. He was a proud and reserved man on the earth. He seldom actively pursued any girls.

Then, Yang Dingtian’s heart rate was somewhat accelerated, and he looked forward to Dongfang Niemie’s answer. At this time, the worst answer should be indifference, and the law-abiding answer should be thank you. If not unexpected, her answer should be thank you.

Then  Dong­fang Bin­gling beau­ti­ful pupil  look­ed  at Yang Dingt­ian, then nod­ded say­ing: „Um, I be­lieve you.”
Instantly , endless sweetness filled his entire heart.

After the wine was finished, Dongfang Bingling  packed the chopsticks into the food box and found the tealeaves and  tea set behind the bookshelf.

” senior Apprentice  brother, go outside and fill it with  snow, the cleanest snow.” She handed the teapot to Yangdingtian.

Yang Dingtian took the teapot outside and filled it with pure white snow . Then he handed it to Dongfang Bingling.

She placed the on her jade like hands and produced fire from it which caused Yang Dingtian to gapsed in surprise

Juniors  Apprentice Sister, you have ice Profound Vein , how can you produce fire?” The Yang Dingtian

“It is very difficult for the fire Profound Vein to develop  ice.But It is relatively easy for the ice Profound Vein  to produce  fire.” Dongfang Bingling said in a very flat tone, but it was enough to shake Yang Dingtian To the extreme core.

After the  fire boiled the snow. Dongfang Bingling  made two cups of tea.

After drinking  three cups of tea, Dongfang Bingling stood up, took up one pack of clothing from side, saying  „This is father’s clothing, your stature fits quite well , tomorrow I will make them sew a new long gown for Apprentice Brother.”

„Apprentice Brother rests well, I will leave first.” Dongfang Bingling turns around to depart, she is the Princess Yin-Yang Sect’s, at this time Yin-Yang Sect has innumerable honored guests, she actually accompanied  Yang Dingtian to eat his meal, bring clothing and supper for him personally, and makes tea for him personally.  „These three days I will not have the time to come to see Apprentice Brother probably, three days later I will came again.”

” After Dongfang Bingling departs,  Yang Dingtian found the room was  warm, so he took a bath comfortably.

When he was taking the bath, he was worried . When he took a shower and changed his clothes, he blew his hair. After changing his clothes, he returned to the house and was still worried. He read in a book once that a man in love becomes strange  . He snorted, but he believed it.

The tea was still there,  the teapot should be a Treasure, the water actually did not cool dwon. He drinks tea, while reading, but took forever in the first page, he was deep in thought until late at night bofore he lied down to sleep.

In the night, Yang Dingtian undoubtedly had a dream, and there was Dongfang Bingling  in the dream. But when the dream was at its most beautiful, he actually woke up. In the dream, he was just one inch away from kissing the lips of Dongfang Bingling  .

He Woke up at the most critical moment. Yang Dingtian was very annoyed. He desperately wanted to continue to sleep and enter the dream again. However, he could not sleep and could only get up, but his entire body and mind was still sweet and incomparable.

Soon, someone brought breakfast for him, but it wasn’t Dongfang Bingling . It was a red-clothed   maid who was very beautiful and young,  she was very plump . On any ordinary day, Yang Dingtian will notice her and even be amazed by it. But at this time Yang Dingtian doesn’t even know what she looks like because his brain has one of the world’s most beautiful faces. The woman’s face became blank in front of her.

At noon, it is still the red-clothed  maid who delivered  the meal.

In the evening, Dongfang Bingling  still did not come. It was still the dinner served by the red-clothed maid in new robes.

The next morning, middle and evening meals were still delivered by the maid. On this day, the yin yang sect was very lively. Even if Yang Dingtian was in a remote mountain, he can still hear the sound.

Today the Yin-Yang Sect was very majestic , at least tens of thousands people were on the mountain from all over the world to pay their respective .Yang Dingtian could feel  countless person with the aura of respect.

This afternoon was the day of sacrifice. The scene must be very grand and spectacular. Through several dozens of miles, Yang Dingtian can smell  the smell of incense wood and the rising smoke.

Tens of miles away, you can hear the worship  cry and shout.

Tens of miles away, you can see countless rare birds flying in the sky by the thousands.

This is a rare event in the world. It was once in a decade. Before Yang Dingtian was still very much looking forward to it, but at this time he was not interested at all. His mind and body had only one thing.

In the evening, numerous fireworks rose to the sky, depicting a variety of patterns in the dark night sky. There are also fireworks in this world, but instead of using gunpowder, they are made of rare gems and medicines. They are precious enough to be thousands of times more than fireworks on Earth, but they have been fired for hours.

The entire sky above the vast mountains was flooded with beautiful fireworks.

The whole mountain was lit up by countless lights. Looking down from the top of the mountain, countless lights embellish every place like a starry sky. The scenery was beautiful.

Tens of thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands of lights, even in the high-tech earth, Yangding days did not see such a spectacular and beautiful night.

Just when Yang Ding was going to sleep,  Dongfang Bingling actually came which  let him be overjoyed. It was about 11 o’clock at night.

“It was so busy today, I was not sure you could come  ?” Yang Dingtian said .

Dongfang Bingling  was in a white dress which was like  snow. She sat opposite Yangding Heaven and said: “Today’s grand occasion, you didn’t attend. I was afraid you were  not happy.”

“How could it be?” Yang Ding Tiandao said: “I don’t care at all. I don’t care at all. I was Very happy.”

“You are  father’s secret disciple, so outsider must know as little about you as possible.” Said Dongfang Bingling .

“Yeah, I know.” Yangding Tiandao said: “What was it like today? Tired?”

“Not tired, it was a little boring and a bit lonely.” Dong Bing Ling Ling said, when she spoke, she was even more beautiful and incomparable. Lonely.

Dongfang Bingling  stretched out her hand and on her  palm was a blue flame petal.

“This is a flame flower, and every disciple of Yin Yang Zong must wear it on the Day of the Great Sacrifice.”

Yang Dingtian took the flame petals, fingers across her palm, very creamy and very soft, very cold ice, very fragrant and very charming.

„Apprentice Brother rests well, I will come to see you the day after tomorrow.” Dongfang Bingling said.

„Tomorrow, what will you be doing?” Yang Dingtian cannot bear but ask suddenly.

„Martial arts contest.” Dongfang Bingling said

„Do you also  have to figth?” Yang Dingtian said.

„Yes, i probably will.” Dongfang Bingling said.

„With whom?”

Dongfang Bingling answered  „Zhu Hongxue.”

One of Three Sects Under the Heaven, Profound Heaven Sect Young Lord Zhu Hongxue, Number One Under the Heaven young expert.

On the Yang Dingtian face the muscle trembles slightly, in his heart there was some jealousy, on the mouth said he said „Be careful.”

„I will.” Dongfang Bingling departs saying: „I will come to see you the day after tomorrow, I have something  important to tell you.


Yang Dingtian somewhat restlesses, because Dongfang Bingling must contend in martial arts with Zhu Hongxue today.

He heard  Zhu Hongxue this time came to Yin-Yang Sect most importantly to seek a marriage alliance, Profound Heaven Sect must marry with Yin-Yang Sect. Zhu Hongxue is  the Number One Under the Heaven young expert, Number One Handsome Under the Heaven, although he has not seen Zhu Hongxue, but he could  imagination he and Dongfang Bingling  will a great pair because both of them were proud son and daughter of the Heavens .

Dongfang Binglings victory or defeat ? Yang Dingtian did not care. Perhaps , nobody will care about the outcome of this contest.

On this day, Yang Dingtian  had waited until midnight, until the entire Great Immeasurable Mountain had gone quiet , Dongfang Bingling had still not come.

Yang Dingtian had a lot of dreams that night. A dream followed a dream, and the dreams were messy, mixed, and embarrassing. Finally, in the dream, he seemed to fall back into the ice caves of several thousand meters. He continued to fall and fall…

“Ah…” Yang Ding’s hands stretched out as if to stop the fall, and then he jerked up and opened his eyes.

At this point, the sky had become bright with  sunlight . A graceful and moving figure stood in the house, and it seemed to be covered with a layer of luster in the sunshine, which was even more beautiful and unparalleled.

Dongfang Bingling  had come, standing in the house, breakfast on the edge of the table.

„Junior Apprentice Sister you came but didn’t awaken me.”Yang Dingtian hurries up and puts on his clothes. After washing his face, he sits down on the table and eats breakfast.

“Yesterday, did sister was win or lose?” asked Yang Dingtian.

“Won.” Dongfang Bingling  said: “But I think Zhu Hongxue deliberately let me win.”

“The end of the big festival?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Finished, most of the guests have gone downhill.”

Yang Dingtian could not find any words to say all of a sudden and  Dongfang Bingling also stands there does not speak, the two people fall into silence .

Yang Dingtian finished his breakfast very soon and did not know how  it tasted at all.

„Apprentice Brother, it was father’s last wish, to betroths me to you, what  do you think?” Dongfang Bingling asked straightforwardly: „Does Apprentice Brother like me?”

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