Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 19: Solitude, Sweet Moments

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Unfilial disciple Ximen Wuya, greets Sect Sovereigns wife .” His name is very strange, he does not say Cloud Firmament City Lord, but is the unfilial disciple.

„Apprentice Brother Ximen, i have not seen you for ten years , hope you had no trouble on the way here .” The Master-Wife tone is gentle , even with a trace of closeness , moreover she called Ximen Wuya Apprentice Brother. “It’s was fine, but the road was delayed by some trivial matters, so it is only up to the mountain today.”Ximen Wuya said: „Yanyan, come and greet your Aunt Dongfang and your Senior Apprentice Sister Dongfang.”

The tone of Ximen Yanyan was a bit unpleasant, unwillingly She said„greetings Aunt Dongfang, greetings Senior Apprentice Sister.”

Master-Wife held Ximen Yanyan up, and softly praised: „Yanyan is really attractive, I have not seen such a pretty girl.”

„No Senior Apprentice Sister Dongfang is the beautiful one , others say that she is a Fairy .” Ximen Yanyan said.

Dongfang Bingling does not care about Ximen Yanyan’s words, she went forward to salute saying: „Niece greets Uncle-Master Ximen.”

“You’re welcome.” Ximen Wuya said calmly ,his attitude toward Dongfang Bingling made Yang Dingtian a little surprised. Then, Ximen Wuya said: „has Sect Master Dongfang come out?”

Master-Wife said”Not yet.”

Ximen Wuya said “What time will the Sovereign come out?”

Master-Wife did not reply,Dongfang Bingling said:father will only exit when he is finished . I don’t know exactly what time of the month.”

„But, my Yin-Yang Sect can accept a challenge as before, several elders may accept a challenge.” Dongfang Bingling said: „Also we can make the young generation go to battle, when necessary, I can also go to battle.”

At this time Yang Dingtian can also feel the aggressiveness of Dongfang Bingling.

„Snort, spirited.” Ximen Yanyan cold -ly snorted and said.

„No, in my Cloud Firmament City younger generation, i do not have one who is Dongfang Bingling match.” Ximen Wuya said: „Since Sect Master has not come out, that is it . Ten years ago was the same, I will declare to the world that I and Sect Master Dongfang have fought, I lost as before.”

When he heard up to here, Yang Dingtian cannot help but be slightly surprised. Ten years ago the so-called Ximen Wuya loses to Dongfang Niemie was unexpectedly false, they had not fought .

„Many thanks, Uncle-Master Ximen this favour, we will remember.” Dongfang Bingling lightly said.

Ximen Wuya said: „It is not a favour, more than ten years ago I was not the Sect Master Dongfang match, now is the same.”

Then, both sides were silent and nobody spoke.Yang Dingtian in the back can also feel the special relationship between the two sides, close and indifferent relationship. On coming to the Yin-Yang Sect’, Ximen Wuya facing Yang Dingtian at that time was warm and watery, close and envious. However, Ximen at this time is indefinite and polite and is full of aloofness.

Obviously, the gentle mother-in-law liked very much to breaks this awkward silence, but she does not excel at conversation, , so her petal’s like little mouth opened several times but could not find anything to say. Ximen Yanyan broke this silence.

„Dongfang Bingling, i heard that you will marry Zhu Hongxue.” Even if he couldn’t see it Dingtian can imagine Ximen Yanyan beautiful small mouth saying those flat words, these two world most beautiful girls seem to be inborn enemies .

„What’s wrong? Have you also become one of those gossiping women?” Dongfang Bingling said in sharp opposition.

After Master-Wife was hesitant for a moment, she said: „Bing’er has an engagement her father arranged .”Hearing this, Yang Dingtian heart jumped.

Ximen Wuya said with a smile: „Right? Which young man has caught the eye of the Sect Master i really am curious ”

Master-Wife said with a smile: „You will see soon .”

Then, both sides fall into silence once more , Ximen Wuya then said: „Sect Master Madame , if no other matters, we will then say goodbye.”

Master-Wife said:”Okay, we have prepared a separate small courtyard for Apprentice Brother Ximen . You have a good rest.”

Then, Master-Wife and Dongfang Bingling escorted Ximen Wuya to leave the embroidered building but when the time came, there was only one person who returned Dongfang Bingling,”My mother took the Ximen City Lord to the house. My brother, I will take you to your place of residence.” Yang Dingtian followed behind her, left the embroidered house and walked out of the warm garden of the Madame .

Dongfang Bingling takes the lead, Yang Dingtian walks behind her.He has not been in touche with her for more than one minute, But he can feel her amazing beauty more and more. Yang Dingtian can’t imagine that the back of a woman can be so attractive. The curve of a woman waist and hip can be so wonderful.

The two people were silent and the mountain road was very steep.Dongfang Bingling was fully able to know that the curve of her waist and hip were twisting in her walk and was completely exposed in the eyes of Yang Dingtian, but she did not seem to mind and did not let Yang Dingtian walk in front of her. She let him look.

They walked for more than an hour, but did not reach the other side of the mountain, but Yang Dingtian did not seems to feel tired, the time seemed to be in a rush, he did not want the road to end.

However, Yang Dingtian still wondered a bit why they arranged for his residence to be in this remote and unmanned place, not in the architectural complex of Yin Yang Sect.

Then they arrived at the other side of the mountain which had a flat surface and a stone house

„This is father’s dwelling, he lives here every so often, for several years nobody can live here.” Dongfang Bingling said.Then, Dongfang Bingling opens the door.

The inside of the room was simple. The floor was covered with thick carpets, no chairs, and a low square table in the middle. The wall is surrounded by bookshelves. The bookshelves are full of books. Around the house, there were candlesticks.

Dongfang Bingling went forward to light the candlesticks and lit the incense. The house became warm and full of scent immediately .

“There is a natural hot spring behind the house. If you want to take a bath, you can go there.” Dongfang Bingling said: “Need me to arrange a maid to help you ?”

“No, no.” said Yangding Tiandao.

“Well, then I will send people to bring clothes and meals.” Dongfang Bingling said: “The books here are all fathers, students inside the sect can not see it, but Apprentice Brother each can look.” ”
“What needs does brother still have ? I’ll let people arrange it.”

“No, it is very thoughtful.” Said Yangding Tiandao.

“Then brother have a good rest.” Dongbing Lingling said: “I’ll give people a sweater and dinner to bring in a while. I’ll be busy for three days, so I may not have time to speak to you. Three days later, we will talk about business.”

Yang His heart jerked and nodded.

“Then I’ll go first.” Dongfang Bingling said and went out of the stone building, Yang Dingtian escorted her.

„Apprentice Brother see youagain/goodbye.” Dongfang Bingling said that then taped her jade foot gently , a fragrant wind has blown her beyond dozens meters, several rises later, her beautiful form disappeared in the Yang Dingtian’s field of vision.

Yang Dingtian looks dumbfounded, his own Junior Apprentice Sister looks like is very very strong.Just to take care of him, she spent a little more than an hour to walk him here. When It will actually take her a matter of a few minutes to get here.

Looking at the direction where Dongfang Bingling disappeared , Yangding’s eyes are blurred. Until now, it was like a dream. Such a beautiful woman, a girl like a fairy, and a girl who is so impeccable in every inch of her skin, even became his fiancee.

Yes, she was frosty, but for Yang Dingtian, she had already done her best to be gentle. Therefore, at this time, Yang Ding’s heart has even been filled with sweetness.

Returning to the stone house, Yang Dingtian picked up a book and read it under the candlelight. He tried very hard to look inside, but the spirit was always unable to , because his entire mind and body was immersed with figure.

This is the most beautiful girl in the world. This is the most powerful girl in the world. This is the purest and noblest girl in the world. This is the fairy girl that most men in the world dream of, but she has become his fiancee. Yang Dingtian had nothing in this world. Prior to this master Dongfang was his closest person. The master has gone, and perhaps this girl is now the most important person in the world for him. Not knowing how long it has been, the sky was already dark, Yang Dingtian still did not see a word.

Suddenly a whisper drifted into the air, and Yang Ding looked up and saw Dongfang Bingling coming in. She was carrying a food container. She actually brought it by herself, instead of sending her maid.

She went to sit opposite Yang Dingtian, her waist and hip folded into a sexy and beautiful curve.

Opening the food container, she put the delicate dishes on the table, still steaming, there is a pot of wine and a small wooden barrel filled with fragrant rice.

“I let the kitchen do it. I don’t know if it’s to your taste.”

“I definitely like it.” Said Yang Dingtian

There are not many dishes, a total of five, but each one is very delicate. When Yang Dingtian put some into his mouth, he discovered that these dishes were not only good-looking, but also more delicious. The Wine was also a good wine.

Yang Dingtian happily eats food and drinks, and Dongfang Bingling sits across from him.

sister, do you want to eat together?” Yang Ding’s heart was full of expectations and he asked uneasyly.

“Yeah.” Dongfang Bingling said, then pick up a jade chopsticks, pick up a piece of green vegetables into her crystal jade mouth.

“Do you drink?” asked Yang Dingtian .

“Yes.” Dongfang Bingling answered.

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