Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 18 Meeting Bingling, the moment his heart was moved

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Her silent sobbing and endless sorrow could be described as someone close to weeping blood or a heart broken to pieces.

However, her sadness had long since gone past these two extremes.

Only after ten minutes did this woman issue her first crying sound and mumbled: “Ten years, I waited for ten years for this kind of news…”

Yang Dingtian who should have comforted her, couldn’t find any words that could help and could only join her in mourning.

“Did he die in pain?” The woman stood up and asked Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian replied: “Master died overbearingly.”

The Woman then spoke: “As long as it was overbearingly, As long as it was overbearingly!”

Afterwards, the beautiful woman looked toward Yang Dingtian and asked: “You call him master?”

“Yes.” Yang Dingtian replied: “I knew him for two years and four months ago, he took me as his disciple.”

Immediately, the woman’s look towards Yang Dingtian became a bit gentler while asking: “Then did he leave some final words?”

The last words from Easter Nimie were: Firstly, Yang Dingtian becomes Yinyang Sect’s heir while Yinyang Sect will use all its resources to help him cultivate. Secondly, his daughter Easter Bingling will be betrothed to Yang Dingtian.

Remembering that, Yang Dingtian’s face slightly blushed and had some difficulties to speak: “Master said that as long as the moth  ornament hangs together with the flame ornament, one will know his last words.”

Immediately, the woman pulled the front part of her long dress and revealed a part of her seductive bosom.

The delicate moth ornament hung around her chest. The bountiful snow white hills made of jade had a deep trench in between.

Attacked by an infinite enticement, Yang Dingtian’s heart jumped to the heaven and he quickly turned around.

The women took her moth ornament and hung it together with the flame ornament, completing the moth to a flame.

Immediately, a string of text appeared in the air.  Seeing her late husband’s familiar writing, tears suddenly started to drop like rain.

These lines were not long, but the woman read them over and over again until the writing became thinner, before finally vanishing in the air.

The woman then wept bitterly once again as her cries echoed throughout the room..

“Child, turn around and let me have a good look at you.”The women said.

When Yang Dingtian turned around, the woman’s slender jade like hand gently touched his cheek and softly said:”Thank you for being at his side during his final moment. From today onwards, we are family.”

“Your master’s last words told me firstly to not ask about your origin, secondly for you to become the heir of Yinyang Sect and thirdly to betroth Bingling to you.” The woman softly continued: “From now on, I will entrust Bingling’er to you.”

“Yes, Martial Mother!” Yang Dingtian said.

“From now henceforth, Yinyang Sect will also be entrusted to you.” The women said.

“Yes, Martial Mother!” Yang Dingtian replied.

“From now henceforth, your master’s life mission will also be entrusted to you.” The women continued.

“Yes, Martial Mother!” Yang Dingtian accepted.

“From now henceforth, Your Martial Mother will ……Also be entrusted to you. “The women said while her cheeks became slightly flushed and her voice diminished.

Yang Dingtian was slightly surprised, but still replied: “Yes, Martial Mother!”

“You still haven’t seen your Martial Sister Bingling’er. I will immediately let her come to see you. After all, you will be husband and wife in the future.”The women said.

Yang Dingtian’s face immediately turned completely red.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your master has always been unreasonable and presumptuous.” The women said while walking toward the door.

The swaying of her waist and hip looked even ten thousand times more beautiful than the beautiful woman at the front gate.

However, Yang Dingtian lowered his head and only looked at his feet, not daring to look at her.

Arriving at the entrance, she opened the front door and ordered: “Bring the young lady here.”

“Yes!” The voluptuous woman who brought Yang Dingtian here replied.

Martial Mother then entered the living room and sat down to speak with Yang Dingtian. They talked about the things that happened while he was together with the Easter Nimie.

After a dozen of minutes, clear and pleasant sounds could be heard coming from a voice as beautiful as jade.

“Mother, I arrived.”

Easter Bingling, the humoured number one beauty under the heaven arrived. When his fiancée arrived, Yang Dingtian’s heart started beating like a drum and it almost jumped out of his chest.

The moment Easter Bingling entered the room; the entire place seemed to have brightened up.

She and her mother resembled each other greatly, especially from the facial features. At the same time, she also differs from her mother because they had completely different temperaments.

Her mother was a gentle beauty with a charm that moved people. Easter Bingling on the other hand was as beautiful as a flower, but cold as ice.

With a similarly unparalleled beautiful face, her mother’s eyes were like water without shape.  However, Easter Bingling’s eyes were like a winter’s night; causing people to belittle themselves.

Her mother’s skin had a rosy complexion and powder puffed like a peach in March.  Easter Bingling had snow white skin and really fit the saying, flesh of snow and bones of jade.

Her stature wasn’t as voluptuous as her mother’s, but she was a bit taller than her. Her two legs were very long and her bodily grace moved people’s heart when seeing her.

While her mother’s nose looked like an exquisite item, Easter Bingling’s was like an ornament carved from jade. Towering and magnificent, it reflected her strong will as well as her personality.

The servant son of the Northwestern Qin didn’t lie; she really was the number one beauty under the heaven. Although her appearance was rather similar to her mother; they were completely different types of peerless beauties.

His Martial mother was like someone from a dreamlike picture, while Easter Bingling was like a sculpture carved from ice and jade.

She was so beautiful that it made people ashamed and dare not to sully her in their minds.

When Easter Bingling came in, she immediately saw Yang Dingtian and her eyes suddenly became somewhat surprised.

She never saw a man in her mother’s pavilion before. When this number one beauty under the heaven glanced at him, Yang Dingtian’s heart felt like being pierced and it started to tremble fiercely.

“Bing’er, your father is gone!” Seeing her daughter coming in, his Martial Mother’s eyes reddened and started to cry again.

Easter Bingling’s footsteps dulled while coming in and her beautiful face suddenly paled. Tears filled her beautiful eyes and she immediately walked forward several steps to hug her mother. His Martial Mother then wept bitterly in her daughter’s bosom once more.

Although Easter Bingling’s eyes were filled with tears, it didn’t fall. However, her tender and beautiful petal like lips lost all traces of blood. It was as if she became a completely transparent ice sculpture.

After crying for a while, his Martial Mother raised her head and pointed at Yang Dingtian: “Bing’er, this is your Martial Brother. He was at your father’s side during his last years.”

Easter Bingling’s slender and graceful body slowly moved forward. She then leaned forward and her jade like knee bent down.  Her hip and legs squat down while making a ritual bow.

Her pretty waist was like a moving willow and although her milk-white bosom was not very big, its shape moved people’s hearts.

“Thank you Martial Brother.” Easter Bingling lifted her beautiful face and looked at Yang Dingtian with her beautiful eyes filled with tears: “Would Martial Brother be so kind and tell me the entire story in detail?”

When she started talking, her transparent flower petal like mouth resembled a piece of ice, making people wonder if it would melt when gently kissed. When the words came out of her mouth, a delicate fresh fragrance could be smelled.

“Certainly.” Yang Dingtian said and told her the entire story. Of course, the contents that he wasn’t allowed to mention were left out, such as him coming from Earth and possessing the Nine Yang Body. He also kept his master’s last words to himself.

“I thank you Martial Brother for being at father’s side during his final moment. This should have been my responsibility.” Easter Bingling whose eyes were always ice cold, softened up a bit while looking at Yang Dingtian: “From now on, Martial Brother can regard us as your family and share the responsibility of the sect with me.”

After hesitating a little bit, his Martial Mother said: “Bing’er, your father left behind some last words. Firstly, your Martial Brother will be the heir of Yinyang Sect. Secondly, he betrothed you to your Martial Brother to become his wife.”

After finished talking, his Martial Mother looked somewhat uneasy towards Easter Bingling.

Immediately, Easter Bingling’s tender body trembled and a trace of blush could be seen on her jade like cheek. Then her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but take another closer look at Yang Dingtian.

Before, she just took a casual look at him, but after hearing mother’s words, she couldn’t help but take another more careful glance at Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian told himself he must not act arrogant, but humble and calm. However, when Easter Bingling looked at him, it made his mind shiver and his entire face reddened instantaneously.

The stare of this stunning beauty was too lethal. His firm mind became like a piece of ice under the hot sun, even when she looked like a beauty made of ice.

No wonder all the youngsters in world were incomparably in love with her.

It was even understandable when they spontaneous claimed that she was the number one beauty under the heaven.

They regarded her as a goddess since her beauty and temperament was too lethal in man’s eyes.

“Bing’er, this is your father’s last wish, do you have something to say?” His Martial Mother asked.

Easter Bingling took another look at Yang Dingtian’s face and hung her head. She pressed her delicate lips together and just when she was about to speak, sudden footsteps could be heard outside.

“Madame, the Cloudsky City Lord Ximen and his daughter came to pay a visit.” The warrior outside said with a respectful tone.

His Martial Mother quickly wiped away the tears and reorganized her hair, before saying to Yang Dingtian: “Child, you need to go to the backroom for a bit. Your Martial Sister and I need to accept the guest and it is not convenient for them to see you.”

“Yes, Martial Mother.”Yang Dingtian nodded, before walking toward the backroom.

It was a small room with a comfortable wooden couch and a small table. On the table laid an unfinished stitch work, which should be the work of his Martial Mother. Yang Dingtian felt too embarrassed to pick it up.

The entire room was decorated quiet simple, but looked very comfortable. Lingering in the air was a similarly dazzling and intoxicant fragrance that smelled like his Martial Mother’s breath. Especially on the couch, each inch excluded such a delicate fragrance that Yang Dingtian couldn’t even endure to sit down.

After about several minutes, the familiar voice of Ximen Wuya could be heard outside.

“The unworthy disciple Ximen Wuya, pays a visit to the sovereign’s madame.” The name he announced was very strange. He didn’t say the Lord of Cloudsky City, but an unworthy disciple.

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