Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 17: Speaking about Dongfang Bingling

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Yang Dingtian smiled: “Are there any other grand occasions?”

When the magnificent knight saw Yang Dingtian take the initiative to ask questions, he hurriedly sorted out his mood and carried his starting attitude: “The second item is a matter everyone in the world is concerned about. It is about Sovereign Dongfang Niemie……”

Speaking up to here, the magnificent knight was full of worship and reverence as he cupped his hands and saluted towards the east; he was full of infinite reverence towards Dongfang Niemie.

“It is up to Sovereign Dongfang Niemie to decide whether or not he wanted to end his ten-year secluded cultivation. If he does come out, all the people in the world will be able to revere his saintly face.” Suddenly, the magnificent knight was full of longing: “Ten years ago, Dongfang Niemie was already the first under heaven, someone unrivalled, and this was before he went into secluded cultivation. On the day that he comes out, he truly might be able to shatter the void and ascend into an immortal. Then, not only would he be the first under heaven, but also the worldwide number one expert since the beginning of history.”

Despite this knight liking to shoot off his mouth, Yang Dingtian could still hear that his adoration and reverence for Dongfang Niemie was definitely real. It was so much that when mentioning Dongfang Niemie, all the people inside the carriage held their breath.

“Then the third item?” Yang Dingtian questioned.

“The third major event, certainly is Cloudsky City Lord’s fight against Yin-Yang Sect’s Sovereign.” The magnificent knight replied.

Yang Dingtian was astonished: “City Lord Ximen wants to fight with Yin-Yang Sect?”

“Look at you speaking such coarse words. Fight?” The magnificent knight glared at Yang Dingtian and said: “You also know Cloudsky City’s City Lord Ximen Wuya?”

Yang Dingtian replied: “I know a bit.”

“Knowing is normal. City Lord Ximen is a great scholar under the heavens and his martial fame also spreads far and wide.” The magnificent knight said: “But Cloudsky City and Yin-Yang Sect’s relationship isn’t something you foundation-less uncertain knights are able to know. Four hundred years ago, a pair of peerless and proud people came out of Yin-Yang Sect. Their names were Yang Yunxiao1 and Leng Wuyan. Yang Yunxiao was fierce and fiery while Leng Wuyan was cold like ice. One Yin and one Yang, unrivalled under heaven.”

“The two people refused to accept each other and both wanted to inherit the position of Sovereign. After their Master died, the two of them fought against each other. Yang Yunxiao was defeated by a difference of half a move, but wasn’t reconciled to continue to remain in Yin-Yang Sect beneath Leng Wuyan. As a result, he left Yin-Yang Sect and used his own name to establish Cloudsky City. Then, he claimed that he was Yin-Yang Sect’s true governor and that there would be a day when he would replace Yin-Yang Sect.”

“In a short ten years, Cloudsky City became incomparably formidable and was able to pressure the other two sects. But because it was a place created by a Yin-Yang Sect traitor, although it was formidable, it wasn’t among the ‘Famous Families and Large Factions Under The Heavens’ list. It didn’t receive any respect from the world; instead, it was loathed by everyone. Yang Yunxiao would go to Yin-Yang Sect every ten years to challenge, but he would suffer defeat by half a move each time. After the third time he suffered defeat, he was annoyed and furious. He forcefully cleansed his marrows and veins and died from his whole body rupturing. A formidable person from that generation died an untimely death.”

“After Yang Yunxiao died, Cloudsky City became worse with each succeeding generation. But the Cloudsky City Lord would still go to Yin-Yang Sect every ten years to pay respect and challenge Yin-Yang’s Sovereign to seize away the status as the true governor. In the beginning, it started out with qualities worth seeing. However, Cloudsky City became increasingly weak afterwards and Yin-Yang Sect became more and more stronger. Several decades later, the Cloudsky City Lord just couldn’t defeat the third generation disciple and became the world’s laughingstock. It was so much that afterwards, when each successive City Lords went to Yin-Yang Sect, they were willing to sell themselves, recognize ancestors and return back to the sect. Some were even willing to act as Yin-Yang Sect’s separate examination hall, unwilling to be a solitary spirit wandering again.”

“It was known what kind of arrogance Yin-Yang Sect had. Even if the Cloudsky City Lord kneeled down and offered himself, it would only invite disgrace upon himself. Thus, the date of Yin-Yang Sect’s decennial big festive occasion date also became Cloudsky City Lord’s humiliation date.” The magnificent knight said with a disdainful smile.

Yang Dingtian suddenly recalled Ximen Wuya’s spoken words. He said going to Yin-Yang Sect was not only a mere formality every ten years, but also a humiliating experience every time. At that time Yang Dingtian didn’t think much of it, but remembering it now, he felt sad for Ximen Wuya.

“But twenty years ago, the former Cloudsky City Lord Yang Lie’s decision completely altered Cloudsky City’s destiny. He decided not to let his biological son to inherit the City Lord’s position, but rather stood his ground against opposition and allowed the marrying-in son-in-law Ximen Wuya to become the new Cloudsky City Lord.” The magnificent knight said: “Son-in-law ah, the most lacking in future prospects and talent person would became another person’s marrying-in son-in-law. But with this wise decision, Official Yang Lie made Cloudsky City rise up and become awe-inspiring, prestige spreading far and wide once more.”

“Ximen Wuya is a peerless talent. At 40 years-old, he became a Inner Universe powerhouse and beat the enemies that would humiliate Cloudsky City into wailing ghosts and howling wolves. He also made all the Martial Dao Schools within 1,000 Li of Cloudsky City terror-stricken at the news! In a short ten years, he made Cloudsky City become the region overlord that nobody dared to deceive or annoy. Ximen Wuya moved his hand throughout his whole life and became unparalleled; he is a genius only met once every hundred years. According to this kind of history, he would sooner or later come to challenge the precious position of Yin-Yang Sovereign and seize back the several-hundred-years-lost Yin-Yang Sovereign position. Unfortunately, his luck was too lacking and he met the once-in-a-millennium great Sect Master Dongfang Niemie. Ten years ago, Cloudsky City Lord Ximen Wuya went to Yin-Yang Sect to challenge Dongfang Niemie, but it was a pity; he lost by a difference of a move!”

“After Ximen Wuya suffered defeat, he returned back to Cloudsky City and bitterly cultivating day and night. He brought up his cultivation by a level, but Yin-Yang Sovereign Dongfang Niemie is currently in secluded cultivation for ten years. As a result, this battle will absolutely be a peak fight, receiving worldwide attention.” The magnificent knight sighed in admiration.

The expressions of all the people in the vehicle were all fascinated. Towards this heaven-startling fight, they were all full of anticipation. It was just that Yang Dingtian knew that this fight would not occur. This was because Dongfang Niemie, his Master, had already been thoroughly annihilated.

He didn’t expect that the two apex famous great Sect Masters were unexpectedly his most intimate two people in this world. This immediately made Yang Dingtian not help but let out a hissing sigh in his heart.

For a moment, the inside of the vehicle was silent; all of them were immersed in fascination at the two great Sect Masters. The red-clothed girl at his side couldn’t help but stealthily turn towards Yang Dingtian and give him a glance. She suddenly said with a low voice: “You can scoot over a little. Sitting like that is very uncomfortable.”

“En, okay!” Yang Dingtian slightly smiled. Then, he immediately drew closer to the red-clothed girl by a bit, but still didn’t touch her healthy tender body.

That red-clothed girl moved her waist and buttocks over to give Yang Dingtian a little more space, but her buttocks leaned a little too much and touched Yang Dingtian’s body. Immediately, it was like her tender body had received an electric shock and in a flash, even her earlobes became red.

Yang Dingtian felt something soft, bouncy and at touch, wonderfully elastic. In a moment, he also reddened to his ears and didn’t know what he should say.

That magnificent knight saw this and became even more jealous. He suddenly said to the old man: “Old man, your daughter wants a man. I’m afraid you’ll have another son-in-law.”

The red-clothed girl became angry in shame and couldn’t help but to lift up her head and say: “You, you’re speaking nonsense……”

Yang Dingtian’s complexion became cold: “Brother Qin, I held you in high esteem for being a famous family’s junior, so I courteously respected you. It doesn’t matter if you play a joke on me, but don’t bring disaster to this young lady. I am a coarse man indifferent to reputation, but this young lady is pure and her reputation cannot be tarnished. Your conduct as a famous family’s junior is to be broad-hearted, so I ask you to apologize to this young lady.”

That magnificent knight was crushed down by Yang Dingtian’s words. He wanted to get angry but also felt embarrassed because Yang Dingtian called him a famous family’s junior. He immediately laughed awkwardly: “It’s my bad, I should not have played this joke.”

Yang Dingtian said with a half serious half teasing smile: “Brother Qin truly isn’t a famous family’s junior for nothing. He is modest, open-minded and his chest is as vast as the sea2.”

That red-clothed girl’s beautiful eyes were like water. She looked towards Yang Dingtian bashfully and the gentleness in her eyes became even more prominent. She said in a low voice: “Thank you.”

That old man wasn’t angry in the least. He merely replied with a simple and honest smile: “No matter, no matter. Just a rural unrefined female, making everyone ridicule, ridicule……”

Seeing that the atmosphere in the vehicle was awkward, Yang Dingtian said: “Brother Qin, is there any other major event that you can tell us to broaden our horizons?”

After the magnificent knight heard that, he slightly hesitated for a while then said with a mystical expression on his face: “The following item I’m going to talk about is not a major event, but a secret. I truly cannot say, it is extremely secret. Cannot be said, cannot be said……”

On one hand, he was saying that he couldn’t speak but on the other, he was attentively watching Yang Dingtian and the others, waiting for Yang Dingtian to speak a request.

However, Yang Dingtian responded: “Since you can’t say, then I can’t make it difficult for you Brother Qin.”

Immediately, that magnificent knight pretended to be half extremely conflicted, but couldn’t bear it in the end. He said with a strange smiling face: “The matter I’m about to speak about, you guys must never speak outside, otherwise I really will be in big trouble. It is concerning Young Lady Dongfang’s marriage.”

Yang Dingtian’s complexion suddenly changed slightly. Could it be that Dongfang Bingling was betrothed?

“Was Dongfang Bingling betrothed to a man?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“No, no……” The magnificent knight shook his head, then first looked left and right as if the walls had ears and continued in a low voice: “This time, Mysterious Sky Sect Sovereign Zhu Qingzhu brought his son Zhu Hongxue to Yin-Yang Sect. On the surface, he is participating in **3, but in reality he is seeking for a marriage.”

The muscle on Yang Dingtian’s forehead jumped and he asked: “What is this Zhu Hongxue like?”

The magnificent knight was full of envy and frustration, as well as a bit of adoration: “Number one youth expert, number one beautiful male4, number one famous family heir. What else can be said?”

Yang Dingtian recalled Mysterious Sky Sect’s awe-inspiring authority at sea. In this knight’s mouth, Dongfang Bingling was the number-one-beauty-under-heaven and Zhu Xuehong number one beautiful male. In addition, both were world-famous family heirs, so it seemed like they truly were a match made in heaven.

“But it won’t be so easy for Zhu Xuehong to succeed.” The magnificent knight said: “Yin-Yang Sect junior Leng Aoye is crazily in love with Young Lady Dongfang. Speaking about his family background, it is not one bit inferior to Zhu Hongxue. His ancestor from several generations ago acted as Yin-Yang Sect Sovereign. He is Sovereign Leng Wuyan’s nineteenth generation direct-line descendant. Speaking about his appearance, he isn’t worse than Zhu Hongxue. Speaking about his cultivation, he also isn’t worse than Zhu Hongxue; it is in people’s expectations that he will become the next generation Yin-Yang Sect Sovereign. Furthermore, he was childhood friends with Young Lady Dongfang, so it can be said he has higher chances than Zhu Hongxue.”

“Therefore, if Zhu Hongxue wants to marry the beauty, it won’t be that easy.” The magnificent knight said.

Yang Dingtian felt uncomfortable at heart yet immediately nodded afterwards. However, he lost all interest in speaking any more.
This magnificent knight still kept on bragging. He bragged about how many people he knew from Yin-Yang Sect and even called Leng Aoye as ‘senior apprentice’. He also bragged aout how many highly thought of young people in the Northwest Qin Family and so on. Yang Dingtian merely listened courteously and didn’t pay attention.

After the vehicle travelled for two hours…..


“Pull up, pull up……” The magnificent knight suddenly shouted ‘pull up”, then said to Yang Dingtian: “Brother, it feels like we were old friends at first sight. If you have any problems, you definitely have to come to Northwest Qin Family and search for me!”

After that, he hurriedly got down from the cart.

Yang Dingtian doubtfully said: “Already arrived at Yin-Yang Sect?”

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