Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 10: Remarkably Beautiful Girl

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These troops was more than 100 people, all of them wearing magnificent fur clothes, body bringing along gorgeous Martial Instruments.

In between the ranks of these troops, there were several large snow carriages.

Every person’s eyes were extremely bright. Their skin was full of color and their faces had a prideful breath, not at all seeming like evil people.

“Ai…over here, over here, take me with you…”

Yang Dingtian dashed to the front and stood in the middle of the road that they were going to pass through. He waved around both hands while shouting, blocking the way of the troops.

This division of troops was right in the middle of urging their horses to go faster and didn’t think a savage would come out to the middle of the road and obstruct them, desperately waving and shouting.


“Martial force alert!”

The red robed rider in the front of the troops waved his hand and the whole team immediately stopped. Then, dozens of extraordinary bows and crossbows were aimed at Yang Dingtian in a flash.

The frontmost horse rider’s eyes were like arrows pointing at Yang Dingtian as he coldly said: “Who are you? Why are you blocking our path? Are you not afraid of death?”

This person was a soldierly-looking youth, but his eyes looked down at Yang Dingtian with an air of arrogance as he peered from horseback.

Yang Dingtian restrained his inner excitement and took a few mouthfuls of breath, then shouted a few sentences in the MaoLi race’s language. This was his plan: pretend to be a MaoLi barbarian.

Before that horseback youth replied, a crisp and sweet-sounding voice came from the gorgeous snow carriage behind the troops.

“Ximen Yan, why have we stopped? Who is shouting in front of us?” This was the sound of a very young female whose words were very fast, each character seemed to be brimming with impatience.

At once the complexion of the robed horseback youth’s became incomparably respectful and his eyes became fiery and blurred. It was as if this female’s every character could strike at his heart. On the other hand, it seemed that his name should be Ximen Yan.

“Young Lady, it is a MaoLi savage blocking our way and I don’t understand what he’s saying.” Ximen Yan said with utmost passion and respect.

“MaoLi savage? There are still MaoLi savages? I thought they were already extinguished.” The female’s impatient voice immediately became a bit excited. Then, she said: “I’ll go take a look!”

Then, she went to push the carriage door with the intent to come down.

“Yanyan don’t come down, this MaoLi savage is naked from head to toe, it will dirty your eyes.” Ximen Yan hurriedly said.

But it was already too late. The gorgeous snow carriage’s door was shoved open and a female walked out from the inside.

The girl was just like a fireball! Yang Dingtian’s eyes popped wide open after taking a glance; it was a very beautiful female.

Moreover, it was the childish face **1 in legends.

Her small snow white face was dainty beyond compare and her facial features seemed to have been jade sculpted by the Heavens. Her limpid eyes were big and beautiful, brimming with a wild flame. She had a perfect straight nose and a vividly red delicate ruby-lipped mouth like a blaze, making one full of the desire to kiss it.

Upon seeing the small face that was dainty beyond compare, it made one think that she was a teenager. However, the tender body under that face was incomparably mature and captivating. That shapely mature body possessed incomparably exquisite curves.

Her silky bosom contained what seemed like towering mountain peaks, practically chest measurements that Yang Dingtian had never seen before. Her small waist had the perfect amount of fat and she had an outstanding ass that was well developed and round like the moon.

Her plentiful mature tender body and delicate snow white doll-like face formed a distinct contrast. She was obviously a young girl, but already possessed such astonishing fiery curves on her tender body.

This was the big breasts childish face spoken of in only legends. A woman with these qualities were top quality, so Yang Dingtian blanked out for an instant. In particular, this girl was wearing an ultra-thin dress that wrapped around her body, making her ample and curvy tender body appear more fiery and captivating.

The clothing on her whole body, even the small boots, were all fire-red. The precious stones and jade ornaments on her body were also the color of a blazing fire. Thus, her standing on this snowy area truly did seem like a fireball. It made all the males on horseback full of desire like moths to a flame.

In this cold weather, the other people were all wearing fur clothing, even the very strong Ximen Yan was so. All except this young girl. Only she was wearing strongly wrapped thin clothing but didn’t seem to feel the cold one bit.

The moment she got off the carriage, practically all of the men’s eyes blurred. Then, the majority of them looked away with an ashamed look, not daring to glance again. Only a few outstanding and arrogant men continued to stare at the young girl’s face with intoxicated eyes; Ximen Yan was one of the people among them.

After this fireball-like girl got down from the carriage, her wild vision looked towards Yang Dingtian. As a girl, her eyes were full of aggression and water chestnut-like mouth was slightly curled, seeming to be full of disdain and arrogance about to explode at any moment.

“This is the savage? Doesn’t seem good looking.” The young girl’s mouth curled in disdain.

Of course Yang Dingtian wouldn’t be good looking at this moment; his whole body was naked. In addition, his hair and beard were like weeds. He wasn’t a savage, he surpassed savage-level.2

Finally, the young girl’s gaze fell on Yang Dingtian’s crotch. Yang Dingtian was the Nine Yang Body, so that region was very imposing, totally surpassing the greatness of an ordinary man.

A shy gaze very quickly covered the unruly one and the young girl said: “This isn’t a savage, it looks more like a beast.”

She looked at Yang Dingtian as if she were watching a wild animal. Even after seeing his male symbol, her vision seemed to jump around, full of arrogance and wildness.

But Ximen Yan couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t bear the goddess in his heart seeing Yang Dingtian’s lower body. He felt that this was an incomparably strong sullying and immediately became furious, wishing that he could promptly go forward and castrate Yang Dingtian.

“Okay, I’ve finished looking at the savage. Use a whip to drive him away, so that he stops blocking our way.” The young girl said with her melodious voice, then directly got back on.

“Good!” Ximen Yan said with a sneer. Then, he picked up a whip and suddenly lashed it out towards Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingting was extremely angry. This girl was beautiful, but also just as overbearing, directly making a person whip him. However, at this moment he still had to act like a MaoLi savage. Thus, he sent a bellow in the MaoLi language towards the young girl with unruliness.

Ximen Yan became very indignant, so he used more strength in using the whip to thrash Yang Dingtian. One of the segments of the whip had sharp barbs, so if it was used on one’s crotch, it was feared that one would directly become a court eunuch. Thus, Yang Dingtian suddenly reached out with his hand to seize the whip of the other party.

The young girl had unperturbedly got onto the carriage, but then all of the sudden, her beautiful pupils became bright. She suddenly fixed her gaze on Yang Dingtian’s chest, then rapidly ran to Yang Dingtian, yelling while running: “Stay your hand!”

Ximen Yan’s complexion transformed and had no alternative but to stop. Without delay, he said: “What are you doing Yanyan!? Don’t approach this savage! He is extremely filthy; be careful for any bugs on him jumping onto you.”

“Shut up, I don’t need you to manage me.” The young girl coldly said. Her words were full of intolerance, making the soldierly-looking Ximen Yan’s complexion immediately turn dark.

The young girl was in front of Yang Dingtian with one foot between them. A small hand covered her jade nose as if she couldn’t bear Yang Dingtian’s, this savage, smell. On the other hand, her beautiful eyes were still fixed on Yang Dingtian’s chest.

Being so close to this young girl who had a beautiful childish face and fiery stature with big breasts, Yang Dingtian’s heartbeat immediately sped up, so much that his mouth started feeling parched.

“Your thing3, sell it to me!” The young girl bossily said as she pointed at Yang Dingtian’s chest.

Yang Dingtian lowered his head to take a look at where this young girl’s delicate and slender small hand was pointing. Looking at what she was pointing out, Yang Dingtian discovered that she unexpectedly had a fancy on the flame ornament on his chest.

This was Yang Dingtian’s Master and Master’s wife’s engagement keepsake, as well as the identification token that he could use to prove his status. Yang Dingtian had just heard voices, so he excitedly come out and forgot to conceal this thing.

But he didn’t have any clothes on his body, so it wasn’t like he could hide this flame ornament anywhere. Besides, this flame-shaped necklace ornament was not a precious or rare object; it was merely but a unique engagement ornament, nothing more. Therefore, even if Yang Dingtian hung it on his chest, he wouldn’t need to be worried about being an ordinary man with a treasure that would arouse the greed of others.

However, the young girl before his eyes was decked with jewelry and gems, most likely a gaudy and bothersome person. Any of the pieces of jewelry on her body, even the small gems inlaid in her boots, were worth a thousand gold. Thus, there was no way for her to have a liking for the necklace on Yang Dingtian’s neck.

But this girl was completely like fire and it was a coincidence that the intricate flame ornament on Yang Dingtian had a vivid Spiritual Qi, making it seem just like a fireball. So as a result, this young girl fancied it on first sight.

This young girl came from an extremely rich background. From childhood to adulthood, no matter what thing she had a fancy for, all of it could be made hers easily. So she immediately used a commanding tone: “Give this savage 100 jin of meat, 100 gold coins. This is in order to buy over the necklace on his chest.”

Ximen Yan immediately forced a bitter smile. This dream lover of his was born on riches and didn’t have a concept on the value of an object, totally relying on her own preferences. She simply didn’t understand the value of 100 gold coins. This amount was entirely enough to allow a family of five live comfortably for a lifetime! Yet the flame ornament that hung on this savage’s chest, although the engraving master was very ingenious, the material was only a Blaze Stone. A 100 gold coins to buy this Blaze Stone really made him want to crush the savage to death before his eyes and bury him.

But her words absolutely couldn’t be disobeyed, otherwise the consequences would be severe. And so, Ximen Yan waved his hand and a famous horse rider behind him immediately carried forward came with a huge chunk of cooked meat, in addition to a bag of gold coins.

A 100 jin of meat was already very heavy, but Ximen Yan held onto it as if it was as light as a feather.

“Thump…” A 100 jin of meat was throw in front of Yang Dingtian, then the bag of gold coins was also thrown in front of Yang Dingtian’s feet. The bag opened wide and gold light glittered as gold coins tumbled out, practically making one’s eyes shake.

“Okay, that thing is now mine. You can walk away after taking the gold coins and meat…” After the young girl finished speaking, her small hands directly went to grab the flame ornament on Yang Dingtian’s chest, wanting to pull it off the rope.

“I’m not selling…” Yang Dingtian bellowed in a loud voice. Then, using his left hand, he seized the young girl’s small tender snow white hands.

Yang Dingtian had only cultivated ZhengYang Fist and Heaven and Earth Art and just recently completed the Martial Dao Initiation stage, but his attack speed was very quick. The young girl’s cultivation wasn’t low, yet her small hand was captured by Yang Dingtian due to the near distance.

After the young girl’s hand was captured by Yang Dingtian, immediately, as if she had been stung by a bee, her beautiful eyes blazed anger. She was just about to shout in anger, but Ximen Yan, who was behind her, was even more angry. The goddess in his heart’s small hand that he could only dream of holding, at this moment, had unexpectedly been held by a savage. By his soaring fury, he immediately took out an additional whip, a flame-like whip, and suddenly it flew towards Yang Dingtian’s head with the intent to hack it into two.

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