Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 1: Crossing Worlds

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“Where is this? Wasn’t I being burned alive?”

Yang Dingtian was in a completely unfamiliar world at this moment. He was inside a very deep cavern where one could see that the whole cavern was covered with cold ice if one turned their head around, and the entire cavern was crystal clear and sparkling.

But just a few minutes ago, he had been in Shui Mu University’s female teacher dormitories, with his hot and sexy girlfriend, as well as teacher, Li Bijun tangled up in bed. After his passion burst forth, his whole body became scalding hot, then his entire body started burning and he lost consciousness in the extreme pain.

When he woke up once more, he was already in this strange cavern.

Yang Dingtian was 20 years-old this year. He was a sophomore college student and because his old man was Jin Yong’s fan, his old man had given him the aggressive name ‘Yang Dingtian’.

He looked quite handsome, was smart, sensible, kind, and a little bad. However, there was one fatal trait and that was that his body’s Yang Fire was very strong. From childhood he does not feared heat but was scared of the cold. Although would wear only 1 layer of clothes in -10 degrees weather, and ate a lot but would not get fat, as if there was a bottomless pit within his body.

Of course, none of these were bad things. Moreover, his parents had taken him to see countless doctors and the numerous inspections all led to the same conclusion: ‘Although this child is a little thin, he is very healthy.’

When he was eight years-old, a westward-walking Taoist Priest met Yang Dingtian and said with a frightened face: “I would have never thought that there really is the legendary Nine Yang Body.”

Afterwards, the Taoist Priest told Yang Dingtian that his Nine Yang Body had Yang Fire many times more exuberant than others and that he could not interact with a woman for a lifetime nor could he even masturbate. Moreover, it was difficult to survive over 25 years-old and he would be burned alive by Yang Fire.

At that time, Yang Dingtian’s family thought that the Taoist Priest was a liar and that his words did not matter.

As he gradually grew up, matters were anything but reassuring. The gradually maturing Yang Dingtian discovered that whether it was seeing a really sexy woman, her pictures or videos, as long as lust gathered, there would be a fierce fire burning inside of his body that caused his body temperature to rise.

And this situation intensified. When Yang Dingtian was 18 years-old, he fell in love with his girlfriend and with his first affectionate touch, there were consequences in less than minute. Yang Dingtian acquired a 42 degrees fever and directly fainted, which frightened his first love into fits of screaming and she called an ambulance to save his little life.

Then, Yang Dingtian remembered the Taoist Priest’s words. He was a Nine Yang Body and could not interact with women, could not masturbate.

His first attempt at masturbation proved the consequences, that the Taoist Priest’s words may have been true.

Thus, before the age of twenty, Yang Dingtian could not interact with women; he had to preserve his virginity. Finally tonight, he could no longer resist. Because his girlfriend was too attractive, too erotic, too sexy, Yang Dingtian finally decided to destroy the defensive line. On the evening of his birthday, while intoxicated, drugged, charmed by his woman and under emotional stimulation, the two people finally broke the last line of defense and crazily rolled around in bed.

The results proved that the wretched Taoist Priest’s words were right; he had a Nine Yang Body and his whole body would spontaneously burst into flames after intercourse with a woman. This fact proved that Yang Dingtian’s old man truly had foresight, giving him such a name, Yang Dingtian. He really was a Sun…Above Heaven.

Yang Dingtian was burned out of his wits and lost consciousness, falling into endless darkness. When he woke up, he found himself in a completely unfamiliar environment, a deep cavern surrounded by cold ice.

“Where is this damned place?” Yang Dingtian’s body slightly shrunk back. He was unexpectedly feeling a sliver of coldness. This was truly amazing! From childhood to maturity, he had not known the thing called ‘coldness’, but at this moment, he actually felt cold.

“Could it be that this place is an icy cavern at the North pole?” Yang Dingtian secretly thought, ‘This place is indeed like the North Pole, because I wouldn’t even feel cold in my home at the Northeast where it is -20 to -30 degrees. If that’s the case, then here should be at least -50 to -60 degrees.’

Yang Dingtian, naked, crawled and got off the ice floor, then began to explore the ice cavern. It was very difficult for him to understand why he hadn’t died from the spontaneous combustion and unexpectedly arrived at this unfathomable ice cavern. Fortunately, he was a Nine Yang Body, otherwise he feared that he would be frozen to death within minutes.

This cavern truly was very deep, he could only see the sky in a small corner when he looked up. At this point, the sun should be shining because there was a light ray came from the hole, and after multiple reflections, it made the cavern bright.

Yang Dingtian guesstimated that the cavern was at least 1,000 meters deep with his eyes. The walls were steep and straight and he didn’t have any tools, so wanting to climb up was completely impossible.

Moreover, the bottom of the cavern wasn’t large, only a bit more than 100 square meters, and Yang Dingtian finished walking within a few moments. He desperately wanted to find an exit or hidden door or the like, but after searching for a long time, he discovered that every inch here was cold ice. There was nothing behind the cold ice, not even a stone or some dirt; every inch from inside out was cold ice.

“Heavens! How can I get out of here? This damned place doesn’t even having anything to eat; I’ll be starved to death in a few days.” Yang Dingtian sat on the icy ground in depression. He was naked and didn’t have a cell phone, but, he estimated that even if he had a phone, he wouldn’t have a signal.

Shortly afterwards, Yang Dingtian once again stood up with great effort and shouted towards the outside: “Someone come, help me, is there anyone out there?”

After a few dozen shouts, there wasn’t even a damned animal at the cavern entrance.

Yang Dingtian put his back on the icicle and slid down to sit once again.

“Don’t know how Bijun is doing, whether or not she was burned to death by me.” Yang Dingtian sadly thought about his sexy and awesome girlfriend, as well as teacher.

Afterwards, he was unwilling to look around the cavern in circles, so he thought about whether or not Bijun could immediately follow and cross over to arrive here.

Quite evidently, the entire cavern was empty, so it was impossible to have Li Bijun’s existence here.

“Old man, look at this broken name you gave me. It’s too aggressive, I really cannot afford to enjoy it.” Yang Dingtian recalled his crazy-for-Jin-Yong fan of an old man and forceful and ferocious mother. It was to be estimated that they should know about Ying Dingtian’s death by now; he didn’t know how sad they would be.

Yang Dingtian faced upwards to look outside the cavern entrance and sighed: “This damned cavern, how do I get out ah?”

Suddenly, there was a burst of glaring light as the sun shone from right above the cavern entrance. Yang Dingtian could hardly look straight forward and was forced to narrow his eyes.

Shortly after, Yang Dingtian suddenly opened both his eyes wide. His body shook because at last, he saw a very extraordinary and astonishing scene, so much that it could even be called a frightening scene, causing him to suddenly stand up.

The sky had two suns, unexpectedly had two suns!

Yang Dingtian was under the impression that he was seeing things or that it was a hallucination, and used a lot of strength to rub his eyes to see clearly.

Not wrong, there truly were two suns, one large one small, one glaringly bright, one not so bright!

Heavens! This was not Earth; Earth only had one sun. However, this place had two suns. This, what damned place was this? An alien planet? A different world?

Did he cross over? Did he unexpectedly cross over?

Yang Dingtian’s body went soft and once again, his ass was sitting on the icy floor as a wave of vertigo went through his head, causing him to nearly faint.

Other people would cross over by be electrocuted, be washed over by a tsunami, be struck by lightning, or by plane crash, which was the most common. Only he, Yang Dingtian, crossed over by spontaneous combustion after having sex. This crossing over really was unprecedented.

Old man, look at this broken name that you gave your son! Yang Dingtian, Sun Above Heavens, this awe-inspiring and aggressive name, I truly do not have the fortune to enjoy, it directly tossed me into a different world!

“Goodbye mother and father, goodbye friends, goodbye Earth!”

“Mother, father, don’t be too sad, your ages aren’t that old, maybe you can have another child.”

“Bijun, you were probably burned to death with me, so we can be considered to have had a life of a happily married couple.”

Yang Dingtian’s back was on the icicle at the center of the cave as he finally accepted the reality that he had crossed over to another world. Cherishing the memories of his past, he choked back tears that threatened to come out.

“This won’t do, I cannot keep on lamenting and complaining like this. In novels, those people who cross over always accomplish some sort of great undertaking. In any case, I cannot cross over as a good-for-nothing starving to death within this cavern, right?” Yang Dingtian suddenly stood up. He wanted to think up a method to get out.

In the end, he tossed around for a few hours and could not even climb up half a foot. The ice was really slippery and very firm, making him simply at the end of his wits. Then, he searched everywhere to find a road out, but the result was nothing.

For these few hours, his state of mind had gone through great tribulations. Once again with great effort, he tossed around for a long time. He had already been spent earlier, so he returned to the center of the cavern and leaned against the base of the icicle to rest for a bit before thinking up a solution.

He originally only wanted to believe that he was going to rest for a bit, but he was truly extremely tired and unexpectedly lost consciousness right away and went to sleep.

He was indeed fortunate to be the one person out of millions to have the Nine Yang Body. He had accumulated decades of Yang Fire within his body and the spontaneous combustion after he and Li Bijun made love had only vented a small part of it. Sleeping naked on a very cold icy floor at this time only made him feel a little chill and he wouldn’t be frozen to death.

Not knowing how long he slept, Yang Dingtian woke up hungry. Because of his special physique, his demand for food was much larger than other people. Now at this time, he had been hungry for dozens of hours and the pain had already been intolerable at an earlier time.

But this damned ice cavern had nothing but cold ice, let alone something to eat.

Yang Dingtian stood up and discovered that there were two suns from the entrance of the cavern. Did he sleep for a whole day and night? It was only that he didn’t know whether this world counted a day and night as 24 hours.

After standing up, Yang Dingtian suddenly discovered something unusual about the icicle behind him.

Originally, putting his back towards the icicle to sleep for dozens of hours and as if his body was similar to that of a hot stove, more than half of the icicle had melted away.

Of course, this couldn’t be regarded as an unusual or strange matter, but after the icicle melted, the dark blue color became somewhat transparent, as if there were something inside?

There is something within the icicle?

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