Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 30: Blood Oath! Heart Of Yanyan

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“Xiemen Yan, don’t you hear what I said?” Ximen Yanyan said coldly “He doesn’t die, he just has to heal the wounds. You better remember this point.”

“And, from today, Yang Dingtian is my husband, the future of the city, so you should be careful while talking to him.” Ximen flames cold and cold.

“What? Yanyan, what did you say?” Ximen Yan does not dare to believe.

“What? Didn’t you hear it clearly?” Ximen Yanyan said one word at a time “From today, Yang Dingtian is my husband, and he is the future owner of the city, and he is also your master, so you should be careful when you speak.”

Ximen Yan pointed to Yang Dingtian and said “Will you marry him? Marry such a waste? Why? This waste wants to curry favour with powerful people. He was a toad who wants to eat swan meat by marrying Dongfang Bingling, he also wants to be the yinyang sect lord, the result was he got humiliated and chased out. Now, he is eying our CloudSky City? You wish to make this waste CloudSky city lord? In your Dreams!”

Ximen Yanyan’s beautiful small become cold, as she said “This is the decision of my father, we just had bowed to Heaven and Earth and became husband and wife. could it be that you want to defy my father’s orders?”

Ximen Yan’s face twitched and screamed “Why? Why? I’m so good to you, treat you like a princess, and obedient with you. For you, I have done everything. I have done so much even than adoptive father and you are indifferent? Now let such a waste to become my new owner?”

“Haha…” Ximen Yan smiled and said “It’s really untrue world! Adoptive son, adoptive son? It’s so nice to hear, I’m so naive, I really think of myself as the son of your Ximen’s family. In reality, I am just a slave, a slave haha…”

“I refuse to accept it, I refuse to accept it…” Ximenyan’s tone changed from anger and anger to coldness.

Ximen Yanyan coldly said “Ximen Yan, do you want to revolt?”

“Rebellion?” Ximen Yan said with a sneer “No, It’s for the Cloud Firmament City’s destiny. Now City Lord died, I as the CloudSky City Lord’s adopted son, absolutely do not allow handing over lives of several thousand people of CloudSky City to an external waste.”

The Ximen Yanyan facial expression changes, the atmosphere became heavy, said: “What do you want to do?”

“I am going to look for the outside brothers to judge whether they can accept a foreign waste to rule over them?” Ximen Yan said “I will never believe that this is the order of the city owner, maybe it is in the false pretence. Anyway, he is a disaster star. Staying on the ship will bring disaster to our entire CloudSky City.”

“Ximen Yan, do you dare?” Ximen Yanyan fierce said.

“I don’t have anything to dare.” Ximen Yan coldly said “Can you block me? Do you think that you are my opponent? I deliberately let you win in martial contest previously. Otherwise, I can defeat you by using only one hand.”

Ximen Yanyan suddenly pulled out the sword and coldly roared “Ximen Yan, if you go one step further, then don’t say that I am being ruthless”

“Is it?” Simon Yan said coldly “I will not use any weapon even then I can defeat you in ten moves. If not then I am waste.

“I am forced.” Simon Yan said “I am also from Cloudsky city. I cannot watch the Cloudsky city being destroyed in the hands of both of you.

“Yanyan is not your match, you do not need to fight. “Yang Dingtian said, “You want to make this matter big to ruin me.”

“This can ruin me, but it is not good for you.” Yang Dingtian continued “It can be more advantageous to you in another way. After two years, we will have a duel. If I lose, I will voluntarily resign. Then I will recommend you as the new lord of the city.”

Ximenyan’s eyes brightened, but he sneered “I’m ranked in the top ten in Cloudsky expert ranking. I cultivated for 20 years to achieve it. You want to beat me in two years, In your Dreams! Besides, you are not qualified to be the owner of Cloudsky and what qualifications do you have to recommend me.”

“I do not have the qualifications, but Yanyan has.” Yang Dingtian said.

Ximen Yanyan becomes anxious but she does not speak.

“Two years? With you?” Ximen Yan sneered “I don’t know why adoptive father values you? You want to defeat me in such a short time, in your dreams!”

“Isn’t that right? It means that the father-in-law really misunderstood me and I am qualified neither to be the husband of YanYan nor to become the owner of Cloudsky.” Yang Dingtian said.

“Why do I believe you?” Ximen Yan coldly said

Yang Dingtian said “I pledge that two years later I and Ximen Yan will fight. If I lost than I am qualified neither to become Ximen Yanyan’s husband nor to become future Cloudsky City Lord. I will resign on own initiative from the qualifications of Cloudsky City Lord successor and will not enter Cloudsky City in a lifetime. If violate then lets me condemned by heaven and earth,  cannot be reincarnated ever again.”

“Snort!” Ximen Yan turns around to depart.

The cabin was silent, and the flames of Ximen finally can’t bear it anymore and tears rushed out. She looked at her father and started to sob hard but he did not dare to cry.

She was being protected by father since childhood like a princess. However, now everything has changed, her world collapsed, and her adoptive brother who has been obedient to her has also revealed his true colours. Her already injured heart has been devastated again, her young brother does not care about her.

“Yanyan, do you hate me?” asked Yang Dingtian.

Ximen Yanyan raised her beautiful face and looked at Yang Dingtian with the teary eyes which flashed with hate and blame, but soon all became sad.

If the father doesn’t want to protect Yang Dingtian, he will never end up like this. He will still be one of the top powerhouses in the world and will lead Cloudsky City to dominate the world. In some year, even Profound Heavenly Sect’s Zhu Qingzhu would not dare to provoke him easily, but all of this changed because of Yang Dingtian.

“Hate, how can I not hate you?” Ximen Yanyan said “At the beginning, you did not sell the flame ornaments to me, you are rude to me but also made me be defamed, I hate you to death. Now You harmed my father, how can I not hate you?”

Yang Dingtian looked at Ximen Yanyan and wanted to say sorry, but eventually did not say.

Ximen YanYan stares at Yang Dingtian while saying “But you can rest assured that I am not Dongfang Bingling. Since I married you, I will be your wife wholeheartedly and help you wholeheartedly.”

“I will still hate you in my heart but I will obey my father’s words and learn to be your wife.” Ximen Yanyan continued “So please rest assured, even if you now ask for a skin kiss, I am not will refuse, I will fulfil my responsibility as a wife…”

Yang Dingtian nodded but did not speak. He came in front of the Ximen Wuya and kneeled down pulled out the dagger to cut the palm of his hand, drawing a bloody scar, smearing blood on his face, down, said one word at a time “ I Yang Dingtian swears to the heavens and the twin moons, swears to the Chaos mainland. I will kill the Zhu Qingzhu’s whole family, I will definitely help the Cloudsky City to regain the Yinyang Sect. I will protect the Ximen YanYan forever, never let her hurt If I disobey this oath than  Twin Suns execute me, Twin Moons kill me.

This is blood oath which no one dare to disobey on chaos continent.

Author’s thought: Don’t think that novel is boring, it is going to exciting from chapter 35

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