Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 9

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Neville Castle siege

Compared to before, now I’m more aware of the state of the Neville Castle where my brother Geisel lives.

Neville Castle was built in a flatland and is surrounded by two water ditches. The land near the castle is somewhat rich.

As a result, I got the information faster than I thought.

Once again, the spy disguised as a merchant came to report.

「This is the report. I have been informed that the Viscount is planning how to assassinate Alsrod-sama. His plan is to lie about having caught a disease and then to call Asrold-sama and give him the seat of Viscount」

「I see. So everything goes well」

「What have you said…?」

The spy looked at me confused.

「I have received the same information through the other retainers who have already been at Neville Castle. It seems that within the followers of Geisel, there are some who say that this time Geisel is being very impatient and that in itself is dangerous. That’s why the information was leaked to me」

It is impossible for those followers to rely on a feudal lord who could disappear tomorrow. That much means that Geisel has been completely abandoned.

Moreover, among those who have been serving since the age of my father, there are quite a few who have doubts about Geisel’s ability. There are certain people in that group who have come to report. But truly, what power or ability, he possesses nothing.

「Alsrod-sama, it was the correct answer not to go through the Neville Castle」

Raviara felt relieved.

「Yeah, since meeting with Geisel face to face without guards would have been creepy」

I felt suspicious of him even before the assassination plan. Commercially, since our city is economically flourishing, now more than ever he must be holding a grudge against me.

The spy retired. From this moment, the war council starts. But even if I say war council, it’s just Raviara and me talking.

Despite being the wet nurse’s daughter, she being one of the people with whom I grew up, so among all my confidants she is the one I trust the most. So we started talking about the important issue. It was in a dark room where a lantern was flashing dimly.

「Lying about his illness, could it be that his goal is to assassinate you inside the castle? But indeed, a convenient development for us」

Raviara laughed fearlessly.

We are in a world at war. And Raviara is not just a kind woman.

「To be honest, I thought so too. With that, he will actually end up dead from an illness」

If you kill the present lord, you would never be able to escape from the usurper’s slander. On the other hand, if one voluntarily divulges that one is sick, then you just need to make sure the disease is fatal.

「But… Although we are talking about that person, surely it is difficult for Alsrod-sama to kill his real brother…」

It is true that we are related by blood, but if at this moment I begin to hesitate it will be I who finish dead.

――That’s right. It doesn’t matter if it’s your brother, an enemy must be defeated. Otherwise you won’t be able to become a Monarch.

Again that voice.

Did Oda Nobunaga also killed his relative?

――I killed my younger brother. But although I say this, he was the one who started it.

Then this situation looks similar. But even so, that Geisel will not give me the feudal lord’s seat obediently, and surely one day we would have faced each other anyway.

「I’m fine, Raviara. My only relative is my younger sister Altia」

「I understand, Raviara will also do everything in her power to help Alsrod-sama」

Raviara shows her determination.

Then our eyes met.

Without thinking, I extended my hand to Raviara’s face.


Raviara becomes embarrassed.

「Um… I plan to become the lord of Neville’s territory. I feel bad, but I do not think I can put Raviara in the position of legal wife. But… I… to you…」

I realized when I saved Raviara in the fortress.

I think of Raviara as one of my possessions, and I wish to make her mine even more.

「Surely Raviara was destined to serve Alsrod-sama since she was born. So surely this was destined to happen. Moreover, this is a life which Alsrod-sama has saved once」

That day, Raviara and I made love for the first time.

Raviara, the wet nurse’s child, was like an older sister, a childhood friend, a retainer and a comrade in arms, but now she also became my lover.

I was thankful that the enemy was making a strategy to lure us out. Now I don’t have to be worried about the defenses of the mansion.

Eventually, a message communicating that Geisel became ill officially arrived.

I respectfully sent a messenger sympathizing with his illness, but I never went there.

Rather, we began to attract the retainers who were distanced from Geisel to our side.

It can already be said that on the military force front, mine far exceeds that of Geisel. Because at the end of the day, the military force of Geisel only contains retainers and nothing else. And a part of those retainers are on our side. In addition, on our side we have the well-known and powerful warrior Shivik.

And since the disease worsened until he was on the verge of death, a message came saying that Gesiel wanted to give up his position as lord. Telling me to come to the castle.

Of course, he plans to assassinate me by calling me there.

「The time has come」

I visited Neville Castle with five hundred soldiers, including Shivik’s army.

I could immediately realize that the other party was at loss. It was because we brought so many soldiers that it was difficult for them to carry out their plan.

Those who were serving under Geisel were baffled. It was because I brought my soldiers with me and didn’t say anything about coming to the castle with them.

「Baron-dono, I wonder what could it mean the soldiers you have brought…」

「As I’m going to succeed my elder brother as the feudal lord, I thought it would be very embarrassing to bring a few soldiers with me. Since if not, I would be sullying my brother’s face. In order to maintain the dignity of my brother I have brought soldiers with me」

「B-But that…」

Then, Raviara took a step forward. Today Raviara is also next to me. I didn’t want to involve Raviara in so much danger, but she insisted in coming with me.

「Please look at them well. Every soldier is well equipped as you can see. Do not get confused, it’s not for a war, it’s for the Baron to succeed the power」

「I u-understand… But, those soldiers outside in the ditch what…」

「No, those soldiers were only escorting the Baron. We’ve left them stationed outside the castle across the ditch」

Raviara insisted, and so the other party finally broke. Just in front of the castle there are stationed 500 soldiers.

Even around me were people who excelled in military prowess advancing to the castle.

Maybe he will give up in carrying his plan now that it’s impossible, but either way, everything will be fine if I can take control of the territory of Neville.

I have already transmitted everywhere that my brother is seriously ill. Since his side said that, I just helped him to propagate it everywhere.

If he yield obediently the position of feudal lord with sickness as excuse, I would not mind helping him to keep his life. But everything depends on his next action,

Then, what will you choose, Geisel?

Your castle is already occupied.

Your path to survival is being sick, give up your position and going to rest somewhere.

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  1. The whole story is starting to feel rushed BUT you get bonus points for having an MC who has the balls to sleep with a girl

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