Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 6

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Great victory defending

「Okay, everyone, to defend until death! The enemy is agitated! There is possibility of victory!」

In response to my voice, high spirited voices could be heard.
Without a doubt, right now we are all united. I can’t leave them be, so I must at least not lose against the incoming enemy.

「Let Raviara take care of this, please!」
Raviara who was hiding behind a rampart that protruded from the fortress, raised her face a little and began to shoot arrows one after another.
The soldiers who were hit by arrows were falling one after another.
Raviara’s ability with the bow is something worthy of being proud. Among the elves there are many that stand out with the bow.
The arrows of the enemies are repelled thanks to the rampart, and so they don’t reach Raviara.

And for those lucky ones who are able to reach the fortress, they are greeted by a steep cliff made by us. At the moment when they are unable to continue climbing and stop their legs, an arrow is shot.
Even if the enemy shoot arrows or fireballs, they don’t have the enough power to destroy the rampart.

Since all this fort was made with dirt. They can’t even light a fire. Nor even destroy the building. There isn’t even a gate to break. It’s because it is simple, that the enemy is at loss at how to attack it. In fact, it was done this way because in the first place there was no time to build it.

Eventually upon discovering that they could climb from the side, the enemy began to prepare to attack.
But even that was in within the range of my assumption.
Having purposely created a zigzag path shape on the slope, we were able to throw as many arrows or spears as we want from above.
At first, ten enemies soldiers climbed up but soon ten soldiers enemies fell down. From this position, the enemies who come to attack are in full view. In addition they are unable to force their way in with numbers given that the road is narrow.

「I was worried about how a fortress made of dirt like this would work, but to think that it would be useful to this extent」
The old veteran general, Shivik, was also astonished.
「It occurred to me intuitively that in one way or another we could escape from this situation using a fortress made of dirt」

For some strange reason, the moment that I came up with that plan, an image about a fortress made with dirt in a world at war popped in my mind.
Surely these are the experiences and knowledge of the hero named Oda Nobunaga.
In that world with only having a high position in the ground, it becomes a fortress capable of defending more than enough against enemies. Being able to defend against an enemy ten times bigger than you was not difficult.
Since the enemies were unable to fly, just by creating a fortress either with dirt or any other material, the fortress would become a tedious existence.

By nature, the building called castle/fortress has to be placed on a ground with geographical advantage with respect to the enemy. If you have time you can build a stone castle, but even if you don’t have time you can create a defensive base.

Betting all on a suicide attack, finally a part of the enemy began to climb the slope-like path and were about to enter the fortress.
They are quite a brave warriors. I will recognize that they have courage in attacking without regard for their life.

But the next moment the enemy turned pale.
The road they had climbed was not connected to the fortress.
Between the path and the fortress was a deep ditch impossible to cross through.
The moment they stopped moving their feet, those soldiers were killed with arrows.

Using a wooden board, our soldiers were able to move through those ditches to other places. So from the beginning, the path that the enemy thought that was the main road was never connected with the fortress.

「This fortress made with dirt seems simple but it’s very effective. Raviara is surprised」
「I’m surprised too. I never thought that just by using the road in this way would give us such a big advantage like this」
「At least, I will never lose if they continue to attempt to climb in such a brute manner. Because, look, all our soldiers are full of spirit」
Raviara looks behind.
There are almost no people injured.

We are fighting from an overwhelmingly advantageous place. The fear of death and substantial danger are also drastically reduced.

I think that the enemy’s casualties have already exceeded the hundred. First those who dare to come from the front are shot an arrow one after another, and those enemies who dare to attack from the slope are totally crushed.
None of those people at Mineria thought that we had built a fortress in such a place. To face an enemy without any kind of strategy will only increase the number of corpses. Surely they have no idea about how to seize our fortress.

Finally the enemy withdrew without being able to gain any benefit whatsoever.
After shouting a war cry, they began to celebrate their victory.

「It is true that this was my strategy. But it is also true that without the courage of all you we could never have reached this point. I thank you all of you!」
Reacting to my words, the soldiers became even more excited.

On hearing that we were prevailing against the enemy, my older brother, Geisel, sent us reinforcements.
Now we can defend both fortresses, Nagrad Fort and the newly created fortress in the opposite shore. Upon hearing that I had built a fortress in the enemy’s land, my elder brother sent me a letter 「I have no words for what you’ve achieved」 congratulating me on it.

Surely my brother is not happy about the great role I played in this, but there is no doubt that he is happy that the enemy’s threat has been drastically reduced.

Now that it appears that Mineria has given up for the moment to completely destroy us, the tense state of war faded temporarily. To be frank, the casualties of the enemy were too many. Surely they are unable to even think about some basic strategy to deal with us.
I also received a return order from my elder brother Geisel. It must be remembered that I was only sent here to help because of the precarious situation they were in, so this was something that had to happen. I returned with Raviara.

「Greetings to Alsrod-sama!」
As a final act the old general Shivik made all the soldiers salute me.
「You’re a hero without equal! It’s only thanks to you that Neville has been protected!」

「If I am a hero, then each one of you is also a hero! Stick your chest out and fight for this Neville territory!」
I couldn’t help it but to show off a little at the end.

Raviara told me this when we were returning.
「Raviara believed that she knew everything about Alsrod-sama, but that battle performance exceeded by at least three levels my imagination」
「That’s right. After all, it even exceeded my imagination for at least three levels」
At first I was prepared to die in battle, but in the end I was able to push back the enemies.

Even so, Raviara who seemed a little dissatisfied was inflating her cute cheeks. This was the attitude of when she pouts.
「Is there a problem?」
「Raviara wished you had told her if you possessed such overwhelming power! Hiding such a secret from Raviara, you are heartless!」

「That’s why I told you that it exceeded what I had thought, it can’t be helped then, right? I think all this is thanks to the Job」
「The one you mentioned, that Oda Nobunaga?」
「That’s right」
I nodded as I was riding a horse.
「Something like Magic Swordsman it’s not a big deal. This is surely the strongest Job」

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  1. The whole thing about loyalties and moral at the beginning seemed forced and it messed with the flow but it was fine near the end

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