Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 4

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The mysterious Job playing a big role

My body moved in an inconceivable way.
It doesn’t matter what the enemy is wearing, whether it’s leather or metal, I continue piercing them as I aim for the gaps in their armors.
Without making any useless movement.
Obviously I’m moving my body according to my will but it still feels like it’s not mine.
This is what I think but surely my mind can’t follow the pace of the specs that my Job possess. Of course, this is my first time experiencing a battle.

Ten soldiers were killed in succession. Thanks to that, the surroundings became a little more secure.
「Alsrod-sama, to think that you had practiced with the sword until this point…」
「I don’t believe it either, but anyway, be prepared we will dash out from here! To the front lines!」
Let’s face them believing that the Oda Nobunaga Job can rival the Magic Swordsman Job.

There was an enormous amount of enemies since their objective was to besiege the fortress. But if I must speak clearly, each of them moved so slowly that I didn’t feel like I would get hit.

ーーThat’s a matter of course. Only those who are qualified to be a monarch can stop another monarch. Although Akechi Mitsuhide rose to power for a brief period of time after killing Oda Nobunaga, he indeed took over the heavens.

As expected, I’m hearing a inner voice. A voice related to my Job. I don’t feel like he is going to take over my conscience, so everything it’s okay.
Perhaps, this voice is of a hero from another world. I have begun to understand it intuitively,

But well. What’s important is to survive so I can return.

I went to Raviara’s side, and as to console her I patted her shoulders.
「Wait here. I will descend to the bottom. I will come back without a doubt」
「I-I understand…」

Raviara seemed a little puzzled, but ultimately she said that she understood. I’m sure she wanted to fight next to me.

After further advance.
More and more enemies are coming running through the corridor that connects to the gate, and even more are slayed. Even fallen enemies that I find, fall again. Yes, now it seems like an avalanche is forming with all the enemy’s bodies.

Probably, until this moment I have killed more than 50 enemies. And surely if I kill a couple more the enemy will tremble with fear. If we make them think that they will fail, it will be our victory.

If it’s only that, then I think I can do it. I don’t feel my body tired at all.

「The guys who have the courage to climb up to the gate will be killed by your lord Alsrod! You guys, massacre all those who entered the fortress!」
Hearing that voice, even those soldiers who had lost their confidence regained their spirit.
「Yeah, we can do it!」「We have Alsrod-sama with us!」

All right, I’m counting with you all. As long as the enemy doesn’t increase their numbers, we can exterminate them all.

I slay the enemy in front of the gate.
And since the other side sometimes tries to climb the stairs I kick them down.
「What a violent way to fight!」
The enemies who came to attack started to insult.
Violent? I don’t care. As if a fight would have rules when you bet your life. You said that when you were the ones who made our soldiers betray us.

I heard the noise of the gate closing behind me. Apparently they were quick to do emergency repairs on the gate.
Now if we can exterminate these guys at the front, we will be able to escape from this deadlock from the time being.

We will the ones who will start pushing from here.
I will show you the power of my Job.

I know very well where I should thrust my sword to kill.

Step aside, all of you.
I’m a man who has the blood of a viscountーーNo, I’m a man who inherited the power of a monarch.

The enemy’s screams continue. And they continue.
Every time I brandish the sword a splash of blood flies around.

Against the guys who try to throw a fireball with magic, before they can, I appear before them and stab them in the heart.
Against the enemies who try to stab with spears, I jump over their spears and with another jump I cut their necks.

With only my power, the state of the battle began to change gradually.

I don’t know the exact number since I didn’t count, but I think I’ve killed more than 150 people.
I think we have succeeded even if it’s to make the enemy withdraw. Although I don’t know the details, I can say with certainty that it was thanks to the Job. Otherwise, not to mention killing 20 soldiers, I would have already died.

I reached the lowest floor of the fort. Most of the enemies have already escaped so for now everyone can come back to the fortress.

But just at that moment I heard a familiar voice.

「I-I can continue…」
Raviara was fighting outside the gate.
However, she was surrounded by the enemy and her clothes were badly damaged. It seems that she was fighting very recklessly. The proof is that despite being good with the bow and arrow she was forced to fight in close range.
「Since I will go to Alsrod-sama’s side…」

Idiot! Even when I told you to wait for me inside the fortress! Even when you told me you’ll wait for me!
It can’t be helped.
Since from the moment I was born a slightly larger baby was already by my side.

With sword in hand, I thrusted forward with all my power.

「Don’t you dare to put a finger on Raviara!」

I cannot lose Raviara in such a place like this!

Before the enemy soldiers can attack herーー
Using all my strength, I wield the sword horizontally.

ーSpecial Skill【Monarch’s Pride】is activated. As long you are protecting your possessions, your offensive power is doubled.

Doubled again… Another cheat skill has been born…
I can say with confidence that I have practiced considerably with the sword, but even so now I have four times my power…

It may be because of the influence of my strength that my sword was turning redーThe moment I started to think about that, the bodies of the enemies were cut in half.

Having lost the burden that was the lower part of their bodies, they began to fall slowly.

「Like I thought, four times is something impossible…」

Even the remaining soldiers had the fear drawn on their faces. It seems that nobody can win over me at that aspect, but even so to protect Raviara I will double check to be completely safe.

「Hiee… A m-monsterー」
I ended up killing the remaining enemies. My sword turned a little blunt after killing them. It seems that the effectiveness of skill was only temporary. Even so a blow is enough.

「Raviara, are you okay?」
「Alsrod-sama… I’m sorry, I was so afraid to leave Alsrod-sama completely alone…」
「Well, the sermon is for later. I’m glad you are safe」

I gently stretched my hand to Raviara’s back.
It’s warm. She is properly alive. I was able to protect Raviara.

「I’m glad… Alsrod-sama is alive…」
Unlike me, Raviara started to cry knowing that I was alive.
「Whoa, you were the one who was in danger, you know…?」
「But, you went alone outside the gate and after it was closed I thought, he couldn’t have died, right…? And then I was worried and worried so…」

Now that you mention it, it’s true. If you think about it normally, going out alone is nothing more than a suicidal act.

「I’m sorry. Now that we are here, when you calm down cast healing magic on me, please」
I tap Raviara’s back.

Eh? But when the explanation from that skill crossed on my mind said something like 「As long you are protecting your possessions」or so I believe…
I see, for me, Raviara being my childhood friend means that she is one of my possessions…

As I was strangely embarrassed, to hide it away I hugged Raviara more strongly.

「Alsrod-sama, it hurts」
「I don’t want to lose Raviara」
「But Raviara isn’t going anywhere?」

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  1. This chapter just reinforce’s my belief that this world’s god got bored and made an OP person for fun but other than that it was fine

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