Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 38

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Royal family’s wanted person

The supreme commander, Colt Rentland narrowly escaped with his life.

A lot of enemy’s generals were killed, our victory was overwhelming.

In terms of publicity, the effect it had was enormous.

Those under the command of the Rentland house who were waiting for how the war would develop surely now they are thinking about abandoning their lord.

Without loosening my pursuit, I ended up going north.

Colt Rentland was holed up inside of a old castle, with about 300 people. Judging that they had no chance of victory, most of their soldiers ended up deserting.

They should have already received the news that one of their relatives is going to attack their main base.

「It’s a pitiful story that the Rentland House who boasted of prosperity has been destroyed so easily, even with its long history」

While surrounding the castle, Shivik calmly,

「I never thought that I would be able to see such an event in my advanced age」

「Let me tell you that I plan to build my own kingdom while you are alive, Shivik. Now that we have another prefecture under our control, there will be plenty of things to do, so you can take your well deserved rest in the meantime」

「Once accustomed to fight, resting is the most difficult thing to do」

Most of Colt Rentland’s house and his retainers were so proud that they decided to commit suicide ..

When my army arrived at the enemy’s main base, the Mordala castle, people belonging to Rentland House had already surrendered, and their surrenders were delivered to me by the one who betrayed them, Vado Rentland.

Excluding people who submitted their surrenders in advance, a large number of necks flew.

A large number of retainers defected to our side with the neck of their companions just before we attacked, however, they were killed right away for their disloyalty towards their companions.

And since the women were not involved in the war, they were forgiven.

In this way, I have obtained the Naguri prefecture after the Fodoneria prefecture.

It has not been more than half a year since I have unified the Fodoneria prefecture, using this sudden attack strategy.

Since the territory has grown exponentially, the government affairs takes more of my time now.

The Naguri prefecture is facing the sea so there are many port cities, in addition, Maust is also facing the Naguri river so there are several river ports too. Just being able to understand how to make use of these cities take an unbelievable amount of time.

「Fannelia, investigate and report immediately the scale of the city in addition to the products that they generate and their future development possibilities and the likes」

「I believe that even for myself it is difficult to do it in just one day…」

It seems that for even the finance minister is something difficult to do.

「Luckily, most of those related to Naguri’s finances have surrendered beforehand. Seek help from those people I must also understand how to use well those unoccupied lands…」

It’s something to be delighted, but most of my duties have not changed.

My territory has grown a lot so I decided it was time to give rewards.

「Red Bear Unit’s captain, Orkus Bright. White Eagle Unit’s captain, Leon Milkolia. Due to your great military exploits, I will grant you both, a county of the Naguri prefecture. Noel Raudo will officially become feudal lord of two of the three counties that exist in the northern part of Fodoneria. As for Meisel Ujie, although he will not be given control over the county in the North Hill Castle, he will become the feudal lord of one of the three counties that there are in the northern part that form the Menaru county」

As for the others, they were given different kind of rewards, but most of them were like that.

Especially Meisel, he looked completely happy because he has returned to be a Viscount of a county.

「All those that I have named, can refer to themselves as Viscounts. I will confirm with the royal family as quickly as possible about all your titles」

「Count, I believe that it’s not necessary to confirm anything with the current royal family since even them are in a precarious situation」

Orkus personality is simple so he can say that kind of things without batting an eye.

「Even now, he is in a confrontation with his cousin for the title of the king, and not to mention that even the royal family is completely disorganized」

That’s right, the fight between brothers of the past generation continues even at this moment. The younger brother became king by defeating the older brother, but the son of that older brother came back and became the king. Now, the son of the younger brother is wandering through each territory in order to obtain the throne.

「Yes, I know that. The one I will seek for the investiture ceremony is none other than the wandering prince Hasse-sama」

Most people were dumbfounded.

「It doesn’t make sense to seek the recognition of a person who doesn’t know if the following day could be assassinated, I’m telling you. It will be nothing more than an empty promise, you know?」

「But if Hasse-sama becomes king, then it will stop being an empty promise, right?」

I chuckled.

「To make Hasse-sama the king, I plan to march to the royal capital. If Hasse-sama become the king, let see… in order to support him I wouldn’t mind becoming a regent」

The first one to react to my words was Oda Nobunaga.

――Truly good! That’s right, it would be a joke if you couldn’t even capture the capital! This Monarch really stepped on the capital with the intention of helping the Ashikaga shogunate. Since Yoshiteru was a quite splendid person. But in the end, even after having supported him for so many years, it wasn’t enough.

Well, it’s one of the oldest tricks, to capture a country using a puppet. However, if you take it over before the right time, then you just have to work steadily as regent.

「I believe that the most suitable to reign is none other than Hasse-sama. The current king, Hasse’s cousin, only favors his precious retainers, and those important nobles only try to curry favor with him. It’s necessary for Hasse-sama to become the king」

「It should be easy to carry some wandering person with us」

It seems that Orkus understands at what I’m aiming.

I obtained two prefectures. Now it’s possible to organize an army of almost 10,000 soldiers.

Of course, it would be problematic to leave our home unprotected, so the number of soldiers that I will be able to bring with me will be less than that amount I have just said, but still it will be enough to set the capital as my goal.

Moving east from Naguri prefecture, is the entrance to the royal capital.

I must go through a few prefectures, but it’s not an impossible to do.

「For now, let’s search for Hasse-sama. I have heard that he is hiding east of Naguri prefecture, in the temple of Ikuto prefecture. If we want to protect Hasse-sama, then first we have to start by searching his whereabouts」

On the east side of the Naguri prefecture, facing the ocean is the Shiyara prefecture, and further inland is the Ikuto prefecture. The Ikuto prefecture is divided into small powers, the perfect place for one to hide.

However before putting into effect my political plans, a big change occurred around me.

My child was born.

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