Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 37

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Usurping consecutively several fortresses

「So, how should the advance team attack? If we stay put the situation will get worse every second that passes」

Orkus has a habit of touching his mustache when pondering.

「If we continue advancing through the valley, we will be attacked by the enemy but this time they will be ready. Nor we can’t break through by force either since that would require a lot of effort」

That’s right, we already entered a bit inside the valley where the Saura fortress is located.

The enemy wishes to enclose us and destroy us through an encirclement.

From the enemy’s point of view, we have fallen completely into their trap.

The enemy feudal lord Colt Rentland is a man who thinks too much about anything.

They can mobilize a larger number of soldiers than me. Surely the enemy is thinking about attacking my prefecture if it can seriously damage me here.

――If I remember correctly, something similar happened at the time when this Monarch was alive. Mori Motonari lured out Ouchi’s army and then he completely destroyed it. Then starting from that moment, he slowly attacked and destroyed Ouchi’s territory.

I don’t intend for it to happen to me.

I will break out from this situation.

「Meisel, the map」

The map that Meisel extended was only that of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

「To tell you the truth, I have already found the various shortcuts that we could take with the Saura fortress in mind. It seems that the enemy is blocking the road and make it seem as if our only possibility is to go down the mountain, but we can circumvent the mountain」

For this I’m relying on the information of the spies and Fleur.

「The plan of the enemy is to exhaust us making us conquer fortress after fortress. So if we are able to conquer them quickly, while keeping the momentum, we will be able to go down to the plains with all our strength」

I looked at the face of every person present.

「If from now on all the fortresses that we find try to stop us, then we have no other but to destroy them completely. Once the forces that we left behind join us, if we are able to come out to the plainsーー then it’s our victory」

「I don’t understand your intention. But what I do know is that if we intend to circumvent the fortresses, we wouldn’t have enough lives, right」

「If it’s just that, I believe that you all are capable」

These soldiers are already affected by my special skill 【Monarch’s Guide】. The concentration and reliability of soldiers were already increased by 50%.

What I do know is that if we attack using this strategy, the number of victims compared to before will decrease.

In addition I have also prepared special unit Rappa.

If I make them move secretly, our situation will become even more advantageous.

「Understood! If I don’t show my guts here, I’m not a man!」

Orkus yelled.

「That’s the spirit. I will also accompany you all, use all your strength and don’t leave anyone alive」

「It’s dangerous for the Count himself to come out too…」

Leon said it hesitating. To stop me in this kind of moments is Leon’s work.

「I know very well that you all will protect me. So, there is nothing to be afraid of」

Leon’s face changed completely to one fully focused on war.

「No matter what happens, White Eagle Unit will protect the Count!」

――Special skill 【Monarch’s Guide】 has ranked up! The concentration and reliability are doubled. In addition, the offensive power and defensive power are also increased by 30%.

Ooh, the bonus has increased even further.

It has become an unbelievable and excellent unit.

「The first fortress. The enemy built his fortress on the side of the mountain because they assumed that their enemies would attack using the path that goes through the valley. In other words, we will turn around and attack from above. If a group of elite soldiers attack, it should fall quickly. Let’s go」

The next day. I intentionally used the road that goes through the valley, and had a small skirmish with their soldiers that descended from the fortress. After all, we need to make them believe that we will take that path and not another.

Then, the next night. We advanced through the ridge road.

A red ribbon was attached in some places so as not to get lost. Raikan Slope, a member of the Rappa unit investigated the path beforehand in his wolf form.

「Please, let us, the Red Bear Unit do this. It will be enough with only 20 people!」

I decided to leave it to the captain Orkus.

From the rear of the fortress, soldiers of the Red Bear Unit began to descend in ladders, thus infiltrating the fortress.

Then the next moment, several screams could be heard.

By the time I was able to descend the ladder, Orkus shrieked saying 「I have fifteen necks with me!」

To be honest, the quality in training of my special units are completely different from that of ordinary soldiers. Even if they are just a couple of them, they are capable of exerting tremendous power.

Thirty minutes later, the enemy was almost destroyed and the general of the castle surrendered.

「Talk fast about the other fortress. If not, you die」

Because they know very well about torture, I entrusted that job to Rappa unit. Soon, the enemy spit everything about the other fortresses.

It doesn’t seem that he is telling lies because most of the information coincides with ours.

There are two fortresses in which the enemy uses as a base.

「For what remains of the day we must capture at least one or two more. Let’s continue in this way!」

At the next fortress, Rappa members infiltrated and opened the door from within.

A technique that my enemy back then used against me when I was dispatched to the Nagrad Fort. There is a reason why the security of a fortress should be tight. And it’s because if several people manage to infiltrate, then the fortress would become a bloodbath, a hell on earth.

From this fortress to the next, the enemy tried again to isolate us and make us cross the ridge road, but this time there was no need to make a detour around the fortress like the last time. It was because I had already fully grasped the roads of this mountain.

This time, Rappa carried out a disturbance tactic, setting fire to the fortress. Now what remains to be done is nothing but attack with brute forceー

「Please, leave it to me」

Meisel Ujie said it with an imposing expression.

「I see. I’m sure it’s far from enough for you if this end with them surrendering the castle. Go, and fight to your heart’s content」

The unit led by Meisel joined the battle.

The enemy tries to defend their castle with all their might because their plan to win as much time as possible will fail the moment the castle falls.

The moment I also stepped on the fortress, my allies are encouraged.

「Hear me well! If we make this castle fall we can leave this ridge once for all! If you make a big hole enough to cross though! We will surely win!」

I also cut three people.

My special skill 【Monarch’s Strength】is activated the moment I enter battle. My offensive power is multiplied by two. I’m sorry but, small fries like you all never had the chance to win at all.

It’s obvious which willpower will win when their and ours face each other.

When I thought we had gained full control, Meisel came to me.

「I’ve have killed the castle’s general」

「Well done. When we have taken possession of the Naguri prefecture, I will make sure to increase your territory」

By the time the last fortress fell, it was already morning. We have fought for more than twelve hours in a row. Even though we were replacing the soldiers who were attacking, everything up to even the movement between here and there was exhausting.

Even so, it’s a great achievement that in less than a day we have been able to knock down three enemy fortresses.

Finally the road to the plains has been opened.

After giving the soldiers their well-deserved rest, we created a castle just outside of the exit of the ridge.

Now after my troops coming behind us join us here, I will destroy the enemy main base.

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