Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 35

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A new concubine and the attack on the Naguri prefecture

As I admired Fleur, Serafina stood between us and the map.

「Husband, this is my room. I wonder if you are aware about that」

「Ah, yes, I was careless. My bad, my bad」

「It’s not about that… I think it would be better if you talk about these military matters in Fleur’s room」

Serafina gives Raviara a quick look.

「Yes, Raviara also thinks that would be the right thing to do…」

Raviara said that too with a downcast look.

When I saw the faces of both, I could understand it.

If the lord of the castle visits one of the women’s rooms, it can only mean one thing, that thing.

「Raviara and I are pregnant, and talking for a long time would tired us, so I’d like if we could go to rest now. Also, I don’t know anything about the Naguri prefecture, with whom you should talk is with Fleur, right?」

Her mouth says that, but her face looks sad.

Serafina may already think that I already decided to make Fleur my concubine. I was worried about what Serafina and Raviara would think, so until now I had not accepted another concubine.

「If Fleur does not mind, I would like to hear a little more」

「I have no objection」

Fleur answered quietly like an example of a nobleman’s princess.

「Then, I will continue talking about where it would be good to attack them」

After moving to another room, I asked her something else.

「Your brother is aware that you are here with me? I want to avoid offending him」

「Before I separated from my family, he  told me that there was no problem with me marrying the Count’s House. Afterwards, I asked the Count’s wife about attending the Count thought the night」

「Then, I will let myself fall into Serafina’s plan」

At the next moment, I embraced Fleur.

I quickly understood how devout and adorable Fleur was. Born under a small feudal lord, she always wondered how she should protect the territory of her family.

「Fleur, as long as the Ujie House continues to obey me, their safety is assured. Let me promise this」

「Yes, please treat my family well」

一Surely she has been living all this time thinking that the fate of her family is on her small shoulders. Fleur expression, although a little, is stiff.

I placed my hands on her cheeks.

「It would better if you could smile a little more. You may think of yourself as a princess of a ruined country, but here, there is no one who will blame you for that」

「Thank you. It has been many years since I’ve heard such kind words…」

Although a large part of her uneasiness still remains, Fleur was able to smile a little.

「Yes, that face you are doing right now, it’s prettier」

While I stroked the hair of Fleur, I held her between my chest.

Several days later, it was decided to make Fleur a oficcial concubine.

The plan to attack Naguri prefecture was made.

「For starters, the advance team will conquer a certain fortress found in the enemy’s interior territory called Saura. It’s a valley that is near a mountain. The decisive battle will be held there」

After giving the conscription order throughout the prefecture and before all the soldiers began to gather, a part of my special units along with me were already going north.

On my way there, I entered the North Hill Castle ruled by Noen. Without a doubt you can say that this is the northernmost place in my prefecture.

「It seems that the number of soldiers that have come with you are awfully few… I thought that all the soldiers of the prefecture would come for this moment…」

Noen looked a little confused.

「In one way or another, all the soldiers will end gathering here. There is no need to use a large army to take a little fortress. Rather, we will take it easy, and later we will be able to overwhelm them with soldiers」

We will use all the soldiers later. First of all, we need to capture that fortress.

Meisel Ujie was also present as the North HIll Castle’s adjutant general.

「Let me thank you for keeping a eye on my little sister」

Seeing that face full of fighting spirit, I could fully understand that he bet everything for the revival of his family with her. The sentiments that he will make all his effort in this war were also transmitted.

「Thanks to your sister I came up with a good plan. We will win this battle for sure. You too join the advance team. With Noen here is enough」

We invaded the Naguri prefecture with almost 700 soldiers.

On our way there, we captured several enemy fortresses.

Each and every one of them had only the necessary preparations to defend themselves from the attack of the small feudal lord who was in the northeast part of the prefecture before being subjected to me, it was no different from leaving the doors open to us. There were also completely abandoned places.

It’s natural for them to not  have the necessary measures to stop us from the beginning. And naturally they have never fought against a similar power that has a prefecture in their possession.

The problem is that the fortress that we have conquered so far have never been repaired or remodeled.

That means that from the beginning the enemy never had the intention of defending themselves against us in the corners of the prefecture.

As we move forward, soldiers that we left behind started to appear, making our ranks grow to almost 1000 soldiers.

Finally we captured the central fortress called Saura that was on the deepest part of the Naguri prefecture. The fortress was on a slightly elevated mountain, but even so they escaped without fighting.

From here the true battle begins.

I held a war council with the special units.

「If we can overcome the mountain ridge, we will enter the plains of the northern part of Naguri province. Then, we will be able to attack once and for all the enemy base, the castle Mordala」

Molkara castle is a port town facing the sea.  The Naguri prefecture has many harbours because the northernmost part of the prefecture is in contact with the sea.

「To reach the other end of this mountain ridge we have to cross several fortresses. Of course, the number of fortress that we must cross is not as many as we have already crossed. But most of these fortresses have been repaired. Do you understand the meaning of this?」

The captains of the White Eagle Unit and Red Bear Unit nodded.

「The enemy plans to isolate us and destroy us in this mountain. If the enemy turns around and comes from behind the fortress and surrounds us, then the enemy can do a pincer attack」

「It’s as Leon says. They have repeatedly used this strategy in the past」

「Even if we go fortress after fortress without stopping, by the time we left for the plains, the enemy would take advantage of our tiredness to send his main army and finish us. And even if we wanted to escape, a detached force would be waiting for us on our backs」

Orkus said while holding his head with his hand.

「That’s how it is. But well, the enemy thought that by this time his fortress would be more full of our soldiers than now」

A large army would have no place to escape in this territory. It is for that reason that I rejected that a large part of our reinforcements came with us. Now we can eliminate the detached force of the enemy.

He is not the only one thinking two steps forward. Destroy the enemy in one go.

――You are eager to fight, it seems. Well, it’s not as if the enemy’s castle is in the inland area and besides, you have also taken measures already. It’s easier than to attack Mino.

It could be. But since you are here with me, I will destroy this neighbouring state faster than you destroyed Mino.

I said to Oda Nobunaga.

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  1. 「If we can overcome the mountain ridge, we will enter the plains of the northern part of Naguri province. Then, we will be able to attack once and for all the enemy base, the castle [Mordala]」

    [Molkara] castle is a port town facing the sea. The Naguri prefecture has many [harbours] because the northernmost part of the prefecture is in contact with the sea.
    – Which one is correct? Molkara or Mordala?
    – [harbours] should be [harbors]

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