Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 34

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The woman who was held captive

As soon as I returned to the Maust castle, I started gathering information about the Naguri prefecture.

In my spare time I kept thinking about how we should fight against Rentland House.

My ideas progress much better when I rest in my wife’s room than when I take care of political affairs. And that’s because I can disconnect myself from all political issues.

Also in the section where my wife is, the only men that can enter are me and a few others. You could even  say that this is a small harem.

「Sigh, you are looking at the map again, husband」

While looking at the map that was spread out on the table, Serafina spoke.

「It can’t be helped, right? This will be a war of a scale never seen before」

Now that I became a feudal lord that rules over a prefecture, I realized that I don’t have the experience in fighting against people of my same rank.

If by chance I failed, everything I have could be ruined.

「He doesn’t have a choice, Serafina has also to bear with him」

Next to me was Raviara, bringing me tea. Given her position, Raviara wouldn’t have to stoop to do this kind of thing, but this is already her personality so I can’t do anything about it.

「From what I see, your stomachs are growing even more. If possible, I would like to destroy the Rentland House before they are born」

「Alsrod-sama, it seems that you are unusually eager to fight」

Raviara said while she served me tea.

「But no matter what, it is impossible to take possession of a prefecture in a couple of months. No matter how you put it, it’s difficult thing to do, right?」

「I guess. Even Oda Nobunaga said that he took his time to conquer the neighboring state called Mino」

「Oda Nobunaga? Are you talking about your Job?」

「Ah… Don’t mind it」

I try not to talk too much openly that I can talk to Oda Nobunaga as much as possible. Besides, most would not believe me.

「I’m serious, you know? Since later I will have to think about wars and children. However, I have roughly thought about the strategy」

I put a mark on a place on the map of the Naguri prefecture.

I will create a beneficial situation for us before they come to attack us.

「I would really like to be helping my husband right now, but the baby is more important so I can not do anything」

「Raviara is the same」

The faces of both met and said 「Right?」.

I have the feeling that Serafina and Raviara have become closer. It must be because their positions are almost identical.

「But, husband… Even if you did not notice, I’m also forcing my brain even if it’s a little bit to help you」

Serafina said it like she was in wrong.

「I understand that very well. That you are always watching over me. It’s like your job says, but for me, you are my personal Saint」

「Yeah, but I would like a more concrete thing. Raviara-san, please」

Upon hearing Serafina, Raviara left the room. What on the earth is happening?

The next moment, Raviara entered again with a girl. This girl age should be around fifteen. She had a beautiful pink hair.

Considering she is Serafina’s maid, her dress more than gorgeous. She seems to have a high social position too, who on the earth could she be?

「I believe that this is the first time we met」

A beautiful voice like a bell ringing.

「I wonder whose daughter you could be? If someone as beautiful as you were the daughter of one of my retainers, there would already be rumors floating around」

「I am pleased to meet you, I am Meisel Ujie’s little sister, Fleur」

Ah, North Hill Castle’s feudal lord’s sister.

「Since two years ago I have been living as a hostage in the former Rentland House. It’s for that reason that I believe I can tell you a little about the internal state of the house」

「I’d appreciate it. I would certainly like if you could teach me about various things」

「Yes, I had that intention」

I thought that she was a truly polite person. Maybe that now she is a princess of a ruined country has something to do with this.

Serafina came in between me and Fleur.

「The Ujie House thought that this girl would be helpful and that’s why they sent her to my husband. First of all, she is very intelligent, and I feel I can trust her」

Fleur hit her chest with her hand. That is a gesture that means that she swears what she is going to say.

「To reward you who have decided to forgive Ujie House, they have sent me to you. Also, in the next battle against the Rentland House, my brother will surely go to the front lines to fight. And for the sake of my brother I want us to be victorious. That’s why I’ve come to tell you everything I can about them」

「I appreciate your feelings. So is it okay for us to start with the questions right now?」

「Yes, no matter what kind of questions they are, I will answer them all」

「Surely the Rentland House is preparing right now for the war, so when do you think it would be a good time for us to attack them?」

I asked her this kind of question on purpose to test her.

「I think the best time to attack them would be at the harvest wheat period. The amount of soldiers they will be able to recruit will decrease in that period. Especially on the south side of Naguri prefecture given that their land is extremely fertile, so they would be needing all the manpower possible at that time. However, because the land is wide, it is not suitable for defense」

I see, her words come naturally.

「Then, do you have any kind of reason why they would not attack us at that moment?」

「There are several reasons. First of all, they do not think they are in danger so they do not have the notion that they need to defend their prefecture. Also nobody has ever been able to steal their prefecture from them」

It’s possible. It’s likely that they have become conservative due to their extensive territory and because they had it for a long time.

「The next reason is because they want to avoid a fight here in the Fodoneria prefecture. Since the peasants who are recruited as soldiers are reluctant to fight away from their homes. They must fear that the morale of their soldiers collapses due to the trip they must make to reach the neighboring prefecture」

That too. That’s why I wanted to recruit professional soldiers. The special units were created for that same reason. An army that will fight regardless of the season will be able to attack an army that wouldn’t want to fight due to said season.

「As a final point, they may try to entice the Count using money」

Fleur took her finger to various parts of the map where several fortresses were located.

「I am sure the enemy fortress is somewhere in the north of their prefecture. If by chance the forces of Fodoneria attacked and they needed to escape, it would be difficult for them doing so otherwise. They would even fear that their troops could collapse during that time」

「Fleur-san, you are a truly intelligent person」

Surely while she was a hostage, she had the duty to report what was happening inside the Naguri prefecture. She is not a simple bird in a cage.

It may be that I received a more incredible general than I expected.

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