Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 33

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Recruiting the loser party

The war for the Fodoneria prefecture ended, I stayed one day in an inn, and the next day I had a meeting with my retainers.

「First of all, everyone will be rewarded for their contribution in the war. There were many who excelled」

Since it’s after our victory, I find myself in a very good mood. I allowed drinking alcohol after our victory so there are people with reddened faces. However, because the captain’s face of the Red Bear Unit was already reddish from the beginning, I don’t know if alcohol affected him or not.

「Specially Noen, who decorated his first battle with a victory. Thanks to that the rest of the battle became easier. The number of enemies capable of facing us diminished」

Noen has a expression full of pride in his face.

「After confirming who were the ones who were advocating for war, I decided to execute the lord together with his House. The rest will be integrated into our army. I intend to leave Serafina in charge of women and children」

Since they chose to remain in the castle, it means that they intended to live or die fighting, so it would not be at all strange if I had chosen to execute them, but after seeing the reaction of my retainers, I came up with an idea.

Unlike the small feudal lords that I have fought so far, this small feudal lord, Meisel Ujie had, more or less, courage. If I can use him as a general, then I’ll use him.

「If anyone has an opinion about what I have done, it’s okay, you can say it」

Orkus, the captain of the Red Bear Unit said, 「Yeah」, and raised his hand.

「There were several with good movements among the enemies. Please, add them to the Red Bear Unit. The soldiers were also highly trained」

「I see. Do what you want with them」

Next, Noen raised his hand.

「With all due respect, this man called Meisel is a courageous man. If it’s allowed, I want this man to serve under me as a general」

「I see, requesting such a thing, you have a perfect timing」

It links well with my plan.

「Noen, you will act as the general of the North Hill Castle in where Meisel Ujie holed up」

North Hill Castle is in other words the nickname of the castle. Its name was given because it is located on the hill further north of the prefecture. From that hill you can see the Naguri prefecture that its located to the north.

Because it’s an important location, Noen looked a little scared.

「Our next battle will start from this point. I don’t have to remind you all how important this location is, right? To face the Rentland House of Naguri prefecture, we must firmly hold this location. The enemy surely will come to attack us in the near future. Because we unified the prefecture faster than they thought, they will surely understand how serious the situation is」

Surely they thought that they could take their time in sending reinforcements, that nothing serious was going to happen. Or maybe they have thought there was no point sending reinforcements, and from the beginning they were going to sacrifice them.

No matter what, our next fight will be against the Naguri prefecture.

「That’s why I want to leave in charge a chief retainer in charge of the North Hill Castle. But when I was thinking about it, I thought it would be weird to leave the captains of the Red Bear Unit and the White Eagle Unit in charge and having them away from me, and Raviara is pregnant. Even Shivik is――」

「Even though I’m not young anymore, I won’t lose against a youngster. Compared to the days in the Nagrid fortress, being here is like being in heaven」

He spoke before I could finish, so I could only force a smile.

「I understand that very well, but the issue is that I don’t have parents , so I want to take care of my elders. But surely you’ll have to go out and fight again sooner or later. Until you leave, I want you to rest in Maust」

「Everything will be done as the Count ordered it」

Shivik nodded formally.

By the way, the son of Shivik――or as I call him, little Shivik――is already in his thirties, and he’s under my command like his father, but he seems to be fed up with his father’s formal attitude.

「Then Noen will have full authority of these three counties. Rule with the stick and carrot. Since surely soon we will be wearing armors again」

「I will strive to respond to the trust of the Count…」

Noen nodded deeply.

It’s a big responsibility but I have no doubt that he will give everything of himself.

Moreover, it’s true that Shivik is old, and thinking about the future, I would like to have a large number of generals to use.

「Good, then, since we are here now, let’s call the Viscount Meisel Ujie」

After a while, Meisel Ujie was brought in front of us.

He’s younger than I thought. He must be in the middle of his twenties. From the moment he entered, he had a serious expression on his face.

「I have already taken the resolution to die for having challenged the Count」

「Let me ask you something. From the beginning of our battle, you never had a chance to win. So why, why didn’t you give up? Or like other feudal lords, you could have escaped to Naguri prefecture from the beginning」

Including the retainers of the feudal lords, there are a large number of people who asked to join the Rentland House of Naguri prefecture.

「My family has ruled this territory for generations. I couldn’t do something like surrender myself without having fought before. It is our responsibility as feudal lords to bet our lives to protect our territory, that’s why we are the feudal lords and not them. It is shameful for a feudal lord to escape at the first sign of danger」

I understand now. It’s true that this man has a backbone.

「I like you. You will work as general under this man, Noen Raud. Your identity as Viscount will be deprived, but if you work well you can get more land than you’ve ever dreamed of」

The man named Meisel made an unexpected expression.

「I was sure that all those who rebelled would be killed… That’s why we fought with that conviction」

「It depends of the person. If it’s someone useful I’ll bring it to my side, if it’s somebody useless I’ll kill it. That’s how it is」

――That’s right, that’s right. It’s better to use those who are useful as warlords. The Monarch pardoned Matsunaga Hisahide although this one betrayed him once. But well, in the end, Hisahide betrayed me once again…

Again, this Oda Nobunaga started talking about something.

――I also intended to forgive Araki Murashige but this ended refusing stubbornly… Why did everyone end up betraying me so much…?

Hey, I have no interest in hearing about your complainings.

――In short, use whoever is useful. Otherwise you will be unable to govern your territory once this grows too much.

I agree with that.

「This Meisel Ujie, will work with all his spirit to pay your kindness」

「It’s not kindness」

I said it laughing. I’m not so naive.

「I will use you because you are useful. That’s why now it’s your turn to show me your value. Create your raison d’etre and hold it firmly」

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