Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 31

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How to destroy a small feudal lord

「From the beginning, I have not been destroying small feudal lords with the aim of unifying the prefecture. Our objective is the destruction of the Naguri House.  This warーーis nothing more than the first step」

My words also surprised the soldiers.

However, among them, only one person raised his voice. White Eagle Unit’s captain, Leon, said 「As expected of my lord」. He is a soldier of elven origins.

「Count’s eyes are able to see ahead than everyone. That’s why I can’t think of anything other than wanting to accompany you to the end of the world」

「That’s right. It would be a problem if you don’t follow me. Be sure to bring me the victory」

I gathered my soldiers near the fortress of the enemy feudal lord.

The enemy is positioned in a not so big mountain. The number is around one hundred.

Even if they call it fortress, It is far from a real fortress made of stone. To enter that fortress that looks like it was made of stone, we’ll have to cross a hill, and after passing thought it, we will be able to enter the fortress.

「If it’s brute force, you won’t have problems in achieving it with your power. Then, it remains to decide who will be the first to charge in」

It goes without saying that the first unit to charge in will be the ones in greatest danger.

「Please leave it to use!」

Noen raised his voice.

「The other day, unable to understand the feelings of the Count, I showed a shameful behavior. I want to wipe out that disgrace」

I thought he was a very promising guy.

Originally he was a retainer who was serving as general of a family which I destroyed, but it seems that he has quite earnest character.

「Well said. Then you can try. I will give you just a little hint」

I explained where the defense of the castle was weak.

「――This is why it will be easy to take possession of the fortress from the north side. That fortress was built having in mind the enemies from the south. If they are unable to withstand the attack, they would be able to escape to the north where their base is located. Of course, their way back will be easier」

「Being able to see through them to such an extent, as expected…」

The other generals were also amazed.

「If you think about it from their point of view, then it’s easy. Now it’s your turn, Noen」

「Sir! I will definitely pulverize the enemy!」

Immediately Noen’s soldiers went behind the fortress.

We, on the other hand, attracted the attention of the enemy from the south side.

Eventually, Noen’s soldiers were able to enter the enemy fortress. From the fortress huge cries could be heard.

「Good, now the enemy will try to escape through this direction. Shivik, block the road and and annihilate them」

「Your will will be done! No one will leave the fortress alive!」

Some enemies started running with the intention of escaping from the fortress. It’s not uncommon that they don’t have a unit with a deep loyalty, after all, their lord is nothing but a little feudal lord.

I’m sorry, but I need everyone here to die.

「Prepare the arrows. If you see soldiers escaping, shoot them!」

Seeing that they don’t have a place to escape, the enemy soldiers will try to escape at full speed from our encirclement.

Right now, they have more desire to escape than to continue fighting.

Still without loosening the encirclement, we continued killing the enemy.

Eventually smoke started to come out of the fortress. Finally, Noen finished it.

「The victory has been decided! Now to make this victory even more perfect, let’s give it one last push!」

Upon learning that we have won, 「「Ooo!」」 our allies raised a cheerful voice.

In the end, since we started this war, only a couple of hours have passed.

Noen came back full of dirt, but without any injuries.

「Count, the enemy general was killed. He was the current feudal lord’s little brother. He begged for his life, but I still cut him」

「That’s fine. Truly, begging for his life after getting that far, what a pathetic guy」

I can’t believe that after expreselly warning them that I was going to kill all those inside the fortress, that he start begging for his life moments before the fortress began to fall.

「It seems that these people underestimated why war is called war」

The White Eagle Unit’s capitan, Leon, said.

「Even in this period, it’s not like there’s not been bloody feuds. But nevertheless, until now, the small feudal lords have survived a relationship of give-and-take. They don’t know the true fear of wars」

「Leon, if I’m not mistaken, you used to work as a mercenary, right?」

「Yes, there were many lords with that kind of naive thinking. But, it’s not rare at all for there to be feudal lords who have never raised military exploits」

「It’s just like you say. However, that doesn’t apply to me. I will continue without any mercy from now on」

――Yes, that’s right. You must crush all those who wish to stand in the Monarch’s way.

That reminds me, you also hate fighting this kind of war.

――War is the most effective opportunity to show the strength of a monarch. This Monarch has never done a siege war. The longer the battle lasts, even if you take over the enemy castle, people will be unable to feel your strength. Not to mention that even if you give up to take over the castle, thus avoiding more damage, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a defeat. It takes time.

I also agree. 一If there is an enemy that you can defeat in one blow, then defeat that enemy.

――But well, although this is a small territory, you finally have got one. The stupid feudal lord will be scared to death when he hears about the annihilation of the fortress, and he won’t be able to think of anything other than surrendering. It’s impossible for an idiot to have courage. I’m completely sure that such a person will not defend his territory until death to have an honorable defeat.

That’s right, I’m looking forward to the reactions of the enemy.

Soon after the enemy feudal lord sent his surrender I asked him to appear in front of me.

At glance you can see that he is an useless man. His stomach is so inflated to the point that you cannot call him a military man. Surely he hasn’t even taken part in a properly political meetings.

For a moment I had thought that he could be useful, but now I doubt it.

「Count, I will admit all my mistakes so far, so, please could you… could you… forgive me…」

「Okay. I’m not a demon either. I will forgive you. Since I haven’t crossed arms directly with you yet. It’s not worth it to exterminate all of you」

「I’m thankful for your mercy! I will use this life of mine at it fullest for the Count!」

「Aren’t you misunderstanding something?」

I said with a cold voice.

「A retainer of mine will rule this territory. Your family will live in a town near Neville as peasants」

「But, but that’s! You said that you had forgiven us…」

「But I have help you to conserve your life right? So don’t be afraid. Your retainers will regroup with mine」

If their leader is like this, the retainers loyalty should also be like that. I don’t have to worry about them causing a rebellion.

「Take him」

A pair of men with great strength belonging to the elite guards, grabbed their 「previous」 feudal lord’s arm, and took him away.

So, let’s continue crushing the remaining feudal lords?

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