Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 3

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Fortress crisis and special skill

After returning to my mansion, Raviara immediately snapped at my older brother treatment.

「That’s too much! Telling you to go to Nagrad Fort! It’s like he thought about killing Alsrod-sama from the beginning!」
「It can’t be helped. It is true that it would be bad if we did not defend the fortress, and it is also true that the best way to raise morale is to have someone close to the lord go there」

「In that case, the feudal lord himself should go! Is not the reason he does not want to go there because he is afraid of war!? No matter what, if the fortress falls the Neville territory will also be in danger!」
Well, hmm, that’s exactly how it is.
For saying a stupid thing I made my brother angry. I was certainly stupid, I deserve it.

「Hmm, why don’t we collude with Mineria?」
Raviara’s eyes were serious. She seems serious, but it’s a dangerous topic.
「Do you know what you’re saying…? If there were any spies of my brother in this place, do you know what would happen!?」

「It’s because the lord appreciates them that the retainers follow them. If there is no appreciation, the retainers have the right to abandon their lord. Moreover, it’s not strange at all for a retainer to betray his lord in this 『Rebellion of One Hundred Years』 period!」

It seems that Raviara is desperately trying to make me survive. That shows how fierce the defensive battle of the Nagrad Fort would be. The Nagrad Fort is easy to defend given that right next to the river there is a benchland, but as the attacks build up, it would not be strange at all to lose.

「Nothing will come out from Alsrod-sama dying in that kind of place! In addition, if the younger brother betrays the lord of Neville territory, the enemy would be able to use it as a slogan! It would no longer be a dream to rule the territory of Neville as a Mineria’s retainer!」
The words spoken by Raviara made my heart totter.
I’m sure if everything goes well, I would be able to change my status, even raising it wouldn’t be a dream.

But then my sister Altia enters in the equation.
「Onii-sama, welcome back…」
Just as she finished saluting me, Altia began to cough violently. She always had poor health.
「Altia, If you are tired you don’t have to come out」
「But, I heard people’s voice saying you were going to the fortress… Then I wouldn’t be able to see you, for a while…」

I sighed.
「As I thought, the betraying strategy is not good. I can’t take Altia with me. And if I betray him, Altia will beーー」
「Indeed… As an example, Altia-sama’s life…」

Surely from the beginning my brother Geisel knew that I wasn’t going to betray him.
I can’t do something like endanger Altia.
But still, taking Altia to an unsanitary fortress would be the same as locking her in a burning house. Besides, I have no excuse if they blame me for taking my sickly sister.

Moreover, it would be rare to think that my brother doesn’t have staff in the fortress, the first unusual move I make would be reported.

「As I assumed, I have no choice but to go there myself. Everything will be fine as long as I win」
「But at most there are only 250 people in the fortress… And the enemy forces are probably over 2000… Surely you will be able to take at least 100 more, but either way, it is still a worrying number…」

In general, the attacking side needs at least three times as many soldiers as the defending side during a siege.
In other words, to defend against an enemy of 2000 would require at least 700 soldiers. Having said that, the more soldiers you have the greater is the chance of a plague being unleashed and not to say that the amount of provision needed would increase. One could say that the optimum would be to defend with a handful of elites.

But the problem with defending with a handful is that it doesn’t leave you time to breathe.
It’s impossible to continue a long war with a with a sense of extreme tension. One can not know where their attention might fall. In any case, it’s impossible to push the enemy back.

「Even if it’s worrying, I have no other choice but to do so. That’s my job」
Please, let this Oda Nobunaga be an amazing Job…

Together with Raviara, we led 120 soldiers to the Nagrad Fort.
The fortress is located next to the coast of a river that acts as a boundary between our territory and the territory of Mineria.

It’s true that with my arrival morale rose. The soldiers acknowledged that they were not abandoned.
The moment they think they are only sacrificial stones, the soldiers could escape or betray us, that’s why morale is important. No one is willing to die.

But since the enemy’s attack is sporadic, the soldiers didn’t have time to rest. On the contrary, rumors began to run that the enemy would enter the offensive completely.

Now I was having a secret talk with general of the castle, Shivik, who had been defending the fortress until now.
「The truth is that the enemy builders have created a path to the fortress though the climbing road… Sooner or later they will all attack at once… But when it will be, that I don’t know」
「If such a thing happens, do you think the fortress will hold?」
「The fortress itself is sturdy. That’s why I could endure until now. But most of the soldiers are completely exhausted. Once the gate is breached…」

The situation is worse than I thought.
Rather, this is why I came here. It’s okay if the fortress can last a little longer now that I’m here, and even if I die here my brother would be happy. Shit, someday I will have my revenge on Geisel!

But for that I must survive.
It happened just at dusk of the same day after my conversation with the general Shivik.

「The enemy is attacking!」

Hearing that voice, I woke up with a jump.
As expected, the enemy plans to conquer the fortress in one sweep!

But something that absolutely shouldn’t have happened happened.
「The gate is open!」「Where is the bolt!?」「Even the metal on the gate has been removed!」

The gate was no longer usable.
That the gate has been breached means that some soldiers changed of side.
We lose in numbers. If they get inside, everything will be over!

「Raviara, never leave my side! First we need to understand the situation!」
「Yes! Raviara has learned healing magic from her elf mother, you too don’t leave my side, Alsrod-sama!」

Raviara was born a little before me so taking into account her age she could have received her Job, but she has yet to go to the temple. Maybe she took me into account since I was her lord and waited until I had become an adult. That must be the reason even though she is at a good age to marry.

But even without a Job, Raviara holds enough power. She had mastered magic personally. The reason must be because the percentage of elves who excel in magic is high. Even her skill with the bow and arrow is considerable high.

A considerable number of soldiers had already gotten inside the fortress. The crest drawn on their armors was from the territory next to ours, from Mineria.

「If the enemy has already entered, it means that they are preparing for an all out attack. Being a night attack, surely they won’t send all their soldiers, but even if we assume that, I’m afraid that at least they will send around 500 soldiers」
「500 soldiers! We can’t win that!」
Among them, some can use magic, others can cut soldiers’ bodies like a Kamaitachi(Youkai/Demon) could do, but in short, we are outnumbered. But the mere fact that they attacked us at night made the response of our soldiers slow.

If by chance there was a magic swordsman here, he would be able to defeat all the enemies one after another, overcoming this situation. But that’s just a military world’s story.

If you think on the side of common sense, if the situation doesn’t change, the fort will fall.

The general of the fortress, Shivik, came to me. He had an arrow stuck in his leather armor.

「It’s regrettable, but this is the end. We will all die in battle…」
True, there is no time for a retreat,
I lived a very disappointing life. Not even a month has passed since I became an adult.
It happened so fast that I can’t even get sad. This is why I said I didn’t want to be the second son of a weak lord.
One way or another, I want at least Raviara to escape.

「Raviara, you at least escape. If it’s you, you can surely escape. For nothing in the world let the male soldiers catch you. Since you are very beautiful」
「Please stop calling me beautiful at this kind of moment…」
Raviara was crying, but she still hadn’t given up yet.

「Since Raviara will fight. That is the job of Raviara, the one who has been serving Alsrod-sama all those years!」
「So what would I have to do to save you?」
「Please, repel all enemies」
Said Raviara with a roguish smile.
I can’t do something like that. What you said is like a joke.

But it was at that moment.
For some strange reason I felt full of confidence although I didn’t understand where it came from.

ーーIf it’s something like this, you can overcome it. After all, you have gained the Job with the potential to become a monarch.

I feel like I hear my inner voice saying something amazing.
Don’t tell, the Job called Oda Nobunaga… is something really amazing?

I drew my sword.
I don’t have the time to put on a heavy armor, but in return I can move more freely.

「Then, Raviara, I will protect you. Look at me well」

「U-Understood…! That’s the Alsrod-sama I know!」
In that instant, Raviara was taken aback, but even so she showed me her smile.

I have learned considerably how to use a sword. I won’t die easily.

I flew towards the enemy.

At that moment I hear my inner voice again.

ーSpecial skill 【Monarch’s Strength】is activated. As long you are in combat, your offensive power is doubled.

Special skills are those impossible to get as long as you don’t raise your proficiency Job. It’s impossible for a person who doesn’t know what his Job does to use them. Not to mention, that it doubles the physical abilities is unrealistic. In that case, wouldn’t I enter from the ranks of a normal person to a super human in an instant…?

But since I’ve heard it, I have no choice but to believe it.
I’m counting on you, Oda Nobunaga Job!

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