Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 29

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Arranging the marriage of my sister

「I have already prepared myself to be married somewhere as in a political marriage」

I stared at Altia’s eyes. The sick girl who could disappear with just a touch has disappeared.

In its place appeared a person worthy of being the sister of the Count.

To think that you can look at me like that with such intense eyes.

「Actually, I was also already thinking about your wedding」

「Could it be the Rentland House from the Naguri prefecture? The head’s son should be in his thirties if I’m not wrong」

This is not the right place to talk, but I guess this is not something I have to hide.

「Wrong. There is a possibility that one day I will attack that prefecture」

It’s normal to divorce the wife who comes from the enemy country, but sometimes the husband and his children also participate in the war. In this way, both end up sharing the same fate.

If I send Altia, surely they will start to be careless against me, but I want to avoid using my sister as a tool to achieve a surprise attack on them.

「So the only choice remaining possible is, Serafina’s home?」

「Right. We could strengthen our alliance even more, but such an option will not help us to expand our territory even more. At this point, both sides are building a relationship of trust」

Despite her condition, she seems to be well aware of the situation of our surroundings.

「Then… what about the Olbia Prefecture, Naham House? There is a young nobleman called Brand Naham」

「You got it. Although I don’t know what kind of benefits we could get from if I were to give you to them」

For a while, it looked like Altia was considering it, but seconds later, she started hitting her racket with her right hand.

「You can’t know how good the ball is if you don’t hit it」

She answered me with a kind of riddle.

「If we want to see if he is worthy to marry me. then we have no choice but to call him and check it」

「Like father like son, but in this case, Altia has a personality like that of my husband」

Serafina said that half surprised, half evaluating us highly, but even so I understood what she meant very well.

「So with what reason do I call them? No way I can tell them that, come we want to appraise you. Even if we aren’t at war, they have their own territories to take care of」

「Why don’t we invite him to come to play Air Ball with the Count’s sister?」

Altia lifted the ball, and with the racket directed towards me, she hit it.

With my left hand I catch it. It’s quite a heavy ball.

「I’m strong in Air Ball, I」

Without wanting to, I let my laughter escape.

「I understand. I will also join Altia’s plan! Let’s call Brand Naham」

That’s right. A person who doesn’t want to come with the sole reason to see Altia, is not worthy of her. At least show me that resolution.

「My husband is cold when making strategies, but sweet when he is with Altia」

「Men become sweet in front of beautiful women. If not, it would have been better for such a man to become a priest once and for all. Regardless of what kind of Job this has received」

Moments after sending a letter, Brand Naham replied that he was coming soon.

On his way he paid a considerable amount of toll to different feudal lords to be able to arrive quietly to our territory.

It was decided to interview him in the temporary castle that is in a hill of Maust.

「Nice to meet you, I’m called Brand Naham, Viscount of Naham county, ruler of two counties」

As rumors say, he has quite good eyes.

I don’t know how shrewd he is, but his eyes show signs of intelligence. However, the impression he gives is more that of a general than that of a hero.

「I wonder what Job the Viscount has obtained in the temple?」

「I was informed that it was thief. So far all the victories that I have obtained have been because I have sent soldiers where the enemy defense was weak」

It’s said that according to the situation, the judgement of the thieves increases 30%, and its speed increases by 50% compared to ordinary people. They are intelligent people who don’t waste the opportunities presented to them.

However, long before his Job was known, he had already distinguished himself. He had already participated in wars at a young age as a head of his family before obtaining his Job.

「I see. It may sound like an insult to tell you, a noble, that you perfectly fit your Job as a thief, but I believe that this one is your true vocation」

「I think so too. So, where’s your sister? 」

「She is waiting for you in the garden, let me guide you」

The battle of Air Ball between Altia and Brand Naham ended with the victory of Brand Naham. Judging him using a sport may be somewhat imprudent, but it is true that his movements were quick.

Surely he defeated enemies with this speed.

After the match, Brand Naham came in front of me and lowered his head.

「I’d like to have your sister as my wife, please. There is no woman more beautiful than her in all of Olbia prefecture. Her expressions match her status, making her the perfect wife of a feudal lord」

And think that this words comes from his mouth. It seems that from the beginning he knew to some extent our purpose of why we called him here.

I look at Altia’s face.

It seems that her feelings had already been settled.

「I understand. However, I will not lend you soldiers on the pretext that they are for the sake of my sister. Always try to have prepared bait to make me happy」

「I’m really grateful!」

「I also don’t want to you to make Altia cry. Altia has been struggling way more than normal people until now. I want to make her life more comfortable」

「Yes! I promise it!」

「I will send you my sister soon. So don’t worry」

In this way we established an alliance with the Naham house.

――That man named Brand is similar to the general Azai Nagamasa. It’s similar in the part where you don’t know whether to call him a daimyo or not for the amount of territory that he controls. However he made Oichi happy.

Oda Nobunaga this time is somewhat sentimental.

So you also had to send your sister. I guess it’s a natural thing to do if you’re a feudal lord.

――However I was betrayed by Azai Nagamasa and we ended up in a dilemma. I was about to lose my place to return. But later, I destroyed him.

Hey, then, what happened with your sister…?

――At that time, she was rescued by my daughters. However, she ended up grieving all the time.

I will make sure that such thing does not happen to mine.

――Well, be careful the best you can.

That night, Altia and I, just the two of us, were looking at the moon.

I cleaned the place of people, and we started having tea sitting around the table that I put beforehand.

「Certainly tonight’s moon is beautiful, onii-sama」

Altia opened her mouth a little, but more than anything, it sounded like a sigh.

「Yeah, I should be happy because soon you will be married, but I can’t tell you honestly that I am. I may be a bad brother」

「No, it’s impossible for you to be bad」

Altia said it strongly.

「If you had not gone through all those problems, I would be dead by now. That I have improved is because you moved me to that mansion in that hill」

「I also, if you did not exist, I would never have prepared myself so much to defend that fortress even if Geisel told me to do it. Surely I would have joined Mineria, and by this time I would be leading at most a unit of soldiers」

It’s true, if Altia didn’t exist, my reason to defend the fortress with my life would also have ceased to exist, and I would surely be leading a completely different life than now. That I have become a Count is also thanks to Altia.

「If I was not your sister, I would have wanted to marry you too」

Altia said it like joking.

「I would also have wanted to marry a woman like you」

「Thanks for everything you’ve done so far for me, onii-sama」

「That’s why if you don’t become happy, I will not forgive you」

After that, when I brought Altia back to her room, before I left, Altia hugged me.

I realized immediately that she was crying.

「It’s okay, you can cry as much as you want」

Since both of us, sister and brother, are sad.

I silently wished for my sister’s happiness now and in the future.

You are a person who will one day become the king’s sister. Look forward to that.

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  1. Hmm,so, no incest here? I was kinda hoping he arrange her sister marriage….. with him. Lol. Because incest can only be good on fiction. Not reality.

  2. ahhh history… now i am really convinced that mitsuhide it the childhood friend… wondering where is toyotomi hediyoshi though

    1. There will always people like you think that. In modern common sense its creepy but in the past not so disgust. Well after all genetic variation defects in the distant past wasn’t that in high risk as mankind gene was still matching its evolutionary state. Its only now that it became unacceptable and a problem.
      A brother and sister love is more intimate and bonding than other genders that are not related.

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