Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 26

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Town building and good news

It was a large-scale civil public work, but still the construction of the castle is progressing well.

But even if I say that, a castle was not the only thing that is being built. The land near the castle is also being remodeled.

And as for our plan to obtain wealth, we have stopped the trade association and now anyone can sell whatever they want, they are even allowed to open a store.

The system was changed to just like when I had only under my possession the three villages together with Neville, in other words, I only charge those who generate a considerable amount of profits.

In the case of the trade association, what they did was not let you open a store if you were not part of them(Of course, to be part of them you must pass an examination and pay the admission) They also regulate the price of things internally so everything cheap is made expensive.

This served to protect the merchants, but in the end, they were stealing money from the feudal lord.

Likewise, such a function only served when the city’s scale didn’t change much.

Since we declared that Maust would become the capital of the prefecture the population was increasing. And thanks to that, the number of people who want to start businesses increased, so we don’t have other choice but to increase the number of shops and markets. And such a city doesn’t need a trade association that hinders its development.

There was opposition from the association, 「I’m so to speak, Maust invader. I will not follow the path that the previous feudal lord followed」but I defeat them easily.

「Also those guys who are originally from here have surely made their profits thanks to their experience in business. So please, think about how much you paid as an offering to the association as profit. They will be forced to pay that profit as taxes」

The association was left without the power to rebel. They slowly retreated in low spirits.

Nothing would end well if I try to take the tax from poor places, and also I know how much I should take as tax. I’ll let them grow and when they grow up enough I’ll take my share of the taxes.

And with the money that will come in, I will hire even more workers.

To a certain extent I also hired more farmers, and I also paid them a salary bigger than normal.

This is possible because Maust it’s such a city. From the beginning, the population of Maust was higher, so the amount of money that I’m able to absorb is higher than Neville by far.

As workers increase, the number of people trying to establish business with them also increases. It should make a good cycle.

While I continued doing that kind of thing, I was granted another new power.

――Special skill【Monarch’s Insinght】has been obtained. The economic intuition related to cities and commerce will be on par with Oda Nobunaga. As long as you are not in state of intoxication, the skill will be always active.

What, is this…? This is, another skill…?

――Let me explain it to you.

Once again, Oda Nobunaga started talking.

――It’s as you have guessed, but more than a skill, it’s an evaluation of me about you. I have recognized that your insight is not inferior to that of this Monarch. For that reason I have decided for the time being to grant you this ability as skill.

It could be that you are the one who has been creating the skills all this time…?

――That’s right. After all, this is a special Job that only you have, and it seems that there is no other person with a Job like yours in this world. Therefore, this Job is based on trial and error.

I do not know what kind of skills there are, but it seems that it depends on the evaluation that Oda Nobunaga has about me.

I officially moved to Maust without waiting for the construction to finish. For the moment, we placed a temporary base on the hill that is near Maust.

Although the temporary base is not all bad, it is still inferior in appearance to the floating castle.

But one positive thing of this temporary base is that it’s possible to see how the town is developing.

「I was wondering where you were, but all this time you were here, husband」

Serafina stood next to me. And the next moment a refreshing wind began to blow.

「Although I look at it from a distance it’s not like construction will move faster, but even so it’s fun」

「I understand that feeling. In any case, you have started construction at a good time. I’m sure the great feudal lords will think twice before attacking us when you finish unifying the prefecture」

「Right. But even so, it will be difficult for us to gather enough personnel from each place in the prefecture because we are constantly fighting against others」

I was combing the hair of Serafina which was swaying in the wind.

Compared to when I met her in Mineria, Serafina has undoubtedly become more beautiful.

「Right now my husband is the coolest person in the world. No matter where you look, at this moment you are a great feudal lord with nothing to be ashamed for」

「What a coincidence. I’ve also never seen a Serafina as beautiful as today」

「You know? A woman is something that will become more beautiful the more her husband loves her」

Since only the two of us are here, our words naturally became sweet.

「Actually, I have something important to confess, so I was looking for a suitable place to speak」

「Something important?」

I stood up straight.

「It’s not something unpleasant, right?」

「The opposite. It’s a really good thing」

What on the earth could be?

「Perhaps Serafina’s father had a crushing victory?」

As I said that, Serafina inflated her cheeks.

「It’s something between my husband and me」

If that it’s the case, then, the answer naturally comes to me.

Surely, surely…

「A-Are you pregnant?」

Although shyly, Serafina nodded.

「Well done, Serafina!」

Immediately I went to hug Serafina.

Until now I was a little worried about not having a successor. But now that concern has been eliminated.

「It is a boy or it is girl?」

「How would I know so soon? But anyway I plan to raise him in a way worthy of a king. Since I believe that my husband will become a king」

「You are right. I won’t be satisfied with just one prefecture」

I will personally end this era of wars with my hand.

During my adolescence the fear of not knowing when I could die in a war terrified me. So that nobody else has to go through such sad moments, someone must unify the kingdom.

Surely that someone will experience countless big warsーー But I will do it.

I don’t plan for everything to end with only a prefecture.

「Then Serafina must rest. Please take care of your health」

It’s not uncommon for a woman to die in childbirth. You risk your life when you give birth.

「Don’t be worried. Don’t you remember? My Job is Saint. I’m sure that even the baby will have a divine protection」

「It can’t be helped, I’m worried about Serafina’s body」

I must go to pray with all my soul to the temple of the prefecture.

Although there is no point being concerned about her now. Since this is a time to be happy.

「At once I will go to inform all the chief retainers. I will tell them not to do anything that would make you worry… Ah, that’s right, speaking of chief retainers…」

Raviara’s face came to my mind.

Having a child is undoubtedly something to be happy, but if I tell her, it will sound like I’m implying something subtly…

Ravaiara and I didn’t have children so far. I don’t know to what extent it’s true, but there is a story that says that when the blood of an elf comes into play it’s difficult to have children. Compared to humans, it would be problematic if elves that are able to remain young for a long time had as many children as humans.

But still I can’t make excuses. Let’s call Raviara.

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