Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 25

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A fitting castle for the Count

「That’s why we will mass produce this spear. I intend to create a unit that uses this type of spears. Its name will be, Three Jarg Unit」

Some believed that I was joking and started laughing.

It’s true that even I learned from the arts of war to sword skills, so I can assume that there is no unit like the one I want to create.

「It seems that even the Count has a sense of humor. Without a doubt he can be called a wise monarch!」

「I’m sorry I don’t intend to joke about such a thing. However, It never crossed my mind at all that everyone would be able to use such a spear. Orkus, try swinging this」

The one who came was the Red Bear Unit commander called Orkus Bright. Arms and legs as if they were trunks, one of the few man that at first sight can be recognized as a soldier.

Orkus raised the spear, and repeatedly swung it down.

His body swayed a little, but it seems that it’s not too much for him.

Every time he swings it, it can be heard an 「Ooh!」. After a long time, the power was decreasing. The demonstration of martial arts certainly has a certain appeal.

「As expected, being longer than normal, it’s difficult to maintain your stance for a long time!」

「But in your case, you will be able to lift it if you practice」

「That’s right! That’s why I will teach the Red Bear Unit thoroughly. If only I’m the only one able to use it, then it can’t be called Three Jarg Unit. Besides, it’s meaningless for the spear unit to exist if there isn’t a large number them」

As expected, a natural soldier. He is quick to understand.

A well-closed formation will be created, to generate fear at the moment when the whole unit descends at the same time on the enemy. Knocking them down with the power of the spear before they can get close.

And if the enemy’s defense is weak, then we just have to stab them.

In any case, the formation must be hardened to the point where they will have no place to escape. Since if swords and spears enter into close combat, then naturally the spears would lose their effectiveness.

The longer the time passes the bigger the gap increases. This is not a problem of skill but structure.

「Don’t you think it would become a terrifying unit in both attack and defense if such a unit would begin to use spears of this length in a closed formation? Not even mounted forces would be able to pass beyond such a formation. It’s easy to crush a horse’s head」

「Indeed! The enemy forces will tremble from just looking at us! I will definitely master this monster-like spear!」

I came up with this idea when the chief priest gave me the spear.

What would happen if humans would use a weapon that was created for God?

There is certainly a limit to the human body. If you can’t even lift a spear of fifty jarg, then even a master blacksmith wouldn’t be able to create it.

However, it’s possible to use one spear of three jarg if you get used to it. And surely it will exert a great strength.

A retainer with an uneasy face raised his hand.

「The people of my territory is powerless in in front of such a spear, I don’t have the confidence that they can move it freely…」

「I’m aware of that」

「But my lord still plan to spread the use of such a spear that exceeds three jarg?」

「First it will be the special unit, in other words, we will try with professional soldiers. I won’t demand that the recruited farmers to use such a spear, so you don’t have to be worried」

This spear is heavy. It’s for the same reason that this will not be possible if we don’t collaborate with people who have gone through extensive training and that also had a wide physical strength. Since if it were an unbalanced unit, it would be the same as telling the enemy, “come and please, rip us apart”.

――Hear me, Alsrod. Your way of thinking is the same as a Monarch! Interesting, truly interesting! This Monarch also prepared long spears of 6.4 meters, it’s the same tactic that this Monarch used!

That’s a coincidence. No matter where you are, it’s common sense that using long weapons is advantageous in wars. That’s the universality of war.

――Exactly. It’s because you understand such a thing that you can interpret it correctly. This Monarch is truly having a good time!

If even he declares that I chose the correct answer, then it seems that it was worth to create the Three Jarg Unit.

Now what remains to be done is something that does not require weapons.

I sent a polite letter to the independent powers that remain in the prefecture of Fodoneria.

The content in a few words isーーI was busy cleaning up those rude people who were making fun of the Great Temple, but in the end that was also settled. From now on let’s get along.

It goes without saying, but that was only all talk and no action. It would have been better than a feudal lord who can swallow everything he proposes with just diplomatic words would have become a priest.

But it would have been stupid to encourage the remaining powers. Since it would have been a nuisance to cause the remaining powers to seek help from the Rentland House of the Naguri Prefecture that is on the north.

The Rentland House is a family of Counts who have dominated the Naguri prefecture for generations. They don’t give the impression that they are strong in wars but there is a considerable amount of harbour cities in the prefecture since they have a large population. The power they have to mobilize their army is greater than ours.

I may be exaggerating, but a story circulates in which they mobilized more than 5000 soldiers in just one battle. It would be possible if I gathered all my resources, but I can’t leave my territories unprotected, so something extraordinary would have to happen for me to have 5000 soldiers in one place.

Surely in their case they recruited mercenaries from their port cities.

Now at this moment the amount that I can mobilize in a war is less than 3000. But since it’s not necessary to carry out an all-out war, I didn’t gather such an amount of soldiers. Only a few hundred soldiers is enough to defeat the enemy.

When I visited my brother, who was pretending to be sick, I prepared about 500, but it was just a demonstration. Our side only gathered those that my retainers were able to gather.

Even if I take over my prefecture, the number of soldiers possible to mobilize wouldn’t exceed 4000. In fact, this number has to be distributed even more.

Also, before calculating any type of number, there is something that must be done before.

I went to the city Maust, and checked the design of the castle.

After all, this prefecture will have a huge building never seen before. There is no guarantee that they can finish it if I am not there to give instructions so I went to where it will be built.

「Listen well, first of all, the north of the castle will be facing the river. The water will be dragged around the castle to create a floating castle」

The people I gathered with the intention of creating the design of the castle could not believe what I said.

「A floating castle…? It is true that such a castle would have a high capability defense, but I feel that such a design would disconnect the castle with its surroundings…」

The general manager of this project called Ornice was confused by what I said. Originally he was a salt merchant of Maust.

Currently my power is completely different from what I had when I was a little Viscount. It’s for that reason that many retainers that have succeeded generation after generation are unable to understand my current position. That’s why merchants and ex-retainers from other houses are being recruited.

「This will work. Water will be extracted from the existing canals of the city of Maust. Those canals will be used to directly drive the water to the castle. Of course, we won’t build an extensive number of ships to communicate the castle with the city, rather, we will build a bridge」

「It will be an arduous job…」

「How long will it take?」

「At the most three years…」

「Do it within a year」

Ornice was speechless.

It can’t be helped that he is shrinking back since it’s an important job and one that he has never done before.

「I see. Then I will also take control of the troops」

「T-The Count himself will supervise the construction!?」

「At the end of the day, the castle is something like my house. It’s not strange at all if come to visit the place where my home will be built, right?」

There is a more concrete way for this construction to have success. And it’s using my 【Monarch’s Guide】 skill. If the concentration and reliability of workers who have received an order increases by 50%, then it is not impossible at all to finish the building in a short time.

「I’ll do my best… However, it will be a unbelievable expensive castle…」

「Fannelia, the finance minister has assured me that it is possible. From now on, a steady flow of people will start to gather in Maust. How big is the population of Maust now?」

「About 1200 people」

「It is estimated that it will increase to at least 6000 people when Maust becomes the capital of the prefecture」

「Five times our current number!?」

It seems that he is a guy who can be surprised by even the smallest things.

If we don’t accumulate at least that many people, we won’t be able to accumulate wealth.

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