Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 24

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Thank you for always supporting me, all readers as well as patreons, we are almost finishing the year and I hope to continue translating for at least two more years and of course to finish this novel! So far I am translating 8 chapters per month but if we reach ten patreons, I will make extra time to translate 10 per month! And who knows, for Christmas I will try to translate 1-5 extra chapters for everyone! (I don’t promise anything).

Castle and Spear

「From here, Neville castle will be transferred to the port city that is facing the river, Maust」

I said it clearly.

This is something that had to happen, but still there were several people that were confused by the situation. It’s easy to tell if you see their face.

Surely they are reluctant to suddenly depart with a land in which they got familiar. It’s natural to have those feelings if you’re human.

But there is something that has more priority than such feelings.

「Neville Castle is nothing more than the position of when I only had one and a half county. It’s too small for my ambition. Not only that, this town is very far from the main road. For that reason we will move to the Maust village of Kinase County. In that same place we will build a castle many times bigger than this」

I had already explained the situation to the chief retainers so they showed no signs of being surprised. Even though Serafina is not here, she is already aware since I told her in our bedroom, and pleased with my words she said,「It’s the correct option」.

「Umm… Wouldn’t it be better if we move when we have finished unifying the prefecture …? By stabilizing the prefecture, it will be easy to gather materials and such things…」

That’s what Jirudone said, an old retainer who has really served four generations since my grandfather’s time.

I believe in his loyalty but I don’t believe he has a good foresight. And it’s not like it’s his responsibility either. It would have been better if he had continued as before with his mouth closed.

「Anyway, sooner or later this day would come. Besides, to gather military funds it’s better to move to Maust as soon as possible. Since after all, it’s a port city」

「But if that is the case, even Neville is producing a considerable amount of crops, is not right? This old man has no memories that we are going through a bad season」

Oda Nobunaga was laughing before I could laugh. But if I laugh a lot it will be annoying.

――It seems that this old man does not have the slightest idea about something so obvious. The magnitude of money that can be obtained mainly from agriculture and the amount of money that goes through a commercial city are completely different. The place known as Maust is already well known as a commercial city, and if it were to be developed even more, it’s obvious that it would become even more profitable.

That’s right, just like he said.

This old man doesn’t understand the need to get money at all. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that peace will continue even if the feudal lord doesn’t cause any accidents.

Little by little, the small feudal lords end up being absorbed by a great force.

Even Mineria, in the course of some 20 years, destroyed all the retainers who did not obey them within their territory, thus building the necessary conditions to begin to expand.

Of course, surely there are people with the same old way of thinking as Jirudone, but that kind of people will end up destroyed one day.

And it’s not just for wanting to unify the prefecture that I want to move to Maust, but for something that occurred to me much earlier. If you go down the river, you can leave for the prefecture called Naguri. It is also a good direction to attack and maintain our cooperative relationship with Mineria, In addition there are countless port cities facing the river in Naguri prefecture.

In a large-scale war, most of the population begins to be recruited as soldiers, but if we must speak of military force, then professional soldiers such as our special units are stronger.

But increasing the number of special units and keeping their quality costs a considerable sum of money. In order to become a powerhouse, it’s necessary to have a system to gather even more money, and to do that there is no other option than to conquer more and more.

Also, moving the castle may make us prosper more than we expect.

「Jirudone, It’s true that it may be a heavy burden for old retainers like you to move on. That’s why it’s okay if you want to stay here in Neville」

「No… Jirudone didn’t say it with that meaning…」

It’s better not to be followed by people who could obstruct my path.

I would appreciate it if they gave me new ideas, but they are people who will only oppose me.

「This territory has always been the home of the Neville House, it even contains the origin of my surname. You don’t have to worry, it will always be considered an important territory. It’s not like I’m going to destroy the castle either, it has to be protected. So please, remaing here」

「No, this old man thinks that his territory compared with Maust isー」

Donn! (SFX)

I hit the ground with the spear.

A total silence.

「Have you ever thought that there may be a better position in this prefecture compared to this territory?」


「Then, have you ever visited the castle of a feudal lord who dominates even one prefecture?」


「Keep in mind that such unfounded advice is the same as false rumors」

「I understand…」

Jirudone broke down.

Raviara nodded as if she was saying, that’s the way. I already told Raviara my plan in full detail. Truly she is a person with a good capacity of comprehension.

――It’s always the same, no matter the place, there will always be someone who will oppose to experience new things.

Was the same for you too, Oda Nobunaga?

It’s impossible for someone who calls himself Monarch to be a conservative.

――Certainly there are benefits when conserving traditions. And a time will come when even a Monarch will have to use it at it’s fullest. It’s necessary to pay attention to the reputation in society. However, a tradition is something that is used. It doesn’t bring anything good to defend them without thinking.

I will have in mind your valuable opinion. There are many points in your ideas that will help me when using them as a reference.

Maybe the biggest bonus about this Job are the advices of Oda Nobunaga.

If Oda Nobunaga is an existence that came to be known as Monarch in any world from which he came, then I am listening to advice directly from the Monarch himself.

Undoubtedly, the stories of Oda Nobunaga have more value than any story that a sage could tell me.

「It’s natural that all of you are worried. Since all of you have never served a feudal lord with a land as extensive as mine. Your common sense will naturally change. What I am trying to do is nothing strange, it’s realistic」

It’s not good if they think that I’m a terrifying Monarch, so even if I show them my majesty I smile at them.

「You all don’t have to be worried. It’s not like we’re moving overnight. It’s only that it’s necessary to study the geography of the Maust territory. I also have one more thing to think about, but I’ll tell you right here」

Once again, I thrust the spear towards the floor.

But this time without as much force as the previous time. Since my purpose is not to intimidate them.

「This is a spear that I received from this place, but it’s really long. It exceeds three jarg」

One jarg is equal to the stature of a tall man. If you use jarg to refer to a man, automatically everyone understands that it is a man of a large build.

In other words, it’s a spear that boasts of its length when compared to three men of large build or more.

「It certainly has an imposing air around. As expected from an offering to God. It’s too long for it to be a weapon」

One of my retainers said so.

「If you think from common sense, then yes, it is very long」

I chuckled.

「That’s why we will mass produce this spear. I intend to create a unit that uses this type of spears. It’s name will be, Three Jarg Unit」

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      1. Phalanx is the army formation from Greek and become their signature, the roman army is more known for their maniple and testudo formation that are quite effective againts phalanx formation.

  1. [「This territory has always been the home of the Neville House, it even contains the origin of my surname. You don’t have to worry, it will always be considered an important territory. It’s not like I’m going to destroy the castle either, it has to be protected. So please, [remaing] here」]
    – [remaing] – [remain]


    Thanks for the chap.

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