Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 23

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Towards Fodoneria Count status

There were other advantages thanks to being able to take over the Great Temple without attacking them.

One day before we left Temple County, I was invited by the chief priest to the Great Temple.

I entered the Great Temple bringing with me a couple of close aides. Among them were the two commanders of the special units. Now even if a assassin is inside, he will not be able to touch me a hair.

The chief priest received me with his subordinates who were inside the Great Temple.

「I’m totally grateful that you saved the Great Temple the other day. I will never be able to thank you enough for the patience you had when you had to choose between attacking the temple or not, and leaving that option until the end」

The chief priest is a man called Tenne. Originally a person born in the vicinity of the royal capital, the third son of a chief retainer who serves the royal family. From an early age he entered the priesthood, at his fifties years he worked here and there in different temples, and at his sixty years that he began to work as chief priest of the Great Temple.

「No, what I did was something that would be expected of any Count. So far I have named myself as Count of Neville, but it was always my dream to bring peace to the whole prefecture of Fodoneria」

「It’s no wonder that your power is well known throughout the whole prefecture. It would not be arrogant at all to call yourself Count Fodoneria, Count」

There is no harm in receiving excessive flattery on the part of Tenne, the chief priest,  but even so it is completely true that my influence expanded in almost the entire prefecture.

There are only three counties remaining in the northeastern part. One of them has a total of eight small and medium feudal lords under their service inside of a small territory that almost can’t be called a county.

「I’ll think about calling myself Count Fodoneria or not after returning to my castle. It’s not like the entire prefecture is under my power. So, what could be the reason you called me?」

「Count’s bravery has been heard even with those who serve God. That’s why I was wondering if we could put a flower to accompany such a brave person」

The chief priest made a signal with his eye to his subordinate. Quickly, a long and narrow wooden box was brought.

「What could be this?」

「Please open it. It is a present for the Count」

When opened, what was there was an extremely long spear.

It was as if the spear itself was glowing dazzlingly.

With just seeing it I know. This is an excellent and sharp spear.

Giving a weapon to a powerful family is something that happens often, and such action can mean that they are asking you to destroy all evil as well as wanting you to succeed. If you talk about the Great Temple, then it would not be at all strange if they had one or two weapons of the best quality.

However, this type of weapon was created with the purpose of God being able to wield it, so normally it is not something that a normal human could possess for too long.

「To receive what was dedicated to God means…」

「Please do not say such things, by all means, try to grab it even once, please. It is necessary that the Count possess a Count-like symbol of strength」

I think he’s right, and since he’s recommending it to me, I grabbed that spear.

It fit in my hand in such a way that it would seem like a lie that this was my first time grabbing it.

――Ooh! This is a worthy weapon for a Monarch! To the point that I want to provoke war with the sole reason to try the spear!

So you also know about weapons, Oda Nobunaga.

――I don’t believe there is a warrior who doesn’t have an interest in weapons. But when it comes to collecting, I prefer to gather tea sets. Collecting tea sets is more interesting.

Tea sets? A strange hobby for a Great Monarch.

――There is not such a thing like a strange hobby. Rather, that I can enjoy tea was a symbol of the peace that I was able to achieve. There is no one who has been crowned wearing their armor. There will come a time when a Monarch must set aside his weapons. Spending all your time in wars is a sign that you have not yet become a Monarch.

I understand what he wants to say, but it’s still a bit sad. Fighting itself is fun because you fight.

Leaving that aside, something that Oda Nobunaga said interested me.

Do you recognize this as a weapon?

――Don’t ask strange things. Without a doubt, this is a spear.

Suddenly, something flashed.

「Are you completely sure that I can take it?」

「Yes. To tell the truth, if the annihilation of the knights had taken a little longer, this kind of precious weapons would have been carried with them when they escaped. The us of now are unable to defend even the Great Temple’s belongings. It is for that same reason that it occurred to us to present the weapon to the Fodoneria Count」

「I’m thankful, I will receive it with pleasure」

I bowed respectfully.

This spear has a greater meaning than that of a souvenir.

I returned triumphantly to the Neville Castle.

I thought that on returning I would have a warm welcome from Serafina, but unlike as I had imagined, Serafina was with a tear-stained face.

「Seriously!  Husband! Don’t leave me alone for so long… I was lonely, so lonely that I couldn’t endure anymore!」

Serafina jumped to my chest, and then she started hitting me again and again but without strength. Surely she is not angry, and what comes out of her mouth is the truth. It does not seem like I won a wife, but a sister.

People around also saw our touching meeting as a married couple with warm eyes. It’s better to be cool-headedness in war, but in front of my wife I would also like to be gentle.

「It can’t be helped since fighting is also a job」

「But … surely you took Raviara with you since she is also a soldier… I’m sure Raviara had a lot of fun…」

Not good. When I saw Raviara, my face reddened.

「That’s… well, we did it moderately after we had a break from the war…」

「I knew it. Husband, don’t forget that I am your legal wife」

Altia who was also there blushed. Now her look changed a little, she looked at me reproachfully

「In all the time that onii-sama was not here, Serafina was praying for the safety of onii-sama. Please take care of your wife」

「Yes, I understand…」

Before I knew it, the relationship between my sister and wife got awfully close. They are almost the same age too.

A few days later, I gathered all the retainers that I obtained after the conquest of the Great Temple in addition to the spear.

「So far I have named myself Neville Count. However, I was able to defend the Great Temple without causing damage, not only that, the chief priest recommended me to call myself as Fodoneria Count. So from this moment, I will be called Fodoneria Count」

There was no one protesting.

I nodded without losing my composure.

「So I would like to carry out my first job as Fodoneria Count」

From somewhere, I heard voices like, 「At last the time came to unify the prefecture!」

But if I must say something about their conclusions, I would say that they are wrong. But such a thing is fine to leave for later.

「From here, Neville, the castle will be transferred to the port city that is facing the river, Maust」

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