Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 21

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Special Unit’s commanders

The first of the battles is our victory.

Let’s continue attacking in this way.

Even afterwards, I continued to attack the order of knight and gradually destroying them.

Judging that it was impossible for them to win face to face, the enemy began to confine themselves in small fortresses on top of the hill, but even so we destroyed them one by one.

In the middle a village in which we built our base, I called the commanders of both elite units to congratulate them.

Red Bear Unit’s commander is called Orkus Bright, a red-faced man with a red-haired barbarian appearance like.  Indeed, a man really suited for the unit called Red Bear Unit.

On the other side we have the commander of the unit called White Eagle Unit, Leon Milkolia. A soldier of elven origin, and a man who had been a mercenary for nearly three decades. He entered my service when I became the feudal lord of the three villages. This man also has sharp eyes as if they were of an eagle.

「Thanks to your effort, this battle is progressing favorably. Let’s continue raising your military exploits from now on without being careless」

「Sir! We are unworthy of such words! We will always hand the victory over to the Count-sama!」

Orkus said it out in loud, making it possible for everyone to hear.

「We will always fight to the bitter end to not embarrass the White Eagle Unit name」

Unlike the other, Leon said it quietly.

「Um, by the way Count-sama, there is something that I don’t understand」

Orkus asked frankly. Leon frowned at the attitude with which Orkus spoke to me and said,「You! You know that there is an appropriate way to ask the Count-sama」

「It doesn’t matter. Orkus, try asking」

「Yep. Why is the finance minister Fannelia here on the battlefield? Even if that merchant is here, there is nothing for him to do」

It’s true that the werewolf called Fannelia is here with us. But even if he was called by his name, Fannelia stayed where he was without taking a step backward or forward, just keeping a smile.

「Fannelia is also a retainer. I think there’s no problem with a retainer being here with us. There were also uncountable military merchants in history」

「Yeah. I know that. But is Fannelia different from those bandit-like merchants?」

「You have heard them, Fannelia. Do you have something to say?」

Fannelia nodded on the spot.

「When it comes to a great war, it’s natural for a merchant to be there. When the confrontation between armed forces extends for a long time, even soldiers will feel the need to buy things. Merchants will also arrange prostitutes and entertainers. That’s why I’m here」

「I know that much. That kind of work can be done by a low-ranking merchant, but if you’re licking the Count’s boots, then I think it’s okay」

It seems that Orkus does not like Fannelia very much. Could it be because they have different positions?

To be frank, Fannelia has an important mission but that is something that can’t be revealed. If we can win without Fannelia playing his part, that is fine too.

――Suddenly, a scout soldier came in.

「Reporting! The order of knights seems to be moving!」

「Hmph! No matter where they come from, I will destroy them!」

Orkus spoke in high spirits. Seeing this attitude again, Leon looked at him with a face as if it were saying, ” Shameless!” It is for this reason that I made someone with a different attitude to mine commander. By moderately competing with each other, it will become a stimulus for them to improve.

「The thing is… the enemy barricaded themselves…」

The scout’s face clouded.

「In which hill? The Red Bear Unit will go to crush them once and for all」

「…It is not in a hill. But in their Great Temple… Fodoneria’s Great Temple…」

Orkus and Leon were taken aback by such words.

「As expected, they did that. They no longer have the comfort of worrying about their appearances」

I sighed.

「In other words, that means, burn Fodoneria’s Great Temple if you can. If the great temple is damaged in the attack process, the people we govern here in our prefecture will begin to question our nature」

「Bastards!  Using the pretext of protecting the Great Temple, they hide themselves inside! In the end, they believe they are more important than the temple itself! What a bunch of small-minded guys!」

It’s just like Orkus said. If their Great Temple were so important, they would have fought to the death to defend it. In other words, they are using the Great Temple as a hostage.

――I see. It seems that even this order of knights are able to use their head even a little.

On the contrary, it seems that Nobunaga was fully satisfied with their way of doing things. It must be interesting to him that the enemy is using such tactics.

――A monarch should not fear using such methods as setting fire things, but it’s not a good thing if the you of now earn bad reputation so soon. If your reputation falls, taking the the heavens will slow down.

Even if you are not worried, I have a better and cleaner way of doing it.

「Count-sama, what kind of approach should we take…? The moment you give the order, White Eagle Unit will step on the Great Temple… Loyalty to the Count-sama is more important to us than anything else…」

Leon also made a commander-like remark. The special units have already done more than they should. It’s time to use another way.

「It’s not a good plan to attack them right now. For now they will be advised to surrender. It’s unfortunate but I can not be considered a man who would attack the Great Temple so soon」

In that place, momentarily, everyone dispersed.

Also, I called Fannelia to the mansion where I am currently staying.

「Now I have a good idea of why this order of knights lasted so long」

According to history books, this Knights Templar has used similar strategies two or three times already against enemies to push them back and make them withdrawn. Even the newest example used was a hundred years ago, so they are probably opposed to using it, but now they have no other option than to use it.

「Fighting for their beliefs, after all, is nothing more than nonsense. They are nothing more than simple feudal lords」

「I’ll use that unit. Entering the Great Temple itself will be a piece of cake for them. I’m sure that most of the enemies are sitting in front of the Great Temple waiting with spears in their hands, so their numbers inside should be few」

「Yes. Of course. It’s for that same reason that I have come too. By the way…」

Fannelia said that while playing dumb. It’s true that the following matter was not so important.

「What should we do with the name? It would be better if this unit had a name. We were always referred to as “those guys of the shadows”」

Suddenly, I came up with a good idea.

「Let’s name it Rappa(Spy or Trumpet)」


「Yes. If you sound a trumpet near someone’s ears, they will be surprised, right? And those guys are nothing more than a unit created to surprise others」

I’m sure that Oda Nobunaga was laughing  upon hearing my words.

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  1. I would serounder the temple, and give them food saying things like, i can not allow someone to starve within the tample but at the same time starving them as i dont allow people to go in and out. putting poison in the food and the next day come forward to have a talk, as there isnt any answer i would go and investigate. finding everyone dead. i would then use a intel group to spread the rumor that they took suiside probebly becouse they understood that they did something wrong when they took the temple hostage. (it might need a few tweeks but all in all not to bed of an idee).

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